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5 Of The Best Personal GPS Tracking Devices

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5 Of The Best Personal GPS Tracking Devices-GadgetAny

Using GPS in the first activities of our day to day lives have become a consistent habit. Whether we are planning for dinner on Saturday night or going on a hiking trip in the woods, GPS always come in handy. We have become so much accustomed to it’s usage that sometimes we ignore that its here. The GPS trackers with advanced technologies can track people, pets, vehicles, keys, and almost every single thing that we can think of. It uses go far beyond traveling and navigation.

GPS trackers are getting cheaper, thinner, and more useful for security and outdoor activity than ever before. Several excellent models may have stolen into the market without you realizing it. Here is the list of the top secret tracking devices for the safety of your kids, pets, and hiking adventures.

1. Wonbo GPS Tracking Smartwatch
Wonbo GPS Tracking Smartwatch

It is the kid Smart Watch by Wonbo company, is one of the great products when it comes to buying a GPS tracking device for your kid. This smartwatch launches with a lot of excellent and useful features.

First and foremost, I can not resist mentioning its all-day real-time location tracking feature. It is very compatible with all i-Phones and Android smartphones, and you can check your child’s position at any time, anywhere. Furthermore, it is dual position mode will ensure double safety for your child.

With this product, you can dial the watch. Not only that, but your child can also make a call to you by using its SOS/ family number speed dial. Amazing.

Finally, this smartwatch will do a great job that you must appreciate-it can track your kid’s fitness activity.


    • GPS Tracker and Two-way calls
    • SOS/ family number speed dial
    • Alarm Warning of taken off
    • Voice Chat on App
    • Security fence
    • Fitness Tracker
    • Pedometer
    • Best buy from Amazon at $21.99

2. Trax Play The New Upgraded Live Outdoor GPS Tracker
Trax Play The New Upgraded Live Outdoor GPS Tracker
Trax Play is the world’s most modest and lightest live GPS tracker for children and pets. With a size of only 55x38x10mm, it is a little device that can listen to 4-14 satellites, and speed and direction, send its position through GSM networks directly to your smartphone. The cool Trax Play currently works in 39 countries.
Note: Trax Play requires a service plan for cellular connection, for as low as $4.00/mo.

Data plans can be selected and purchased via the app or our website. Trax stands out by being highly consumer-oriented in its approach to GPS tracking devices. The company offers only one Trax package that includes two different clips, one for clothing and one for a collar, indicating the company’s two different approaches for kids and dogs. The app features are similarly designed for split purposes.
You can create schedules, track phones, design your geofences or proximity fences, and set up speed alerts for unexpected behavior. There is also an exciting augmented reality option that helps show where the tracker is nearby when using your phone camera, a feature unique to Trax. Buy Trax from Amazon.

3. Ping – The World’s Smallest Global GPS Locator:
Ping - The World’s Smallest Global GPS Locator - GadgetAny

Ping is the world’s smallest personal GPS locator for anything that moves. It uses GPS, Bluetooth, and cellular satellites for advanced locating. Ping was created by Ping Innovations Inc – a group of parents with over 20 years creating elegant, practical, and simple solutions.

Ping offers peace of mind of knowing you can find what matters or those you care about when you need to. Ping provides coverage in 157 countries (with optional global coverage), and a check-in and panic (SOS) button. Right now, we are offering a device with a white front and black back. Ping dimension is 40mm x 40mm and weighs about 1 ounce. Get it from GadgetAny.

4. Yepzon One Personal GPS:
Yepzon One Personal GPS:
Worried about the safety and whereabouts of your loved ones? Ease your mind with one look at the Yepzon app and be impressed by what we think is the best GPS tracker on the market. Yepzon ONE is a GPS locator with unbeatable battery life, so you do not have to worry about daily charging! Super easy to use: connect your Yepzon tracker to a smartphone, attach the tracker to anything and follow the moving target easily with the mobile app, even from across the world.

Find out the accurate location of your loved ones with just one click! Yepzon ONE is specially designed for tracking small children, pets, elderly and personal possession all around the world. The device has no buttons so it can not be turned off. It also works wherever GMS network works. This is why this GPS tracker is one of the safest on the market!

    • Unbeatable battery life
    • Multiple devices and users
    • Foolproof data security
    • Everything is built-in

5. PocketFinder:
PocketFinder is the something of a supermarket in the personal tracking devices in the world for people, pets, and vehicles, each with its characteristics. The personal GPS locator is designed for all who wants this. The knob-like shape is a little odd compared to other offerings, but all the functionality is still present, complete with an app that overlays maps with the locations of multiple people. Geofencing also gives you essential updates on site. If you are not quite sure what features you want in a tracker, PocketFinder’s models make a right starting place for your research.

It is the wireless beacon designed specifically for the outdoor adventures of geocaching. Affordable, durable and waterproof, it can communicate with, and be programmed by, any compatible wireless-enabled Garmin handheld. Chirp stores hints, multicache coordinates, counts visitors and confirms the cache is nearby. It is password protected and has a battery life of up to one year.

To Be Concluded:
All the devices mentioned above are perfectly capable of tracking location activities of almost every single object. Whether it is your phone, keys, your pets, or your vehicles, these GPS tracking devices for people is the device on which every person can rely. Read daily blogs on GadgetAny.

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