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Today most folks are not alien to electric unicycles. It is a battery-powered one-wheel vehicle that includes a motor and other components. There are two pedals, each of them abutting the wheel. Some of the best electric unicycle adjoin padded seats to make the long rides smooth and relaxing. It doesn’t require any remote or throttle.

Extremely powerful motors and highly powered batteries enable them to deliver a fantastic speed. This lightweight and compact vehicle relies totally on the movements and balancing abilities of the rider. The immanent self-balancing technique adds extra balance and support to the rider. When the rider bows down forward, the motherboard in the electric unicycle accelerates it, detecting the movement. Leaning backward slows down the wheel.

If you plan to buy the best electric unicycle, this article is for you. Buying the right one is probably a daunting task. However, this article will help you narrow down your quest for the best electric unicycles.

10 Best Electric Unicycle in 2023

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Extreme Bull Commander

Best Electric Unicycle in all aspects

Image Credits: Oneride

What We Like

Helpful for long-distance travel (142 miles range)


Top Speed : 8 mph | Range : 10 miles | Hoverboard’s Weight : 22 lbs | Weight Capacity : 220 lbs | Wheel Size : 6.5 inches
Top speed 60 mph
Weight     85 lbs
Wheel size 20 x 3 inches
Range  142 miles
Motor  2800 W 
Battery  3600 WH
Max load 285 lbs
Battery Cells LG M50T 21700
Slope angle N/A
Charge time N/A
Additional features Top-mounted display, instant torque, cutouts for carrying goods
Price $5,299

Extreme Bull Commander is a top-level, heavy-duty electric cycle. It packs a heavy punch with a promising speed of more than 60 mph and a 2800 W mighty motor. Also, it employs a 3600 WH battery and a tire size of 20 x 3 inches.

On top of it, it delivers a maximum range of 142 miles and a maximum grade of 30 degrees. Also, it can withstand a weight load of 285 lbs. Due to its highest torque and highest speed, it is the new talk of the town. Its top speed will fill you with thrills. This 85 lbs giant vehicle takes your riding to a different level.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
It offers a top speed of 60+ mph. Expensive.
A powerful motor of 2800 W and heavy duty-frame. It takes more than 6 hours to get a full charge.
The extra-wide wheel size of 20 x 3 inches.
A range of 142 miles is better than any other unicycle.

Gotway MSX Pro

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Best electric unicycle for taller riders

Image Credits: Revrides

What We Like

Best-suited for heavyweight riders (325 lbs weight load)


Top speed 37 mph
Weight  52 lbs
Maximum Rider Capacity 325 lbs
Wheel size 19 x 3 inches
Range  60 miles
Motor  2500 W  
Battery  1800 WH 
Battery Type 100V 1800WH 21700 LG Lithium-ion
Charging time 6 hours
Slope angle  20-degree
Additional Features 12 months warranty, Dual LED Headlights, Bluetooth speaker
Price $1499(Approximately)

Gotway MSX Pro is a combination of incredible speed and torque. Enhanced torque makes this beast the most suitable vehicle for hilly regions. It can perform well on various surfaces with a top speed of 37 mph and a wheel size of 19 x 3 inches. In addition, it delivers a range of 60 miles and can withstand a weight load of 325 lbs.

A powerful 2500 W motor adds value to it. Moreover, it features perfectly aligned pedals to offer you a good grip. Additionally, it features a quality speaker and RGB LED lights to make it attractive. Finally, its 1800 WH battery can fully charge in just 3 hours to use it all day.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
It is perfect for hill climbing and tough terrain. A bit expensive
Self-standing clip-on fender keeps off the water and mud splashing
The built-in speakers offer an excellent sound quality.

