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Safety concern has been an inherent part of hoverboards ever since they came into their being. However, today hoverboards are gaining traction as a genuine mode of transportation. Advanced hoverboards come loaded with fun features to take your riding to the next level. All these things raise a question in our minds: are hoverboards safe?

Are Hoverboards Safe?


However, safety issues in the past have given rise to apprehensions in connection with hoverboards. Meanwhile, the main thing is to choose the right hoverboard to avoid such hazards.

Currently hoverboard manufacturers are taking all the safety measures. We encourage you to buy only UL2272 certified products. According to US guidelines, the UL2272 certified products have less malfunctions and they are more concerned towards safety.

However, the main thing is to ride hoverboard appropriately with correct safety gear. This article will let you gain an insight into potential dangers and good safety measures to get you the answer to Are Hoverboards Safe?

How to Avoid Hoverboards Catching Fire or Blowing Up?


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Earlier, when the hoverboard shot to fame, it was vulnerable to catching fire or blowing up. But the advent of UL-certification and Li-Ion batteries has reduced such risks. Always remember to check UL approval before buying a hoverboard. UL-certification means the product adheres to the optimum protection standards.

Buy hoverboards from legitimate manufacturers only. In this way, Amazon allows listing only UL-certified products. However, you can prevent any risk of fire with the following steps:

  • First of all, check the UL-certification hologram on the packaging and product. Generally, you can check it on the bottom of the product.
  • Don’t overcharge the hoverboard. When it is at rest, make sure the board is not plugged in.
  • Don’t charge the board with a different charger. Different chargers carry varied currents and voltage which also effects the hoverboard range in a single charge. Always use the charger that came with the product.
  • Keep off the product from flammable items while charging.
  • Store the product after use in a cool, dry place.
  • Check if the board does not overheat while charging.
  • How To Avoid Accidents On Hoverboards?

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    Another safety measures list in this hoverboard safety guide covers the accidents people face while riding hoverboard. Remember to slow down your hoverboard while travelling through rocky or rough trails. Beginners are prone to fall and cause minor accidents when they cross the speed limit. Also, be careful on turns and patchy roads. However, you can exercise the following cautions to avoid injuries.

  • Don’t run at the top speed of the board for an extended period. Be a bit slow while crossing the road and taking instant turns.
  • Buy hoverboards that come embedded with different modes. The learning mode allows low speed and easy control to the beginners. It can minimize the risk of falls and accidents while learning.
  • Don’t overload the board. Overloading can lead to cracks and reduced efficiency. It will scale up the risk of falling.
  • You should prefer large and non-slip foot pads to prevent accidents.
  • Bigger wheels and sturdy build can successfully cope with grass, gravel, sand, and rocky patches.
  • Avoid low-budget or cheap hoverboards.
  • Before riding ensure you wear protective gear, such as helmets, knee pads, and elbow guards.
  • Avoid allowing the board to the children below 13.
  • FAQs:

    In the past, there have been several instances of catching fire. But now, manufacturers have started using high-grade Li-Ion batteries to minimize any incident. However, we cannot vouch for all manufacturers, but most of them are already making fireproof or heat proof hoverboards getting UL-approval.

    Hoverboards are designed for all age groups above 13. Don’t allow a child below 13 to use the hoverboard. Little children can find it challenging to strike a balance on it. Also, they are relatively more prone to attract injuries. Riders should use protective gear and avoid top-speed riding in rough trails. However, hoverboards have come a long way in terms of safety.

    It is advisable to use the same charger that came with your hoverboard. If you are using a different one, check its voltage and current match the original charger type.

    In terms of dangers, hoverboards offer as much protection as any other vehicle. By being attentive and mentally present, you can evade accidents. Wearing protective gear is a must.

    Our Thoughts

    In our pursuit of covering safety measures pertaining to a hoverboard, we have tried to set forth all the potential dangers. Here you must have found the answer to the major question: Are Hoverboards Safe? We hope you liked our rundown on safety measures. Send your reviews to us if, we love it.

    Finally, good luck with your hoverboard, and stay safe.

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