10 Best Electric Trikes: Enjoy Best Three-Wheeled Rides In 2023

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Electric trikes are a popular alternative to traditional bikes. Now you must be wondering- what is an electric trike? An electric trike is an adult-sized motor-powered bike with three wheels. Moreover, electric trikes and e-bikes help people with disabilities or chronic diseases who are unable to ride two-wheeled bikes. Additionally, it offers motor assistance when the rider pedals and the three wheels help with balancing the bike.

Unlike two-wheeled rides, you don’t have to be concerned about balance. So, riding is a breeze with electric tricycles. If you are concerned about the environment, e-trikes are eco-friendly as they operate on electricity.

However, buying an electric tricycle is no walk in the park. Thus, we have hand-picked a list of the best electric tricycles available on the market. Keep reading the article to find out our top 10 picks.

Razor PowerRider 360 Electric Trike

Best electric trike for drifting

Razor PowerRider 360 Electric Trike

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The Razor PowerRider only needs a push of a button and no pedaling


Dimensions 24.25 x 25.25 x 35.5 inches
Weight 32.95 pounds
Material Alloy Steel, Rubber
Speed Up to 9 mph
Suggested users Unisex adult, children
Run time Up to 30 minutes of continuous use
Motor High-torque, chain-driven
Battery 12V sealed lead acid
Price $199.99

With the PowerRider 360 electric powered 3-wheeler, you can blast into the future. Featuring a chain-driven motor and push-button throttle, this trike allows easy entry and exit. Also, the PowerRider is equipped with a hand-operated brake system, hi-impact pneumatic front wheel, and folding footpegs. 

Moreover, you do not need to pedal. All you need to do is push a button. Race at speed up to 9 mph, cut 360-degree spins, slide, and drift on PowerRider 360’s high-performance dual inclined rear caster wheels. 

In addition, its welded steel frame with moto-style, crown fork design creates a unique look for your electric tricycle. Plus, steering can help kids develop core and neck strength while seated. Not only that, PowerRider supports up to 30 minutes of continuous use. Finally, this trike includes a 12V sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system with charger.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Rear caster wheels allow for tricks and spins 40 minutes of battery life
Push-button throttle
High-impact pneumatic front wheel for stability
Hand-operated braking system

Addmotor Motan Electric Trike

Best for its removable baskets

Electric Trike

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The Addmotor Moton electric trike allows a 350lb load capacity


Dimensions N/A
Weight ‎88 Pounds
Material N/A
Speed Up to 22 mph
Suggested users Unisex adult, children
Run time Up to 55 miles
Motor 48Vx750W Front Hub Brushless Motor
Battery 48Vx17.5 AH Lithium Batteries In A Sealed Removable Pack
Price $2,999

With a long-lasting battery pack that can go up to 55 miles on a single charge, the Addmotor Motan Electric Trike is one of the best electric trikes for adults. Also, a powerful 750-watt motor can achieve a maximum speed of 22 mph. The load capacity of 350 pounds makes it a great trike for larger adults. However, the Addmotor Motan’s most winning feature is its removable baskets- one in the front and one in the back- that are great for storing your groceries and other knick-knacks. 

Furthermore, this tricycle comes with a high-capacity 17.5Ah lithium battery. As a result, with a single charge of the battery, the Addmotor Motan trike can run up to 55-65 miles using Level One Pedal Assist. Lastly, its durable Aluminum Alloy frame and the front suspension fork make it a comfortable and safe ride.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Large capacity basket Loud noise when you speed up the trike
Comfortable seat
Great battery and range
Superb speed
Cadence sensor

Emojo Caddy Pro Electric Trike

Best affordable and efficient cleaner.

Emojo Caddy Pro Electric Trike

Image Credits: emojobike

The Emojo Caddy Pro Trike is equipped with three unique fat tires for a comfortable ride


Dimensions 78.5L X 29.8 W X 47.6 H inches
Weight ‎90 Pounds
Material Aluminum 6061
Speed Up to 20 mph
Suggested users Unisex adult
Run time Up to 35 miles
Motor 500W
Battery 48V/15.6Ah
Price $2,899

The Emojo Caddy Pro is loaded with amazing advanced features such as seven-Speed Transmission and Hydraulic Brakes. Also, a large seat with a backrest supports your back during the ride. 

