Best Accessories For E-Bike Every Rider Must Have

Best E-Bike Accessories Every Rider Must Have

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E-bikes are known and used due to their instant adaptability towards nature. But sometimes this can turn towards the back so here it becomes very important that you are equipped with proper tools. 

Certain E-bike accessories can equip you with safety and stability. From modifying your e-bike to taking necessary precautions to avoid major injuries it becomes important to take a brief note of the e-bike accessories. 

Below are some of the listed must-have e-bike accessories that will surely help you to choose wisely.

List of Best E-Bike Accessories

Helmet - Nutcase Vio

Nutcase Vio

Image Credits: Nutcase Helmets


Price  $150
Weight 509 grams
Brand Nutcase

The helmet is the major and the most important of all e-bike accessories. Even after medical science has been achieving great heights day by day but head injuries are still considered as the most dangerous ones which can also lead to death and several other repercussions. 

Helmet hence becomes an important part of any self-driven vehicle. Nutcase Vio is the best e-bike accessory when it comes to protecting your head. This helmet can divert and minimize the maximum force caused due to crashes. 

Moreover, the helmet imposes a 360-degree view with a unique LED arrangement on helmet. The LED lights are of orange and red colors dissipating the light of 65 lumens which is enough but less than the street lights. 

The helmet also consists of the Nutcase logo which has a different capacity of illuminating light due to the inbuilt LED lights over the logo. These lights are chargeable and can last up to 3hours on a single charge. 

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Great fitting Expensive
Good visibility Hard charge port cover
Assured MIPS

Tool System - Wolf EnCase Handlebar Bike Tool System

Handlebar Bike Tool

Image Credits: WoolfTooth Components


Price  $120
Brand Wolf Tooth 

When you are on an adventure it comes out to be an excellent idea to be well prepared for every situation. This is where it comes to the toolbox of e-bike. The e-bikes are obviously adventure bikes but they also face breakdowns and for it, Wolf EnCase Handlebar Bike Tool System brings a way out.

The reason why you should just prefer the Wolf EnCase Handlebar Bike Tool System toolbox is not only specific but is also satisfactory.  You might have noticed that there are certain unused and empty spaces over the handlebars and the frames this toolbox is capable of fitting into that space easily and effectively. So, it is really one of the best E-Bike accessories.

This toolbox is a complete package including a valve wrench, chain breaker, tire plugs, and tire plug inserter. 

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Good building structure Expensive
Fixes perfectly over the bike Doesn’t fit on all bars and handles.

Making your presence- Nutcase Bike Bell

Nutcase Bike Bell

Image Credits: Amazon


Price  $15
Brand Nutcase

Electric bike accessories are never completed without the bell. It is exceptionally important to install a bell on your e-bike as this will keep you as well as the peddlers alert. Bells also help the other vehicles to know your presence at stiff turns especially at the mountain regions where you face stiff turns.

Nutcase bike bell stands firm while searching for an e-bike bell. The nutcase bells come with a loud noise which can be treated as a disadvantage when used in cities but is an advantage in mountain regions. 

Moreover, the Nutcase Bike Bell has vivid color and design options to choose from. 

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Easy Installation Expensive
Multiple colors The bell consists of internal plastic parts.
The bell is loud and seeks attention easily.
Unique designs

Bright Lights- Kryptonite Incite X3 and XR Set

Kryptonite Incite X3 and XR Set

Image Credits: Kryptonite Locks


Price  $75
Brand Kryptonite

Lights are a very essential part of e-bike accessories. When driving at night or especially during winters you might come across fog and mist this is where you require bright lights giving good intensities. Also, these E-Bike lights is cherry on the cake if the sam light is handy which means easy to keep in pockets as well as on handlebars.

Kryptonite Incite X3 and XR Set this light comes with extremely vivid and unique features. First of all the light is handly and compact which can be easily kept in pockets. Moreover, the light has bright intensity light which sounds perfect for both city use as well as adventure use. 

Besides this Kryptonite Incite X3 and XR Set also imposes the facility to charge through micro USB  and the unique ability to show the battery status with the help of LED indicators. 

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Easy Installation The non-linear model makes it difficult to use.
Long-lasting battery

Way Finder- Delta Cycle XL Smartphone Holder Bike Mount

Delta Cycle XL Smartphone Holder Bike Mount

Image Credits: Designby Delta


Price  $30
Brand Delta

People with the greed to have adventures and roam around at unknown paths have always been looking for the system that will help them to find or reach their destination easily.

Delta Cycle XL Smartphone Holder Bike Mount this cant be said as one of the best E-bike accessories but surely this accessory helps one to find or communicate with people while driving. 

Delta Cycle XL Smartphone Holder Bike Mount is easy and classy whereas supporting all shapes and sizes of smartphones. Moreover, the mount comes with a plastic covering making it to use in every climatic condition. 

