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Best Camera Accessories For Your Smart Phone

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Best Camera Accessories For Your Smart Phone-GadgetAny

The Smartphone photographic is the most common gadget that we everybody use every day for various purposes, and the most fantastic thing is that its compatibility with a vast variety of photographic accessories. So, when you are thinking or want to use your Smartphone to the extent possible, then you should find the best Smartphone photographic accessories anyhow. If you want, you can easily do that by searching on Google or going any remarkable online shop like GadgetAny and many more.

Photographers will tell you the right photographic camera and what photographic gadgets for your smartphone is more likely to be on you than the one that you have? Make the most of the time when it comes with this year best camera accessories for your Smartphone.

I studied a lot and found these following best camera for photography. Read our full blog and know what is best for your Smartphone.

  • LitraPro Professional Full Spectrum Compact Light
    LitraPro Professional Full Spectrum Compact Light - GadgetAny

LitraPro is very little to fit into your pocket. The minimal LitraPro effectively goes wherever your innovativeness takes you. Moreover, it offers 3000-6000K variable shading temperature, and up to 12000 lumens yield that you can alter in additions. The light highlights a 70-degree shaft edge and is 0-100% completely dimmable. LitraPro accompanies a diffuser and a DSLR mount. Discretionary adornments incorporate a Soft Box, Filter Set, Barn Doors, Honeycomb Filter, Tripod, and Handle. You will additionally get three kinds of mounts, including a Cold Shoe Ball Mount, Double Mount, and Triple Mount, Utilizing Bluetooth network. You can likewise check the LitraPro remotely through the versatile application. Buy this from GadgetAny.

  • Muku Shuttr – Selfie Remote / Camera
    Muku Shuttr - Selfie Remote / Camera

Muku Shuttr is the slimmest remote control for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Samsung Galaxy / Notes. It is premium, sturdy build quality in a sleek, durable, and portable design. Muku takes great selfies, group photos and videos from as far as 30 feet. Use the included audio jack phone stand to position your phone in a freestanding position. Never be left out of a photo again! It is very Simple and straightforward setup in less than 30 seconds! There are No APPS TO DOWNLOAD when using an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3, Note 2/3/10.1, Moto X, Moto G, Nexus 4/5/7/8, LG G2, LG Gro, G Flex, Sony Xperia Z2, HTC One M8. Size Matters! The Shutter is small enough to have with you on your keychain whenever you need it. The gift box also includes a microfiber carrying pouch to store and clean your Shutter.

  • 2.0 Cinematic iPhone Lens

Cinematic Lens is the dual lens optical system for your mobile photographers to capture relaxed and stunning wide-angle pictures and videos. We believe there are endless possibilities to capture a precious moment.

This little piece of clip-on fulfills all the wishes a photographer would dream for, from anamorphic, 8mm wide-angle to 360° shooting

FusionLens offers an assortment of impacts including 23:9 anamorphic, 8mm full point, 210-degree fisheye, and 180-degree wide selfie. Perfect for portable picture takers, the double focal point optical framework is staggeringly comprehensive gratitude to its 30mm focal point module. Also, it enables your iPhone camera to have more than a 180-degree field of view on every camera. FusionLens additionally makes moving between the primary and selfie camera simple with only one tap. You can even participate in the two cameras to shoot 360-degree pictures.

FusionLens is the most effective capture photographic kit for your iPhone photography. It brings a groundbreaking optical reforming technology ever on an iPhone. Get this deal from GadgetAny.

