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Getting tired of going to the gym daily: You can prefer the cross-trainer, a solution for you to do workouts with flexible timings. With this fitness equipment, you do a variety of exercises to meet your fitness goals. But there is always a query in mind which cross-trainer is the best choice for my home gym. So, Don’t get confused; this blog guides you to choose the best fit cross-trainer for you as per your aspects.

You find many choices, but here we talk about the magnetic and elliptical trainers (Both are the top picks among the buyers). To pick the best one, go through each part of the blog.

Which is better? Magnetic Cross-trainer or Elliptical trainer

Our research says that Magnetic Cross-trainers are always the best choice for the home gym over an elliptical trainer. Because it provides many advanced features with compact size configuration, it also helps move your body forward and backward to do different workouts. In addition, these types of equipment make an easy way to work on the lower body and the upper body.

What is the difference between the Magnetic Cross-trainer & Elliptical Trainer?

Here, we talk about how a magnetic cross-trainer is different from an elliptical trainer because this all-in-one machine offers many different modes of exercise to burn calories and get in shape.

Machine Size  Noise Level Calories Counting Resistance level Cost Range
Magnetic Cross-trainer Slightly oversized for home use. But you can easily compact it.  Less Noisy  Burns 400-500 calories per hour(4-5 days a week). You can easily change the resistance level according to yours. Affordable(1000$ – 2000$)
Elliptical Trainer  Low profile, Good for Home use Noisy  It helps to burn 500 calories per hour (4-5 days a week). You can choose any level which doesn’t cause your posture with adjustable handlebars.   Expensive (2000$ – 11000$)

Why do we suggest buying a magnetic cross trainer over an elliptical for home use?

Magnetic Elliptical cross-trainers are always the best choice for a home gym over an elliptical trainer. They offer many benefits, from an adjustable incline to a smooth workout with all the impressive features. The below-mentioned table gives you a precise analysis:

Best Cross-Trainers Noise Level Operation  Best Product Examples
Magnetic cross trainer Low Eddy current braking OR Magnetism Sunny Magnetic SF- E905
Elliptical cross trainer  Medium to high  Air Resistance Required Bowflex BFX116

Query to Solve “Which cross-trainer is best for you” with role model examples?

Sunny Health Fitness Magnetic Cross-trainer for home

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Why is this best? This fitness equipment is the best choice for beginners and suitable for tall people. The features of this machine include a heart rate monitor to calculate the pulse and adjustable magnetic resistance with the micro-tension controller. We highly recommend this machine, the best fit for all ages, and configured wheels help move from one place to another.

Pros & Cons

Pros   Cons
Very affordable  Short stride length limits for tall people
Occupies very little space 
Small & light weight 
Quiet Machine 

BowFlex Electrical Elliptical cross trainer

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Why is this best? With this machine, you find many benefits of interval intensity fitness. This product helps to get muscle strength fast and makes a way to burn the entire body fat. It configures a low-impact motion elliptical with a stepper. In addition, this machine offers many features like burn rate indicators, mobile holder, and many more. All these things motivate you to meet your target as soon as possible.

Pros & Cons

Pros  Cons 
Strong and durable build Heavy.
Sharp display Not easy to move 
Different workout modes 

What benefits do I get after getting the best cross trainer for home?


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Exercise the upper and lower body – Cross-trainer is the whole gym because it works for the entire body simultaneously. It is a straightforward way to keep your body fit and healthy

Easy to make minor adjustments for them as your fitness improves – Cross-trainers come with many benefits over an elliptical. Its configuration makes things easy to adjust as per your according to the fitness level

Improved fitness with flexible timings – Hectic schedule is one of the major issues nowadays. Build your home gym with the best cross-trainer. So, you have many options to burn the calories whenever you want.

Your whole family can use it – The best part of this fitness equipment is a good fit for all age groups. So, every member of your family can do it without any risk of injury.

The environment will always be comfortable – Cross-trainer is the whole gym, and it is a good idea for those who feel shy to go to the gym. This fitness equipment is a complete package with which you can do several exercises.

Benefits of Health Concerns – Regularly exercising with a cross-trainer takes stress off, lowers your blood pressure, controls your blood sugar, lowers your cholesterol, and many more health benefits are included.


The answer is Yes, it works on your whole body. With a cross-trainer, you can easily do the back body workout to meet your fitness goals soon.

Most of the trainers use a lot of electricity. But, It’s also up to you which cross-trainer you choose.

Before buying any cross-trainer, you need to check which material type, budget-friendly, good for your height, dimensions, assembled instructions, preferable mechanism, and smart features such as Bluetooth connectivity and the digital monitor to calculate the burned calories.

An elliptical cross-trainer can be the best choice for workout needs and intensity of 15-17 years old. It maximizes work on your legs, arms, and belly fat which is beneficial for growing the body.

Elliptical or Cross-trainers to be one of the best total workout machines available. It offers many options to do cardio exercise and targets all the major muscle groups in the body.

A magnetic cross-trainer is always a good choice for home over an elliptical machine. This magnetic cross-trainer covers very little space, lightweights and provides many ways to do all types of exercise.

The average cost of home cross-trainers is usually between 1000$ – 2000$ for durable and good quality with a warranty. If you look for innovative or additional features, then the prices might be getting a little higher.