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Protect Your Eyes Using these BenQ WiT e-Reading LED Desk Lamp

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Protect Your Eyes Using these BenQ WiT e-Reading LED Desk Lamp-GadgetAny

Most of us are fond of reading stories or your favourite book late at night. But one must be aware of the fact that reading late at night is enjoyable but it affects your eyes too due to the stress you give them while reading. Now with the launch of this BenQ WiT which is a smart and intelligent e-reading desk lamp that will resolve all your issues while you read thereby protecting your eyes also.

This is the world’s first ever e-reading desk lamp that works smartly and intelligently at night while you read. The device offers a wider lighting coverage to improve your time in front of screens whenever you are reading placing the screen in front of you. This is one of the most revolutionary innovations until the date to boost your reading experience by taking it into another level.

The LED Table evenly distributes the light across your whole work desk. It is most useful for those who love reading in their Kindles and tablets overnight. The e-reading desk lamp produces a 90cm illumination range to give you the most pleasure and proper light while reading at night lying on your bed.

Unlike other illuminating LED lamps, these study table lamp has a 150% wider range as compared to other regular reading lamps. The BenQ WiT enables the reader to see you everything you place on your desk. The lamp also eliminates glare as it features patented illumination.

Moreover, for more effective reading you might use the e-reading mode to reduce the reflection and contrast glare on your desk screen. You just have to simply turn it on, simply touch the metal ring for two seconds only. The integrated sensor in these LED desk lamp detects the ambient light and adjusts itself accordingly thus offering you more convenience. Moreover by using the control knob to easily adjust the BenQ WiT lamp to meet all your needs.

The BenQ WiT is the e-reading desk lamp which is one of the best solutions for all the avid readers to meet all the lighting and reading needs. The study table lamp has a unique Smile Curve Technology that offers an energy saving, bright, intelligent, eco-friendly and comfortable light which also reduces the contrast glare when you read on the screen. It is designed to meet the needs of modern readers today who like to read, study, work, browse at night.

Using them, you may also play video games on your screens while sitting in your living room, study room or office at night apart from reading.

The BenQ WiT is the world’s first lamp which is specially designed to increase the effectiveness of your e-reading. It has an internal intelligent control system that detects illuminance of the environment surrounding you thus delivering the best light to balance the contrast glare coming onto your screen. You might also adjust your own brightness and colour temperature as per your need and requirement while reading your favourite books.

This LED table lamp brings a wide smile on your face while you e-read at night on the screen. Reading on a screen brings convenience and entertainment both at the same time thus allowing you to make most of your reading. Using this study table lamp, you can meet the need for the right lighting of screen reading most efficiently at the same time. Sometimes, it may happen that due to the reflection and contrast glare caused by the unadjusted lighting that causes itching and discomfort to the eyes of the avid reader. BenQ WiT has decided to create an illumination solution that cares about your e-reading experience and thus giving the full protection to your eyes while you read.

It has a Smile Curve Tech shape which is truly an epitome of function merging with aesthetics to level up your reading experience. It is quite better than those traditional lamps, BenQ WiT delivers the light evenly across your entire e-reading area, eliminating the contrast glare and enables the reader to flexibly adjust the brightness and colour temperature as according to the need.

The study table lamp has a wider 90cm lighting range, as you want while you read. Its Smile Curve Technology lights up an expansive 90cm range, which is 150% wider than typical lamps present on the market, as well as the great illuminance of 500 lux at the desk. The LED table lamp has a ball-joint to help optimize the flexibility of the lamp cap and the highly durable torque springs and precise friction control present in the LED desk lamp helps control the balance of the lamp thus preventing it to fall. So, you can easily adjust the LED light to the angles that you need when you read at night.

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