  • Joby Grip Tight Gorilla Pod Stand
    Joby Pod Grip Tight Gorilla Stand

The Grip-Tight Gorillapod offers you all the adaptability of the original Gorillapod, but for your phone or small tablet. Quickly wrap the legs around trees and poles, or get the balance you need on uneven surfaces. The JOBY Grip Tight Gorilla Pod Stand has a secure hold for phones with or without a case used it for brilliant images. The fantastic rubber foot grips and wrappable legs ensure that your phone can be attached to any surfaces, without a slip of the grip. Look at life from a different point of view with adjustable locking screw you can change the angle, as you easily maneuver your phone. The legs wrap securely around any surface as your phone stays firmly in place, even on its side. Take your mobile photography and videography to the next level with the GripTight Gorilla Pod Stand. This flexible tripod fits smaller phones, with or with a case, including iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and iPhone 8. It has a durable design with thoughtful engineering, and the Grip Tight Gorilla Pod Stand is lightweight but extremely strong. Made of sturdy ABS plastic, TPE, and stainless steel, it is made for the wear and tear of everyday life or the rigor of every adventure. It captures crisper photos, smoother videos, and optimal media consumption on your Smartphone when using the GripTight GorillaPod Stand. With a ¼”-20 thread standard tripod mount, you can easily use it with other JOBY products. Buy this on discount.

  • Optrix by Body Glove Kit for iPhone 6/6s
    Optrix by Body Glove Kit for iPhone 6/6s

This cool Optrix iPhone 5s case can handle a 30 foot drop or watery depths of up to 15 feet. With buttons and touch screens still fully functional underwater, the three elements, all glass, super wide-angle Lens adds a new level of creativity and availability. Obsessively engineered to allow you to go anywhere and shoot anything, the Optrix by Body Glove case transforms your iPhone 6/6s into an ultra-rugged and 100% watertight adventure camera. This cool mountable case with a unique interchangeable lens system is ideal for taking photos and videos on your iPhone 6/6s in action-filled environments and sharing them instantly on social media. The Optrix by Body Glove case is fully mountable and compatible with a variety of mounts and accessories. The Optrix by Body Glove accessory lineup includes an expandable “selfie stick” monopod, helmet mount, wrist float, flexible tripod and more. There is also a tripod connector that allows you to attach your Optrix case to any third party mount that uses a ¼” 20 attachment method.

  • FLIR ONE Pro
    FLIR ONE Pro

Whether you need to inspect electrical panels, find the root of HVAC failures, or discover deepwater damage. The FLIR ONE Pro cameras offer the measurement tools and excellent thermal resolution you need to support you finish the job fast. Both of the FLIR ONE Pro and the new FLIR ONE Pro LT have amazing features you need to recognize problems quickly and ensure you fixed them correctly. Enhanced resolution through VividIR improves image quality and thermal sensitivity, while FLIR MSX technology adds finer details and perspective to the images and both models have the FLIR OneFit connector that extends up to 4 mm to connect the device to your Smartphone through many famous phone cases.

  • Lensball Spherical Crystal Lens

Its time to add another dimension to your photography with the Lensball Spherical Crystal Lens. Featuring K9 crystal, this glass ball will change your world upside down. The ultra-transparent sphere reflects the view around you but flipped 180° because it captures all of your surroundings; you can focus on the Lensball and produce a beautifully creative composition. The Lensball is, of course, totally waterproof. Add water only adds to the effect. This sphere is crystal clear so you can notice even the smallest details in the reflection. This amazing Lensball comes in two sizes, 60mm, and 80mm. Both allow you to capture otherworldly images right in the palm of your hand. The Lensball works with all cameras as well as smartphones. Finally, it comes with its microfiber carrying pouch which can be used to keep the Lensball clean and can take it on all of your adventures.

  • Olloclip Lenses

    Given their affordable value for the quality of these mini lenses, Olloclip carries everything from boxed sets to individual pieces. Olloclip captures sharp, vibrant images all while attached to whatever phone that’s compatible. Giving full DSLR camera quality to miniature camera phones, Olloclip saves a lot of time and money for the casual mobile photographer. Buy this olloclip on discount.

Buy best photographic gadgets according to your needs from GadgetAny on special discount prices that are very pocket-friendly. Visit GadgetAny and get the best deal on all devices.

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