King Song 16X

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Best electric unicycle for features with the best budget

Image Credits: Mykingsong

What We Like

Fun ride with retractable trolley and a quad-5 W speaker


Top speed 31 mph
Weight  51.8 lbs
Wheel size 16 x 3 inches
Max Rider Capacity  300 lbs
Range  65 miles
Motor  2200 W  
Battery  1554 WH
Battery Type  84.2V/1552Wh
Warranty  12 months
Charging time 5 hours
Slope angle  20-degree
Additional Features  4.1 speaker system, retractable trolley
Price $1989(Approximately)

King Song 16X is a new sensation in the market with its stellar performance. It can catch the max speed of 31 mph with its wide wheel size of 16 x 3 inches. In addition, it sports a 2200 W powerful motor. More notably, it provides you with a seat option to ease your hassles and offer you a smooth and comfortable ride.

It can deliver an impressive range of 65 miles. Equipped with a water-resistance feature, 16X allows you to ride in light rain. This 51.8 lbs relatively lightweight best electric unicycle can holds a weight capacity of 330 lbs.

Moreover, it includes a quad-5 W speaker, a 10 W sub-woofer and high-density LED lighting to accentuate its beauty.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
It is easily portable thanks to its retractable alloy trolleying handle. It takes more than 5 hours for full charge.
It includes quad-5 W speakers, a 10 W sub-woofer and, high-density LED lighting.
The seat option is also available.
Relatively lightweight 51.8 lbs and stealthy quiet.

Veteran Sherman

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Best electric unicycle Off-road and challenging terrains

Image Credits: Ewheels

What We Like

Long-range (130 miles) with 30-degree incline angle


Top speed 60 mph
Weight  77 lbs
Wheel size 20 x 4 inches 
Maximum Rider Capacity  330 lbs
Range  130 miles
Motor  2500 W
Battery  3200 WH 
Charging time 8 hours
Slope angle 30-degree
Additional features LCD interface, headlight, taillight, low battery protection
Price  $3799

Veteran Sherman is the latest addition to the world of electric cycles that offers a wide range of features and qualities. It equips a 20 x 4 inches super-wide tire that eases balancing and off-road pursuits.

It delivers an incredible max speed of 60 mph and a maximum range of 130 miles. It employs a potent motor of 2500 W. On top of it, it can withstand a maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs. Also, the Veteran can climb hills and inclines under 30 degrees. It comes equipped with an impressive 3200 WH battery that supports dual charging thanks to its two charging ports.

Short-circuit protection mechanism makes it extra secure. Furthermore, it comes installed with a built-in retractable push handle. On top of all, the incredibly built LCD stands it out from all the rest. The display serves the purpose of adjusting parts and functionality.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Superior build quality with a rugged look. It takes 8 hours for a full charge.
Higher performance ceiling. No speakers included.
Digital display gives info about battery, voltage, speed, wheel settings, etc. Very heavy.
It features dual cooling fans.
It comes fitted with magnesium alloy anti-slip pedals.
Dual input charge ports.
Stunning design.

King Song S18

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Best electric unicycle for rough terrains, mounting hills and inclines riding

Image Credits: Mykingsong

What We Like

High beam LED lights and impressive hill grade (35 degrees)


Top speed 30 mph  
Weight   50 lbs   
Maximum Rider Capacity  250 lbs
Wheel size  18 x 2.5 inches  
Range  60 to 70 miles  
Motor  2200 W 
Battery  1110 WH 
Battery Type  84V 1680WH 
Charging time  3-4 hours
Slope angle  40-degree
Additional Features  12-month warranty, lights, smart speaker and Bluetooth, short-circuit protection
Price $1700(Approximately)

King Song S18 beast can zoom along at the max speed of 30 mph. Also, it can handle the maximum incline up to 35 degrees. On the top of it, S18 flaunts a massive and durable wheel of 18 x 2.5 inches.

It boasts of delivering a range of 60 miles. Also, it comes fitted with a better retractable/folding handle and a superior suspension system. However, our only gripe with this model is its small battery for the motor watts.

