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Asobu Double Wall Insulated Beer Bottle Chilled and Cooler for All the Avid Beer Lovers

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Asobu Double Wall Insulated Beer Bottle Chilled and Cooler for All the Avid Beer Lovers-GadgetAny

Are you an avid beer lover? Sometimes it must be very frustrating for you to drink warm water of beer just because you were not having electricity at your home or at your workplace. Now, you do not need to get disappointed as Asobu has solved your entire problem that many of you were facing earlier by drinking those warm bottles of beer. They are specifically designed for avid beer lovers who love to drink beer very often whether with their group of friends or with their office colleagues. Using this is just quite simple and pretty affordable. You do not have to think much about when you are planning to host a party at your home for a cosy get together because Asobu understands it all.
You may keep your beer bottles and can chill and cooler on the go by using this vacuum insulated beer bottle cooler. This is a clever accessory specially designed for all the beer lovers. It has a clever design which is perfect to fit all the standard sized beer bottles and cans. You just have to take off the top part to use this Frosty Beer 2 in order to make your beer chilled and cooler. Similarly, it also contains the lid which has a bottle opener built into it, making it all easier for you to break the seal of your can or bottle of beer anytime.

The stainless steel beer bottle cooler has a double-walled construction that keeps your beer cooler for a long period of time even when it is extremely hot outside. So, you don’t need to worry about the summer season also after making use of this beer cooler. Moreover, it is also sweat proof which is pretty convenient to hold in the palm of your hand thus preventing it to fall and cracking your bottle beer. It is available in the market as well as online at an affordable price that is worth buying for money. They are available in four different colours including black and silver. The Frosty Beer 2 thermos beer water insulator and cooler is the ideal accessory for anyone who loves to drink their beer cold anytime.

They are truly an inspiration for true beer lovers. They have been styled using a perfect blend of technology and innovation at the same time to give you the immense pleasure of drinking a chilled beer. The device is spacious enough to accommodate any regular or standard sized beer bottle or can. You just have to take off the lid present on the upper size just drop a bottle of beer or your beer can into it and you are ready to go.

Nobody nowadays likes to drink a warm beer especially during those summer seasons. It gets quite difficult for someone to have a sip of his beer in those scorching heat summers. With the Frosty 2 beer bottle cooler, go and have fun outside with your friends or your loved ones along with enjoying the sip of your chilled beer anywhere and anytime.

You may chill your beer as per your convenience you don’t even need to bother about the outside weather or temperature. You just have to chill your beer to your preferred taste and then place it into this awesome cooler to enhance its taste even more and now you are all set for a rocking party with your friends. Using this frosty 2 stainless steel beer bottle cooler, you do not need to worry anymore about getting your beers chilled anywhere and anytime. Also, these are sweat proof and durable for quite a long period of time that offers more convenience to you while partying with your friends.

Now, bid goodbye to drink another lukewarm beer using these pretty affordable and stylish beer bottle cooler. It will help you to keep your beer retains its chilliness throughout the whole day or even night. You got no hassles of searching for a beer bottle opener anymore as this comes with an opener also to quickly crack the seal of your beer bottle or can. Thus, it is quite a handy tool for all those avid beer lovers.

Important highlights of Thermos Beer Bottle Insulator:

1) It has a double insulated vacuum wall from inside that retains the chilliness of your beer bottle.

2) It also has an in-built beer bottle opener to crack the seal of your beer bottle anytime you want.

3) It nicely fits in all the standard sized beer bottles or can.

4) It is a perfect solution to get your beer chilled always on the go.

5) It is available in Black or Silver colour offering you the flexibility of choosing between multiple colours

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