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5 Tips to Stop Nintendo Switch Overheating

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5 Tips to Stop Nintendo Switch Overheating-GadgetAny

5 Tips to Stop Nintendo Switch Overheating

With innovative technological advancements, today’s tech runs much cooler than its previous counterparts. Although there are tools available to keep the gadgets cool, they overheat and lead to technical breakdown if not handled on time.

After prolonged gaming sessions, you must have noticed your Nintendo Switch overheating, particularly when playing demanding games. In this article, we will learn the reasons that cause switch overheating and how you can fix it.

What Causes Nintendo Switch to Overheat?

There are not just one but multiple reasons that cause Nintendo Switch to overheat abruptly without any prior symptom. In July 2021. Nintendo’s customer support warned about excessive overheating of consoles. The company specifies that if the console heats up too much, it will automatically slip into Sleep mode to prevent any further damage.

But when you are in the middle of a gaming session, seeing the Switch going into sleep mode can be annoying. But if the overheating of the Switch continues, it may damage the internal components of the console.

Reasons That Cause Overheating of Nintendo Switch

5 Tips to Stop Nintendo Switch Overheating

To stop Nintendo Switch overheating, you will need to understand the reasons that cause it. Among multiple reasons, some common ones are mentioned herein.

Dust Buildup

When your Nintendo Switch starts overheating, dust buildup is probably the main culprit. Dust buildup is a common issue that users experience virtually with all their gadgets. All electronic devices integrate tiny areas where dust accumulates and hinders air circulation.

Due to dust buildup, the tiny spaces get blocked, which disturbs the smooth circulation and ventilation of cool air. This heats up the console, which is similar to problems desktop and laptop users face. Trying to figure out why does my MacBook get so hot, for instance, is common, and it should not be surprising to see Nintendo Switch users troubleshooting a similar issue.

Prolonged Use

Another possible reason behind the overheating of the Switch is the long gameplay sessions that avid gamers usually follow. While your Nintendo console integrates a fan that helps keep it cool, overusing the Switch can turn it hotter, and you may have to pause your gameplay.

You are at the risk of damaging the Switch permanently if you continue your game even after the console heats up a lot. Regular breaks between your gameplay can help you to prevent the overheating issue to a great extent.

Sudden Damage

As mentioned above, your Nintendo Switch has a built-in fan that keeps it cool while you are playing a game for longer sessions. The fan here plays the same role as it performs in the laptop, a processor, or a graphics processing unit.

Sometimes, the fan inside the device gets damaged or stops working all of a sudden. When the fan breaks or malfunctions, you experience poor airflow, which leads to overheating. This can often be caused due to manufacturing defects.

Poor Ventilation

So, when we talk about damaging fans or dust buildup, we are pointing toward inappropriate air circulation and poor ventilation. Accumulation of dust inside the tiny parts of the gaming console is one of the reasons that prevents air from circulating smoothly, causing the device to heat up excessively.

When the fan stops working, the ventilation suffers, which increases the temperature inside the console, turning it hot. Regular cleaning and consistent maintenance of the device can prevent such issues, ensuring proper functioning of the Switch.

Let’s now discuss ways to prevent Nintendo consoles from overheating to ensure the proper functioning of the device.

How to Prevent Overheating Nintendo Switch?

5 Tips to Stop Nintendo Switch Overheating

Now when you know about what causes Nintendo Switch to overheat, it’s time to learn some tips to avoid such issues.

  • Clean the Switch using cotton swabs or cleansing gels as they can go inside the tiny spots to remove the dirt that accumulated there over time.
  • Use a can of compressed air and blow it gently inside the console to blow any dust particles. Do it carefully to prevent tiny circuits from damaging.
  • Take regular breaks in between the gaming sessions, particularly when you are playing resource-heavy games for long hours.
  • Inspect the device regularly to check whether no internal or external damage exists. Make sure the fan is working properly and is not broken or malfunctioning.
  • Keep the Switch cool by placing it in a well-ventilated area so that the heat can escape properly. Keeping it on a couch or a blanket while playing games can block air circulation.


Nintendo console overheating is similar to the excessive temperature issues in other digital and electronic devices. You might have noticed that the reasons and troubleshooting tips are the same as those you follow when your computer shows signs of overheating.

Rather than fixing the overheating issue after it appears, you must take appropriate steps to avoid such issues. This will ensure the proper functioning of the device and prevents you from the hassles of fixing any errors and resulting outcomes.

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