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5 Custom Corporate Gifts That Would Not End Up In Trash

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5 Custom Corporate Gifts That Would Not End Up In Trash-GadgetAny

Office party and still confused about what to buy for office partners? Searching for the best corporate gifts but nothing understand. We are here to help you. You can purchase Corporate gifts like calendars, pen drives, paperweights with the company logo are forgotten the minute you give them to your client. They either end up gathering dust somewhere or in the trash. Stand out in the rut of boring corporate gifts with these custom corporate gifts for clients and employees. Now, you can buy corporate gifts online from GadgetAny.

Read our full blog to know about the best creative corporate gift ideas for you and your office partners.

1. Customized Wooden Sunglasses As Corporate Gifts
Customized Wooden Sunglasses As Corporate Gifts

Buy custom corporate gift like Wooden sunglasses as corporate gifts. It is time to reward your employees and engage potential clients with custom wood sunglasses as corporate gifts. Make your corporate gift personal by custom engraving your company name and logo, event name or individual names on the sunglasses and the bamboo sunglasses case it comes in.

Are you looking for different corporate gifts? Go beyond notebooks with your company logo and get custom wood sunglasses instead. Your clients are sure to enjoy an incredible gift!

We custom carved The Biker Bamboo Wood Sunglasses with the company name, Bacardi Legacy, and further personalized each sunglasses case with the name of the clients or employees and the logo of Bacardi Legacy. Buy this and make your office partner happy.

2. Meet Idea: Ultra Thin USB Flash Drive
Ultra Thin USB Flash Drive

Rosewood USB Flash Drive is a unique gift for any occasion, and the design inspiration comes from tracery in remote orient. It is mysterious and elegant temperament that makes everyone love it at first glance. Rosewood USB Flash Drive is the good promotional item that we can imprint your logo on the surface. Personalized packing is also available, and please contact us via email for more info. It has fantastic features like:

    • Capacity: 8GB / 16GB / 32GB / 64GB
    • USB Mode: 2.0
    • Memory Chip: Samsung
    • Custom Flash Drives
    • Logo Printed Business Gift

3. Executive Knight Pen Holder
This Pen is the latest corporate gift ideas for you and your colleagues. This Pen is mightier than the sword. This Executive Pen Holder is something that abides by this adage through and through. When your signature is needed, someone should bow down and offer you a writing implement. And when you are done gracing the document with your royal name, the Pen should be taken from you and held at the ready for next time. At least, that is how special you will feel with an Executive Knight Pen Holder on your desk. The Executive Knight Pen Holder is a bowing knight, hands raised to hold your exclusive modern quill. Your Pen held aloft, so you never have to figure out which stack of files it buried under. The Executive Knight Pen Holder comes with a pen, but he is just as happy to hold any other pen you own. The Executive Knight Pen Holder will make sure your Pen is always at the ready for whatever words need to flow from it. Buy this cool pen holder on discount $21.60.

    • A bowed down Knight holding your Pen
    • Available in medieval bronze and crusade silver
    • Adds a royal feel to your workspace
    • Holds the most powerful weapon in your ancillary- your Pen
    • Ideal gift for students, teachers, bosses, and your corporate friends
    • Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 15 cm
    • Weight: 820 gms
    • Embellishes your desk

4. Code & Quill Notebooks
Code & Quill Notebooks - GadgetAny

Code & Quill Notebooks may be the best corporate giveaway for your office ones because everyone loves to write. This Code and Quill started with a single goal make beautiful notebooks for creatives. We believe that there are brilliant people of all kinds out there developers, designers, artists, engineers, creators, and thinkers. As creatives, we know that there are a lot of fantastic digital tools out there to help bring our ideas to life. But what about those tools that we use off the screen? There is individual freedom in taking Pen to paper to express the thoughts that we have, as we have them. We found that, while there are many notebooks of all shapes and sizes out there, none truly embodied the characteristics we found necessary for our work. And so we decided that we had to make them.

5. Geek Astro Mobile Stand
This endearing little astronaut decided to take a break and chill on his phone whilst supporting your phone on its back. It made of polyresin. This astronaut phone stands sports a shock resistance demeanor and a non-slip base to protect your phone. The stand is capable of supporting your phone or tab in both horizontal and vertical positions. Place the phone on the back side of astronaut and let is act as an oxygen cylinder for the astronaut. The stand works a super cool tabletop figurine.

  • Sitting astronaut shaped holder for your mobile phone
  • Place your phone vertically or horizontally
  • Suitable for tablets as well
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Size: 11 x 10.5 x 7.5 cm
  • Acts as a cool tabletop figurine
  • Compatible with various phone sizes (recommended for screen size up to 5.5 inches)
  • You can use the mobile phone of any other company
  • Not suitable for car dashboard
  • Weight – 483 gms
  • Packaging – Blister packaging in a cardboard box


These are the best custom corporate gift for you. Read our daily blogs to know more cool and cost-effective gadgets that you can buy anytime for you and your business partners. You can buy these corporate gifts from GadgetAny on very fantastic discount offers. GadgetAny is the platform from where you can buy anything on the special discounted offers.

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