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Good display showing ability. Lock mechanisms make a sound.
Easy installation Gets removed too quickly.
Good quality

Air Pump- Lezyne Steel Drive Floor Pump

Steel Drive Floor Pump

Image Credits: Lezyne


Price  $65
Brand Lezyne

This can be itself considered as the e-bike part. The air pump is a must-go e-bike accessory one should own. The air pump is not only used to fill the air in tires but also fulfills the purpose of maintaining the exact pressure required for the tire. 

The cheap air pumps come with plastic coatings which are not recommended to use for a long time. Lezyne Steel Drive Floor Pump comes with a steel body and is enough capable of maintaining the 200psi pressure of the e-bike tires.  That’s why it is considered in the best electric bike accessories for emergency situations.

Moreover, many floor pumps have two legs this floor pump comes with three legs. It’s more sturdy than most other floor pumps and the huge air pressure dial is easier to read while standing over it. It’s a little slower, but it won’t come undone while you’re pumping.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Steady construction Expensive when compared with other pumps.
Extra-large pressure gauge Too tall 
Extra-long hose
Wooden handles

Mudguards- Portland Design Works Sodapop Fenders

Portland Design Works Sodapop Fenders

Image Credits: Amazon


Price  $21
Brand Portugal Design Works

Mudguards can also be included in your e-bike accessory list as they are also important and save you from getting dirty especially during the monsoons. This is one of the best e-bike accessories you can rely on. 

Portland Design Works Sodapop Fenders are manufactured from 97 percent recycled beverage bottles and require only a minute or two to put on and take off. The rear fender attaches to the down tube under your bike’s seat.  

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Easy installation The rear fender is too big
Lightweight Materials coming with the product may be found inadequate.
Fits perfectly

Backpack- Comrad Packable Backpack

Comrad Packable Backpack

Image Credits: Road Runner Bags


Price  $90
Brand Road Runner Bags 

Backpacks have always been one of the best electric bike accessories. While choosing a backpack it is very important to see that the backpack is light in weight but also is comfortable and can hold heavyweights.

Comrad Packable Backpack has several pockets inclusive of the sunglass pocket and smartphone pocket. Comrad Packable Backpack has foamed shoulders which makes it the best buy in terms of a backpack. 

Moreover, Comrad Packable Backpack also is comfortable to carry maximum size laptops. Another interesting feature is it doesn’t consist of chains it has an elastic string to lock and unlock the backpack. 

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Plenty of pockets No zip lock system 
Comfortable on shoulders 
Strong enough to carry heavy things.

Seat post- Cirrus Kinekt 2.1 Suspension Seat Post

Suspension Seat Post

Image Credits: Virrus Cycles


Price  $250
Brand KineKT 

It is very important to notice that you have comfortable seat to seat on your e-bike. If your seat is not comfortable it might cause severe spinal issues, as well as a sudden jerk, which can also affect your body posture. 

Cirrus Kinekt 2.1 Suspension Seat Post can handle sudden jerks quite efficiently. Cirrus Kinekt 2.1 Suspension Seat Post has springs that absorb such sudden force and keep you back at the right position without harming your spin and posture. As we talk about a comfortable ride, these seats will work as the best E-Bike accessories.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Good suspension Expensive 
Avoids sudden jerks 

Enjoy Music- Tribit Stormbox Micro

Stormbox Micro

Image Credits: Tribit


Price  $50
Brand Tribit

People generally love to enjoy music while traveling solo for such road trip lovers requires a handy compact music box.

The Stormbox Micro from Tribit is the best buy speaker for your handlebars. It has a rubberized strap on the rear that allows it to easily hold on to anything you put it. Moreover Tribit Stormbox Micro claims 8 hours battery life at a single charge. 

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Good sound quality Voice cracks at maximum volume.
Long battery life

How To Choose The Best Electric Bike Accessories For Yourself - Buying Guide

Buying Guide

Image Credits: REI

There are many criteria that one should choose e-bike accessories:

Helmet – The helmet should always be chosen wisely as it is the most important and the best electric bike accessories to buy. While selecting a helmet one should always keep in mind that the helmet should be passed from all safety standards and always choose an accurate size helmet neither big nor small. 

Further, the helmet should be lightweight and foam cushioned from inside to make it comfortable.

Tool System – Tool systems should be always selected by their size and compatibility whereas always prefer branded and approved tool systems. 

Bell – While buying a bell always keep in mind that the bell should produce a loud sound but a decent sound, not a ruckus sound. Moreover, the size of the bell also matters as you need to keep it on the handlebars.

Lights – When you are buying lights for E-Bike try to prefer white light over any other color and also do notice the intensity of the light.  


Why do we need e-bike accessories?

E-bike accessories are important as they can save you from unwanted mishaps. Moreover, the e-bike accessories also give a stylish and modified look to your e-bike as well as you.

Which type of helmet should be preferred?

While buying an electric bike accessory that also a helmet you should always look forward to buying a branded product. Moreover, the helmet shouldn’t be heavy and stiff from the inside.

What type of air pump should we buy?

Avoid buying plastic air pumps as they will get degraded with time. One should always prefer an air pump with 3 legs as it is handy and also equips the proper air pressure for the tires.