Moreover, powered by a 500W motor and 48V battery, the Emojo Caddy Pro allows up to 35 miles. Equipped with three Kenda fat tires, this trike allows you to travel on bumpy roads and even a golf course. In addition, the front basket and oversized rear cargo are ideal for carrying heavy stuff, storing groceries, and shopping duties. 

Furthermore, the aluminum alloy frame weighs about 70lbs and supports a maximum load of 320lbs. You can cruise at a top speed of 20 mph on a single charge. If you love biking, the Emojo Caddy Pro is a great choice.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Impressive performance and quality LCD is prone to damage
Comfortable and smooth ride
Strong disc brakes
Strong battery life

Liberty Electric Trike

Best for portability


Liberty Electric Trike

Image Credits: libertytrike

The Liberty Trike’s folding design supports portability, as it can be easily stuffed in the trunk of the car


Dimensions N/A
Weight ‎56lbs
Material High Tensile Steel, TIG-Welded
Speed Up to 12 mph
Suggested users Unisex adult
Run time Up to 15 miles
Motor 750W
Battery 42.5v
Price $1,598

If you are concerned about storage space, then we have some best electric trikes for you. The Liberty Electric Trike shrinks down to a compact size for easy storage. Thanks to a front-mounted 750-watt motor, this trike supports up to 400 pounds. Also, with quick-release on handlebars and seats, its folding design allows easy transport. As a result, it can be stuffed in the trunk of your car when not in use. 

Moreover, it has a twist throttle complete with a reverse function for backing into parking spots. In addition, the electrical system and powerful hub motor enable the Liberty Trike to travel over most terrains. On top of that, this foldable trike features a spacious, sturdy, and removable rear basket mounted low. You also get an optional front basket with a quick-release mount.

Furthermore, the Liberty Trike is equipped with an easy-to-read backlit display with large text mounted on the handlebars.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Comfortable seat with backrest The top speed is only 12mph
Compact and portable
Twist throttle with reverse function
Spacious rear basket
Easy-to-read LCD

Viribus 3 Wheel Electric Trike

Best for riders of all heights

wheel electric bike

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This Trike is available with 24” or 26” wheels and tires, which is suitable for short and tall people


Dimensions N/A
Weight ‎56lbs
Material High Tensile Steel, TIG-Welded
Speed Up to 15.5 mph
Suggested users Unisex adult
Run time Up to 20 miles
Motor 250W
Battery 36V 10AH
Price $899.99-$999.99

The Viribus 3 Wheel Electric Trike features a carbon steel frame, fork, and chassis for ultimate durability. A front & rear braking system compliments the self-balancing design that’s easy to ride – even for people with disabilities. Available with 24 inches or 26 inches wheels and tires, riders from 5’3” to 6’9” can ride this trike comfortably.

Moreover, a high-elasticity Trike seat provides a cushioned and comfortable ride. Additionally, its swept-back handlebars allow a laid-back touring gait. The Viribus 3 wheels are made of premium rubber with long service life. So now you can ride with comfort and style! Built for shopping and recreation, the large trike basket can carry hefty groceries, pets, or work supplies for your daily commute. With a maximum of 20 miles of run-time on a single charge, you do not have to worry about running out of power. 

Furthermore, the Viribus 3 electric trike features an efficient 250W, 36V 10A lithium battery for peak power and speed. Also, its high-speed brushless gear motor assists you to travel at speeds up to 15.5mph.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Removable battery Assembly is difficult
High handlebars for a comfortable position
An electric horn is included
LED headlight
Pedal-assist and throttle option

Ryder 24” 7- Speed Electric Trike

This trike is a well-balanced trike suitable for all ages

Speed Electric Trike

Image Credits: ryderbikes

The Ryder 24” 7-speed electric trike is safe, stable, and equipped with storage baskets


Dimensions N/A
Weight ‎68.3lbs
Material Alloy frame
Speed Up to 12mph
Suggested users Unisex adult
Run time Up to 34 miles
Motor 250W
Battery 36V
Price $899.99-$999.99

The Ryder 24” 7-speed electric trike is an excellent and safe choice for all-around use. Also, it is safe, stable, and equipped with storage baskets. Additionally, the Ryder is equipped with a 250-watt motor, which is powerful enough to reach speeds up to 12 miles per hour. This trike can reach distances up to 34 miles on a single charge. 

