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”Coffee is much more than a beverage”. Most people are very much dependent on coffee, they even include it in their daily breakfast also. Here comes the importance of a coffee maker. A coffee maker is one of the most common electric countertop appliances used in homes and offices. A coffee maker uses many coffee brewing techniques to prepare a refreshing cup of coffee. That’s why, we are here to help you choose some of the best coffee makers as per your preference.

If we talk about the working of a coffee maker, firstly Coffee beans are placed into a paper filter inside a funnel in its specific chamber to pour cold water and boiled water. And then it falls into a funnel connected to a kettle or coffee cup. The different types of coffee makers include single-serve coffee, vacuum brewers, and cafetiere. It is also called automatic drip-brew.

Types Of Coffee Machine


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Pod coffee machine

These coffee machines are cheap to buy and won’t take up much space in the kitchen. It is suitable for occasional drinkers.

Ground coffee machine

Ground coffee provides fine espresso coffee. ESE pods are also used for mess-free drink making. It prepares two drinks at once.

Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machine

Bean-to-cup coffee machines fulfill the demand for the freshest cup of coffee. We can use various types of beans in this machine. It also offers extensive options for customizable settings.

10 Best Coffee Makers for Caffeine Lovers

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Bonavita Connoisseur BV1901TS

Best coffee maker overall

Image Credits: Bonavita

What We Like

Pre-infusion mode, one-touch pour-over brewing with a thermal carafe


Material Stainless steel
Capacity 8 cups
programmable yes
Warranty 1 Year
Power 1500 watts
Voltage 110 Volt
Weight 6.13 Pounds
Dimension Length: 12.40″ Width: 6.80″Height: 12.20

Bonavita connoisseur is the best coffee maker, as it is easy and simple to use. It does not mess up during its operation. Also, its brewer maintains a constant temperature to deliver good brewing. In addition, it can prepare coffee worth 8 cups in only 6-7 minutes.

Also, it holds the unique ability to distribute the coffee uniformly on the entire bed of coffee grounds. Furthermore, a one-touch brewing system adds convenience and utility. On an added note, its Carafe lid, filter basket, and showerhead are dishwasher safe and use BPA-free plastic. 1.3 stainless steel thermal carafe induces upgraded heat retention and pourability. And finally, this budget-friendly coffee maker is easy to clean.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Extremely attractive & reliable product to use. Capacity is less .
Works very smoothly.

Cuisinart DCC-T20 Touchscreen 14 Cup programmable Coffee Maker

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Best for drip coffee maker

Image Credits: Cuisinart

What We Like

24-hour programmable auto-brewing and brew strength control feature


Material Glass
Capacity 14 cups
Programmable Yes
Warranty 3 Year
Power N/A
Voltage 120 Volts
Weight 9 pounds
Dimension 7.75 x 9.00 x 14.00 inches

The Cuisinart is an ideal coffee making solution for a large family as it can serve 14 cups of coffee at your disposal within a few minutes. Also, this programmable coffee maker lets you control the brew strength and modify the water temperature. In addition, this quick coffee maker eases your work with its 24-hour programmable auto-brewing along with a drip-free pause button for scooping a quick cup of coffee.

Moreover, you can turn up the flavor by setting the brew time up to 24 hours ahead so your next cup is ready when you want.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Adjustable auto-shutoff (0-4 hours) Might not be the fanciest coffee maker.
Self-clean and 1–4 cup setting  Clock is not LED 
Easy-to-View Water Window opening of the reservoir where the water is to be poured in is quite narrow
Adjustable heating plate
Gold-Tone Coffee Filter and Charcoal Water Filter
An additional ready alert tone
Brew Strength Control allows you to select Regular or Bold coffee flavor

Technivorm Moccamaster 53941 KBGV Select

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Best splurge-worthy coffee maker

Image Credits: moccamaster

What We Like

Fast brewing process with quiet operation


Material Aluminium
Capacity 40 Fluid Ounces
Cup size  9.92 ounces
Programmable No
Warranty 5years
Power N/A
Voltage 120 volts
Dimension 6.5 x 12.75 x 14 inches

Technivoram KGBV is one of the best coffee makers that includes a whole host of features. With Technivorm, you can enjoy the brewing speed and hotplate temperature adjustment feature. Also, this coffee maker has stainless steel body and high-quality BPA-free plastic offer it a rugged and sleek look.