S18 comes coupled with a 2200 W motor and an 1110 WH battery; its voltage sink hits early. In addition, the S18 includes a unique high beam/low beam headlight that dips when it detects any upcoming light source.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
100 mm air shock suspension travel assures a smooth and safe ride. The battery (1100 WH) is small.
With its 300 lbs carrying capacity, it is strong enough to hold on to the heavyweight. The voltage sag kicks in early.
It is much lighter than its previous variant.
It allows an external charger with a power of 780 WH.
It features retractable telescopic rails.
High beam light enables it to ride in the dark.

Inmotion V10/F best value

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Best electric unicycle for price

Image Credits: Myinmotion

What We Like

Low charging time and spacious pedals


Top speed 25 mph
Weight   45.4 lbs
Maximum Rider Capacity  260 lbs
Wheel size 16 x 2.5 inches
Range  62 miles
Motor  2000 W  
Climbing angle 30 degrees
Charging time 2-3 hours
Battery 960 WH
Slope angle 20 degree
Additional Features  12 months warranty, Extra large pedals, 3 LED rings
Price $1599(Approximately)

Inmotion V10/F has outperformed all its previous variants. With a 16 x 2.5 inches wheel size, it attains better stability and traction. Also, the high pedal height makes controlling the unicycle simpler.

In addition, equipped with a 2000 W super powerful motor, it can unlock the top speed of 25 mph and range of 62 miles. Most importantly, the wheel offers a lot of clearance that makes off-road riding comfortable.

To your surprise, it performed adequately on grass, gravel, and bumpy tracks. Furthermore, sleek design, mobile app connectivity, and front headlight add weight to its relevance. Finally, an active cooling system and built-in quality speakers give meaning to it.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Sleek, stylish design Charging time is longer (8 hours)
Smooth off-road riding A bit expensive
Higher pedal height
Built-in speaker, Bluetooth, and App connectivity

Gotway Monster V3

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Best electric unicycle for smoothest rides

Image Credits: Smartwheel

What We Like

Smooth ride due to extra large wheels (22 inches)


Top speed 33 mph
Weight   64 lbs
Maximum Rider Capacity  330 lbs
Wheel size 22 inches
Range  96 miles
Motor  2500 W 
Battery Type  84V/2400Wh
Charging time  4-5 hours
Max load 330 lbs
Slope angle  20-degree
Additional Features  4 35W speakers, Hi-beam LED, 12 months warranty 
Price $2850(Approximately)

Gotway Monster V3 can commute at a top speed of 30 to 40 mph thanks to its 2500 W super-mighty motor. In addition, you can squeeze a whopping range of 96 miles out of it. Furthermore, the wheel size of 22 inches enables the V3 to offer a smooth on-road and off-road riding experience.

It comes featured with a massive battery, dual 5 W Bluetooth speakers, and two battery options. Nikola pedals and grip tape make riding smooth even in wet weather. Under-Handle Lift Switch allows users to lift the wheel for curbs and stairs. Also, it can withstand a max load of 330 lbs.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Incredible design A bit pricey
Safe riding
Integrated with dual 5 W Bluetooth speakers and LED front lights
Two battery options

Gotway MTen3

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Best electric unicycle in budget-friendly range

Image Credits: Apfelot

What We Like

The lightest EUC (22 lbs)


Top speed 23 mph
Weight   22 lbs
Maximum Rider Capacity  200 lbs
Wheel size 10 inches
Range  25 to 30 miles
Battery Type  84V 500WH 
Charging time 2-3 hours
Motor  800 W  
Slope angle 10-degree
Additional Features  12 months warranty, front and backlights
Price $1090 (Approximately)

Gotway MTen3 is available with three battery capacities 325 WH, 420 WH, and 512 WH. This highly compact unicycle weighs 22 lbs and can hold up to 240 lbs.

The battery capacity with 512 WH offers a range of 30 miles. MTen3 is not suitable for traversing on rough trails, owing to its middle-of-the-road 800 W motor. Its 10-inch tires make it most suited for smooth roads and beginners.

