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Keep Your Car Cool during Summers Using Acool Car Ventilator

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Keep Your Car Cool during Summers Using Acool Car Ventilator-GadgetAny

We spend most of our precious time in our hatchbacks or cars; they are like a second home for us after our real home and workplace. But, sometimes it may become quite dangerous to sit in a car when you park your car under the direct sun because you did not get enough parking place near to your office. While doing this can be very harmful to you as parking your car in an open space where most of the sunlight comes can heat up your car in an extreme manner and that is quite dangerous for you sitting inside that due to the excessive heat accumulated in your car due to the sunlight.

But, now it has become quite easier for all the vehicle owners to reduce the heat of their cars in the parking itself by using this Acool car ventilator that works brilliantly and reduces all the heat gathered in your car and instantly makes it cooler by as much as 36 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Acool solar-powered car ventilation fan has been designed by the company namely, Syntron keeping in mind all the car owners who face the daily struggle of getting into a hot car during the summer season. It is quite simple to use you just have to attach two vents on your both back windows that work in a brilliant manner, one of them blows hot air outside of your car while the other one takes the cooler air into your car making your car cooler by reducing all the heat present in your car. It is powered by solar panels which will be placed on the dashboard of your car.

The custom made car ventilator has been designed according to the dimensions of each car’s rear door window. It protects your car to stay securely closed while the ventilation performs its work. It has a speedy air exchange system which can reduce the in-car temperature of your car up to 15 to 20 degree Celsius.

The car ventilator system is powered by a 50-watt solar panel that works to reduce the heat of your car in an easy and quick manner. Both vents have four blower fans, and each fan has a speed of 4,000 rpm that provide an air flow of 1.72 cubic meters per minute. So, all the car owners do not need to worry anymore about reducing the heat in their car when they park their vehicle in the direct sunlight. It is capable of reducing the heat in just 5 minutes.

The Acool car ventilator is quite safer for you as well as for your loved ones as it maintains a cool temperature inside your car when your car gets heated up the most.

Let’s have a look at some of the best features and highlight of Acool Car Ventilator:

The Acool Car Ventilator is loaded with many exciting features that can make your car cool in less than 5 minutes. This is a must-have ventilator for all the car owners to make their car cooler in an instant manner during the summer season.

1) Reduction of 15-20°C

The Greenhouse effect can cause the inside temperature of your vehicle to rise up to10°C within 10 minutes and even up to 25°C hotter which is more than the outside temperature in an hour. Using this, Acool Car Ventilator you may significantly reduce the heat of your car in a matter of seconds as low up to 15-20° Celsius.

2) Reduction of 80% VOCs

Due to the rising heat inside your car, it may release VOCs from interior finishes causing damage to your health. As release of these chemicals tend to raise more when the temperature inside your car rises significantly. VOCs can be 6X higher in VOCs can rise up to six times in just an hour which is quite harmful to you and your loved ones sitting behind you in your car. By using this fresh car ventilator, you can reduce VOCs concentration inside your vehicle up to 80% in just a minute.

3) Cross Ventilation

This car ventilator is powered by a 50W solar panel which works brilliantly by bringing the cooler air from outside into your car through using its four blower fans attached to it and in a similar way it also blows out the hot air of your car outside through the opposite out module thus making your car cooler in seconds.

4) Custom Design

A cool car ventilator has been custom designed and made according to the need of a car owner by matching the dimension of each car’s rear window to ensure the right fit. It does not require any additional rubber strips or trimmings to seal the window gaps.

5) Power Option

A cool car ventilator allows ventilation on hot but cloudy or even rainy days or under challenging weather condition by providing a power option on the car’s 12-volt power receptacle that takes a very little amount of electricity from the battery of your vehicle.

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