Moreover, the brew basket automatically stops the flow of coffee when removing the carafe. This coffee maker offers a fast brewing process with quiet operation as it makes a half or full carafe of coffee in 4-6 minutes.

Furthermore, KGBV Select employs a copper boiling element that expedites water heating to a brewing temperature of 196°F – 205°F and automatically shuts off when the water reservoir is empty. And finally, the brewer’s power switch and hotplate shut off automatically after 100 minutes.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Operating features are easy and smart with high configuration. Can’t turn off the heating plate
The hotplate automatically shuts off after 100 minutes Thin carafe glass


Fast brewing time

Oxo On Barista Brain 9 Cup Coffee Maker

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Best high-tech coffee maker

Image Credits: oxo

What We Like

Compact design with one button to start and another button to clean, enjoy gold standard coffee in a single-serve.


Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 9 cups
Programmable Yes
Warranty 2 Years
Power N/A
Voltage 120V/60Hz
Dimension 15 x 8.3 x 17.2 inches

OXO includes a double-wall carafe to keep your coffee hot longer and it keeps the flavor of your ingredients intact. Also, it makes coffee making extremely easy. Just add water and ground coffee and select the number of cups to brew – the machine will handle the rest.

Moreover, the Oxo appliance employs an intuitive LED that monitors its brewing time and temperature. Furthermore, it holds high-tech features to make your coffee taste better. Its brewing temperature is between 197.6 Fahrenheit and 204.8 Fahrenheit.

Pros & Cons

Pros  Cons
Sleek design. Brew time can not be adjusted.
Single dial controls. Charcoal filter kills the coffee aroma
Hassle-free cleaning 

Breville Precision Brewer Thermal BDC450BSS

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Best coffee maker with carafe

Image Credits: Breville

What We Like

The electric drip coffee feature is best for home kitchens.


Material stainless
Capacity  60 Ounces/ 7.5 cups
Programmable Yes
Warranty 2 years
Power 1650 watts
Voltage 110/ 120 Volts
Dimension 12.4 x 6.7x 15.7 inches

Breville precision brewer thermal is a high-end automatic drip coffee machine. You can customise bloom, brewing temperature, and brew time. In addition, Breville comes designed with a beautiful stainless steel structure. It can fully satisfy coffee enthusiasts with its multiple options. These unique options include single-cup coffee-making if needed, cold brew, brew over ice, and pour-over coffee. If you want many granular controls over your brewing, it has six brewing modes including a gold cup. In addition, it delivers a fast brew time as compared to other coffee makers as it can prepare 12 cups within 8-9 minutes. And finally, it can keep the coffee hot for 2 hours, which is its unique selling point.

Moreover, the Oxo appliance employs an intuitive LED that monitors its brewing time and temperature. Furthermore, it holds high-tech features to make your coffee taste better. Its brewing temperature is between 197.6 Fahrenheit and 204.8 Fahrenheit.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
It contains both brewed bottom and flat cone style filter baskets Water hardness test strip.
Fast strong brew. Not dishwasher safe
Dual filter basket. Carafe needs preheating
Steel mug keeps coffee hot for a long time

Ninja Hot and Cold-Brewed System with Thermal Carafe

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Best for – versatility & convenience

Image Credits: Ninja Kitchen

What We Like

Dedicated tea cartridge (no more mixing of coffee and tea flavors)


Material Plastic, Metal, Rubber
Capacity 50 Fluid Ounces (10 cups) full size
Programmable Yes
Warranty 1 Year
Power 1500 watts
Voltage 120
Weight 187.68 ounces
Dimension 11.8 L x 10 W x 15 H inches

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System can transform your kitchen into a cafe, offering a wide range of coffee, tea, and cold brew options. It may be too overwhelming for casual drinkers, but coffee and tea enthusiasts will appreciate the flexibility of making their beverages as simple or fancy as they want from home. The machine adjusts temperature and brew times automatically based on the selected drink from the display panel.