Moreover, this electric trike is equipped with an LCD screen that allows the rider to quickly change between three levels of assistance. The Ryder is equipped with 24-inch double-alloy wheels for stability. Its alloy frame and accessories make the electric trike more secure and durable. On top of that, it comes with large front and rear baskets for carriage. Lastly, this trike allows you to thumb throttle up to a maximum speed of 6kph.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Durable Expensive
Tons of storage
Three levels of assistance
Alloy frame
Seven-speed gears

EWheels Power Trike

Best for high-capacity storage

EWheels Power Trike

Image Credits: walmart

The EWheels is equipped with ample storage if you need an electric trike for running errands. 


Dimensions 67 x 29 x 38 Inches
Weight ‎128lbs
Material Steel frame
Speed Up to 12mph
Suggested users Unisex adult
Run time Up to 20 miles
Motor 500W
Battery 12V
Price $1999

The EWheels EW-29 Electrike Trike is a sturdy and comfortable ride that comes fully assembled and ready to ride. You can either pedal it like a regular tricycle or ride it with electric power. It also allows you to combine pedaling and electric power at the same time. Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds. 

Moreover, the large rear basket allows you to safely carry your groceries or pets. Whereas the smaller front basket is ideal for carrying snacks or water bottles. Also, the EWheels trike includes an overseat with a backrest for a comfortable riding position. In addition, it is equipped with an LED front light for enhanced visibility in the dark. 

Furthermore, the EW-29 ensures a smooth ride with its front suspension fork that absorbs bumps and vibrations. Finally, this e-trike has a battery indicator that lets you know the battery stats.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
High weight capacity for storage The battery plug is difficult to reach
Great speed and range
Suitable for a wide range of age groups
Hassle-free use
Extended warranty

Fat Tire FTR-100 Electric Recumbent Trike

Best for riding on all terrains

Electric Recumbent Trike

Image Credits: mobility4less

The seat of this trike can be adjusted, making it a very comfortable ride


Dimensions 76 x 37 x 36 Inches
Weight ‎N/A
Material High carbon steel
Speed Up to 28mph
Suggested users Unisex adult
Run time Up to 50 miles
Motor DAPU 48v 750watt brushless rear hub motor, or 1200watt with the PowerBooster
Battery 48V
Price $2,749

The Fat Tire FTR-100 is manufactured with the highest grade materials for the ultimate comfort and safety. As the name suggests, its fat tires provide a smooth ride in any terrain. Also, the seat can be adjusted to make it a comfortable ride regardless of your size and weight. 

Furthermore, the FTR-100 is powered by DAPU 48v 750W motor. Not only that, the trike’s electronics are sealed, so you can ride it in rain or snow. Additionally, you can purchase the optional PowerBooster to get 1200W power. On top of that, this trike features a multifunctional DAPU LCD that indicates current speed, trip distance, pedal assist level, and battery power. Lastly, the Fat Tire FTR-100 is versatile. You can use it as a regular trike and simply pedal, or you can use it as a scooter with the motor power only, or you can pedal it while using the motor at the same time.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Suitable for all terrains The battery takes 8 hours to fully charge
Comfortable ride
Better balance for beginners
Impressive speed 
Durable frame

Pedego Electric Trike

Best for comfort and stability

Pedego Electric Trike

Image Credits: pedegoelectricbikes

This trike features a low center of gravity and extended wheelbase for a secure feel


Dimensions N/A
Weight 75lbs
Material N/A
Speed Up to 13mph
Suggested users Unisex adult/ seniors
Run time Up to 25 miles
Motor 250W
Battery 36V
Price $3,495

The Pedego Trike is a comfortable and stylish three-wheeler that ensures safe riding. Its extended wheelbase, low center of gravity, and finely-tuned computer software function together for optimal safety and control. 

