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Google Introduces Prime Video & Web Conferencing Apps to Android Auto

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Google Introduces Prime Video & Web Conferencing Apps to Android Auto-GadgetAny
Android Auto Updates

Image credit : Google

Google launched a slew of software updates for Android Auto and vehicles equipped with Google built-in. 

Google is coming with a handful of new applications including video streaming, weather, web conferencing capabilities, and digital key functions to Android Auto and vehicles equipped with Google integration. As per Google, it will enable its users to join WebEx or Zoom meetings, the same functionality that it earlier announced at I/O 2023. 

The apps will be limited to audio-only capability, which will facilitate drivers to conveniently join scheduled meetings using car displays. 

Android Auto Update
Image credit : Polestar

Apart from significant productivity enhancements Google envisions extending its audio and visual entertainment services with the introduction of Prime Video to the Google Play app. 

This feature, designed for “parked entertainment” purposes, will initially be accessible exclusively in specific vehicle brands, namely Renault, Polestar, and Volvo Cars. Google intends to extend this availability to other car manufacturers in the future.

Android Auto Update
Image credit : Google

Alongside streaming capabilities, users can now also access Chrome-based internet browsing. It’s worth noting that internet browsing is already an option for some vehicles via the dedicated app, Vivaldi, on Google Play.

The Weather Channel’s app will be accessible to Google built-in cars via the Play Store. Also, the “Trip View” will let you view the forthcoming conditions as you plan a road trip. A “Trip View” radar will help you see live maps — especially for challenging weather conditions.

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And finally, Google’s digital car key is a very crucial feature, which acts as a digital key to operate your cars. Using this functionality, drivers can lock and unlock their vehicles through their smartphones. After launching in Europe, this handy functionality will be available in select Hyundai, Genesis, and Kia models in the US, Canada and South Korea. Moreover, the drivers will be able to share digital keys with their family and friends. 

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