Ninja claims that the machine can make coffee-bar drinks at home using the specialty coffee setting and milk frother, but the quality may not be as high as coffee shops. Medium-roast coffee on the Classic setting can yield a smooth and balanced cup, while the Rich preset works well for dark roast. The cold brew setting is a snap, but the taste may not be so smooth. However, it’s convenient for making an XL cup in just ten minutes.

The machine is versatile, catering to both coffee and tea drinkers. The smart basket system automatically recognizes the brew basket and recommends drink types. The Delay Brew programming feature is helpful, and the machine is quiet during the brewing process. It can replace both single-serve and multi-cup brewers, and doesn’t require coffee pods. If you don’t need cold brew or tea functionality, you can opt for the cheaper Ninja Specialty model.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Able to brew either single cups or full pots of hot coffee Not compatible with coffee pods
Milk frother included
Smart basket recognition system
In-built foldaway milk frother
Can brew hot coffee, iced coffee, cold brew, or tea

Nespresso Essenza Mini Original Espresso Machine By De longhi

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Best for-cafe style coffee drinkers

Image Credits : Nespresso

What We Like

It includes one-touch operation and energy-saving mode


Material Plastics
Capacity 19 Bars
Programmable Yes
Warranty 1 Year
Power 1255 watts
Voltage 120 Volt
Weight 5.1 lbs
Dimension 8.1x 12.8 x 4.3 inches

Nespresso is a single-serve espresso maker and it’s very popular for barista-style coffee & it employs one-touch operation & extraction system. Also, it features an energy-saving mode that triggers an automatic shut-off in 9 seconds.

Moreover, Nespresso includes a corresponding welcome set with a range of Nespresso capsules with a unique aroma. Its compact design and tiny footprint make it easy to accommodate in any corner of the house.

A fast heat-up system and high pressure make Nespresso stand apart from others. And lastly, customizable recipes can suit the taste of different coffee enthusiasts.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Portable and budget-friendly Capsules are small in size.
Complimentary Nespresso capsules with original aroma. Basic plastic material.
Two programmable cup sizes Fewer settings.

Breville Grind BDC650BSS Control Coffee Maker

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Best for grind quality

Image Credits : Breville

What We Like

The grind control allows you to choose grind size as per your preferences and brew strength


Material Stainless steel
Capacity 3.8 pounds
Programmable Yes
Warranty 1 year
Power 1100 watts
Voltage 110 to 120volts
Weight 16 pounds
Dimensions 8.5 x 12.5 x 16.3 inches

Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker includes an in-built grinder that lets you capture complete control over flavor and aroma. Also, this portable coffee maker lets you brew directly into a carafe allowing you to enjoy coffee on the go. In addition, it includes a smart LCD screen to grind setting, grind time, and the number of shots or cups you have selected. These features really made us to list this product into our list of best coffee makers.

Moreover, the programmable auto-start feature lets you set the time you would like your coffee prepared. And finally, the locking system facilitates easy storage and stainless steel material that adds a rugged look without compromising features.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Thermal carafe keeps coffee hot for 3hrs & warm for 6hrs Little bit slow
Easy to use LCD. Taller than other grinder
Water level monitoring Requires regular cleaning

Takeya Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker

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Best for cold coffee drinkers

Image Credits : Takeya

What We Like

This coffee maker is affordable, uses fewer beans to create tasty iced coffee


Material Plastic BPA-free
Capacity 1ltr
Programmable NO
Warranty 2 Year
Power 1qt
Voltage N/A
Weight 9.6 Ounces
Dimension 9.25 H x 6.1 W x 4.1 D inches

Takeya Deluxe cold brew is a USA-made coffee maker. With Takeya Deluxe, you can relish cold brew coffee with its original and delicious flavor without any element of unwanted acidity. Also, this fine mesh coffee maker filters out coffee grounds.

In addition, this coffee maker allows you to keep your concentrated cold brew coffee for up to two weeks, thanks to its airtight mechanism. Also, this coffee can be used for both iced and hot coffees.