Moreover, the Pedego can reach speeds up to 13mph, which is safe for seniors and ranges up to 25 miles, making it a great commuter. Also, this trike is built with high-grade materials that are built to last. Its deluxe saddle, paired with a padded backrest, provides extra support. In addition, the adjustable handlebar’s quick-release stem is easily adjustable for a perfect fit. This trike features an internally Geared Hub for easy pedaling and smooth shifting, even at a complete stop. Furthermore, the front and rear integrated lights ensure a safe ride. Lastly, the Pedego trike is equipped with balloon tires, giving you a nice, smooth ride.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Padded backrest for extra support Expensive
Pedal-assist and throttle
Functional design with numerous accessories
Powerful motors and high-capacity batteries
Safe braking system

MotoTec Electric Trike

Best for its versatility

MotoTec Electric Trike

Image Credits: amazon

The MotoTec Electric-powered trike allows you to ride while standing or sitting


Dimensions 44 x 32 x 55 Inches
Weight 95lbs
Material Heavy-duty steel
Speed Up to 25mph
Suggested users Unisex adult and children
Run time Up to 15-20 miles
Motor 800W
Battery 12V
Price $800- $939

The MotoTec Electric Trike comes at a budget-friendly tag while offering various features. This trike includes a powerful 800-watt motor that can reach speeds of up to 25mph. Also, it comes in a pedal-free design that does not require manual operation. As a result, this makes MotoTec ideal for seniors. The bright LED headlight and large storage basket is just the cherry on top. 

Moreover, this three-wheeled trike is made from heavy-duty steel to endure different conditions. Powered by four 12V rechargeable batteries that last for over 300 charges, the MotoTec allows for 15-20 miles of cruising between charges. 

Furthermore, this electric trike has a removable seat so you can ride it standing up. Finally, the MotoTec electric trike powers on with the turn of a key, and is easy to operate with a twist throttle and left handle front drum brake system.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Great speed Low run time
Front LED headlight
Large storage basket

Why You Should Buy An Electric Trike?

An electric tricycle is a great affordable alternative to most vehicles like cars or motorcycles. Moreover, riding your electric tricycle regularly can be one of the best ways to reduce health-related risks. You can get more active, live healthy, and improve your fitness. 

If you are environment-conscious, an electric tricycle is a great solution. As they are driven by battery and motor technology, electric tricycles do not release any exhaust gases. In addition, you can get a lot of options that will fit your needs.

Buyer’s Guide to Best Electric Trikes

Electric Tricycle

Image Credits: unsplash

As you already know which are the top 10 electric trikes. Now it is time to go in-depth to choose the right one for you. 

  • Motor and speed- If you are looking for speed, make sure the electric trike you choose has a powerful motor. It is highly recommended to look for a front hub motor or a rear hub motor that can reach the maximum speed of at least 15mph. 
  • Battery life and range- Electric trikes typically include rechargeable lithium batteries. Hence, make sure you get the most out of bucks by choosing a trike with a battery capacity that can run for long distances before needing a recharge. 
  • Safety- Safety is a crucial concern while shopping for an electric trike. You should look for trikes with high-quality mechanical rear disc brakes or hydraulic brakes. 
  • Durability- It is advisable to ensure the durability of your trike before you make a purchase. You should get a trike with a heavy-duty steel frame that can withstand rough conditions.
  • Comfort- If you plan to commute daily on your trike, you should consider the comfort it offers. Make sure your trike seat has good padding and is large enough for you to sit. 


What is the best electric trike for adults?

Most of the trikes on our list are perfect for adults, but the Addmotor Motan Electric Trike is the best in that department. It features a load capacity of 350 pounds, suits most body types, and comes with a cargo basket and a motor that can reach a max speed of 22 miles per hour.

Are electric trikes waterproof?

Not all electric trikes are waterproof. To determine if your trike is waterproof, make sure to check the IP rating.

What are the different safety features of an electric trike?

If you are concerned about safety, look for trikes with rear disk brakes or hydraulic brakes. Other safety features include front and rear suspension systems, and large anti-slip tires. Some trikes also come equipped with large LED headlights, electric horns, durable aluminum frames, and high-quality suspension forks.

What additional features do electric trikes include?

Most trikes include some form of storage option in the form of baskets along the front or rear. Other trikes include high-quality LED screens that display a variety of useful metrics, including speed, distance traveled, and battery life.