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Go Wireless Using These Audeze Cipher Bluetooth Module

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Go Wireless Using These Audeze Cipher Bluetooth Module-GadgetAny

Are you an all-time music lover? Now, using this one of the best Bluetooth headphones namely, Audeze Cipher Bluetooth Module you might take your music anywhere you go. Using this you will experience the true level of music all the time. These wireless headphones are quite compatible with any Audeze iSINE headphones. The clever Bluetooth module of this wireless earphones allows you to reduce the need of carrying those devices which have a lot of wires that makes difficult for you to carry while you travel somewhere out. Cipher quickly creates a wireless connection to pair up with any of your smartphone or tech device and gadgets like your cell phone, tablet, phablet, laptop and much more.

Due to its compact and lighter size, it is one of the perfect travel-friendly wireless headphones that accompany you well all the time and throughout the day making you happy and stress-free. This is due to these features; it is quite easy and portable to carry which offers more convenience to you as it does not take much of your space in your mini travel bag. You may also take your important calls or cal of your loved ones as it has an in-built microphone that has an awesome sound quality that gives you a crystal clear voice when you are talking on your phone. Additionally, these wireless earphones also have an in-built control system that allows you to manage your music even when you are far away from your device. Isn’t that amazing that you may control your device without even touching them or when you are not nearby them using this super in-built control system.

Due to its Bluetooth 5.0, Cipher delivers a very strong and reliable connection every time and wherever you go. Moreover, you do not need to worry about its charging as you might use them for pretty long eight hours after a single full charge. These are one of the best Bluetooth headphones and a great addition to your collection of tech gadgets as well. The Cipher Wireless Bluetooth Module has been designed to turn any Audeze iSine headphones into a wireless Bluetooth headset with in-line volume control and a Siri-compatible microphone which is the most unique and the latest innovations till the date that one might like to definitely appreciate.

In simple words, to make you understand well Cipher Bluetooth Module is basically a modified cable that can be attached to the iSine headphones and earbuds without using any extra wires or anything else to have better connectivity thus providing the user with an option of using wireless connectivity with smartphones through a strong and reliable Bluetooth connection. They could be your next travel partner as they are quite smaller in size and lighter in weight also which is perfect to get fit into your travel bags easily every time wherever you go or plan to travel. They offer a 24-bit high-resolution audio quality to give you the most crystal clear voice all the time whenever you listen to the music or attend your call anytime, along with the continuous playback time of up to 8 hours thus reducing the need for carrying any extra charging device to charge them again and again.

Apart from these exciting features, these wireless headphones also come with a built-in high-quality performance microphone capable that gives you a clear call quality and audio while listening to your all-time favourite music. It has a high capacity lithium battery allowing for up to 8 hours of continuous play to have a seamless experience of enjoying your music all the time and anywhere.

The wireless earphones are designed to fit the needs that you require today. They get perfectly fit into your iSINE travel case so you do not need to replace them with a new one and thus making it a perfect companion to your favourite iSINE headphones. Using these headphones you may experience the true and peerless audio quality of these award-winning in-ear headphones which is coupled with the utility and convenience of next-generation Bluetooth technology. They are quite compatible with almost all the Bluetooth connecting devices currently available in the market right away.

The built-in high-performance microphone in these wireless headphones is Siri compatible that delivers you a clear voice and audio quality. Buying this for money will be the greatest addition to your wardrobe of tech devices that will, in turn, allow you to enjoy the true and real experience of listening music wherever you go with your partner or a group of friends.

Let’s have a quick glimpse at some its exciting features:

1) It has a 24-Bit high-resolution audio playback quality that enables you to receive a crystal clear audio quality while listening to music or talking over a call.

2) It is quite compatible with all the wireless Bluetooth devices available in the market at present.

3) It also has a high quality in built-microphone that allows you to attend calls apart from listening to music.

4) Offers you a continuous 8 hours of playback thus reducing the need of charging it over multiple times.

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