Moreover, top-notch features like a leak-proof lid, stainless BPA-free Tritan plastic, and a non-slip silicone handle add a new dimension to Takeya Deluxe. On top of all, it can easily fit most refrigerator doors, and it includes a dishwasher-safe top rack.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Very economical Poorly designed
Easy to clean Mesh filter doesn’t filter out all types of coffee ground
Non-slip grip
Perfect for small families

Barsetto Grind And Brew Automatic BAA025N Coffee Maker

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Best for value for price

Image Credits : Barsetto

What We Like

It has 8-grade options to choose from and supports three coffee strength alternatives.


Material Stainless steel
Capacity 10cubic unit
Programmable Timer
Warranty 1 year
Power 900 Watts
Voltage NA
Weight 11.88pound

Barsetto BAA025N introduces some surprising features, including its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use design. This elite coffee maker can serve you quick coffee owing to its three-step coffee-making process. In addition, it includes an integrated conical grinder that can pulverize the beans to the fineness of up to 0.3 mm.

Moreover, Barsetto BAA025N consists of three settings that deliver customized coffee strength following your taste: mild, strong, or medium. Its innovative powder fall structure keeps eliminating the residual powder to maintain the freshness of the flavor.

Furthermore, it flaunts some exquisite features encompassing a programmable timer, a visible powder channel, and a fully automatic grinding system. Also, you can set the time you want to start automatically; the programmable timer will preset the machine’s start time and start brewing. And finally, it comprises a warming plate design that keeps the coffee hot for 120 minutes.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Automatic shutdown in 2hrs Ease of use.
LCD screen setup allows setting up to 24hrs
Built-in burr coffee grinder
Warmer plate
Removable filter and clean

Benefits of Having a Coffee Maker at Your Place


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Instant coffee in seconds – Any coffee maker can deliver a cup of coffee within seconds whenever required. Whether you are at home or the office, you can refresh yourself with an instant cup of coffee.

Easy to operate – Most machines used in the home or office are easy to operate as anyone can use them, whether a kid or any person who is not tech-friendly can operate the coffee maker machines.

Unique blend – Every machine has its blend to prepare a cup of coffee. And we can choose any coffee maker to buy as per our preference.

Energy saver – Some coffee maker brands manufacture machines that consume relatively less power. So, they are not a burden on our bills.

Portable compact convenient for travel – Some coffee makers are lightweight with an ergonomic handle. As a result, any person can carry it while travelling and enjoy a fresh and hot cup of coffee.

Buying Guide: How to Choose One Among These Best Coffee Makers?


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Price – Price of every coffee maker varies based on features and brand. Features of the espresso makers increase with the cost.

Flavour – Espresso makers deliver a wide variety of flavors of coffee. So, while buying any coffee maker, you should check whether it can deliver your preferred coffee flavor or not.

Brew Size – The brewing capacity of most coffee makers lies between 1 cup and 1.5 ltr. So, the brew size of your coffee maker sometimes changes the flavor of your coffee. The minimum brewing size of a coffee maker is 180ml, and different brew sizes are available according to the brand and capacity of the tank.

Capacity – Some coffee makers have small tanks. If you have to make coffee to serve a large family, you prefer a sizeable 1.5ltr tank. Otherwise, you can lay your hand on an eight-cup coffee maker that is best for home with good flavor and refreshment elements.

Extra features – Some coffee makers introduce standard features like auto shutoff and thermal carafe to keep coffee warm, intelligent control temperature, and brewing time. At the same time, some other high-end machines include advanced features like a programmable timer, temperature controls, and extra coffee ground addition.


No, different coffee makers use different methods to brew coffee, which affects the final result in coffee taste.

Fill the coffee maker with vinegar and water. You can increase the ratio of vinegar to the water. Let it soak in the carafe and reservoir for about 30 to 60 minutes. Repeat with clean water for a second cycle. Then wipe down your coffee maker and coffee pot with a clean cloth.

Pod machine is dependent on a particular system using pre-portioned coffee either in capsules or pods. Pod machines are easy to use and offer convenience to the consumer to prepare coffee.

Yes, you can use regular coffee beans in the espresso machine, but your drink may taste funky.

The thermal carafe is not safe in the dishwasher. Once you run the carafe in the dishwasher, the carafe loses its ability to hold heat and keep your coffee hot. So, avoid washing it in the dishwasher.

Brewing should take between 1 minute to 16 minutes (depends on cup capacity) to brew coffee from the time to when it drips through the coffee.