However, this budget-friendly cycle has more to offer within the $1000 range. Apart from being incredibly lightweight, it provides a charging time of more than just 2 hours.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Highly compact and lightweight. Not suitable for rough roads
Highly affordable. Not ideal for taller riders for its small size wheels
Available with three different battery capacities

Inmotion V11

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Best electric unicycle for the upgraded version of Inmotion V-series

Image Credits: Myinmotion

What We Like

Dual charging options


Top speed 31 mph
Weight   60 lbs
Wheel size 18 x 3 inches
Range  60 miles
Motor  2200 W 
Weight capacity 265 lbs
Charging time  5 hours (dual charger), 10 hours (single charger)
Battery  1500 WH, 84V
Slope angle  35 degree
Additional Features  Rear automobile-level taillight 
Price $2199.00 (Approximately)

V11 is the most impressive model of Inmotion that equips a 2200 W motor and a 1500 WH battery capacity. With V11, you can squeeze out the top speed of 31 mph and a range of 60 miles. In addition, it comes equipped with a wheel size of 18 x 3 inches that can offer a climbing angle of 31 degrees.

Advanced in-app statistics allow you access to data to keep tabs on your performance and usage habits. Besides, IP55 water-resistant and effective cooling systems add value to this model. It takes 5 hours to fully charge with a dual charger and 10 hours with a single charger.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
High-mounted pedals ensure maximum comfort and safety. Mobile app connectivity not available
The nifty air suspension minimizes the bump shock. No Bluetooth speakers.
It holds a powerful motor of 2200 W.
A unique cooling system.
Improved control board and bright headlights.
Dual charge ports.
The integrated fold-up handle enables an easy-to-carry feature.

Gotway Nikola 2000 W

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Best electric unicycle for low charging time

Image Credits: Ewheels

What We Like

Fun ride with customizable RGB sidelights


Top speed 40 mph
Weight   60 lbs
Wheel size  16 x 3 inches
Range  70 miles
Motor  2000 W
Weight capacity 300 lbs
Charging time  2-3 hours
Battery Type 100.8V/1800WH 
Slope angle  20-Degree
Additional Features  2X25 watt speakers. USB ports, Bluetooth music, 12 months warranty 
Price $2175(Approximately)

Gotway Nikola incredibly serves your purpose of long commutes. This mid-high unicycle employs a 16 x 3 inches wheel. In addition, this feisty EUC can attain the max cruising speed of 40 mph and a range of 70 miles. This 60 lbs cycle can hold up to 300 lbs. App control, fold-up handle, customizable RGB sidelights, and built-in Bluetooth speakers will take your riding to the next level.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Due to its extra-wide 16 x 3 inches, it offers surprisingly agile control with an ultra-smooth, stable ride. The design is a bit bulky.
App control and integrated Bluetooth speaker.
Customizable RGB sidelights.
Fold-up trolley, anti-spin lift sensor, and safety warning system.

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Electric Unicycle


Image Credits: Amazon

Before buying a unicycle, we need to decide the best one for us. In this article, we will share some distinguished buying considerations with you. The best electric unicycle includes a couple of features. However, it always depends on the priorities or preferences of a buyer.

Speed & range – Speed and range are the most critical factors that come into play when buying the best electric unicycle. However, the speed factor can vary from user to user. A cruising speed of 10 mph is sufficient for a beginner. Speed depends on the area you are living in. In hilly areas, you should prefer low-speed unicycles.

The range is a point of consideration for commuters. Generally, unicycles available in the market yield ranges from 20 miles to more than 90 miles. But you should choose the range that meets your requirements.

Weight & weight capacity – Weight and weight capacity shed light on two different factors: its portability and how much weight it can carry around. The low-weight unicycle will ease your riding. You can easily maneuver it. Also, you can quickly accelerate, decelerate and switch directions.

It is advisable to choose the best electric unicycle that can bear your weight. Overloading a unicycle can affect its efficiency and reduce its speed and range. However, unicycles with more power include a heavy motor and battery that adds weight to them.

Wheel size – A bigger wheel size implies a better ride for rough terrain and off-road. However, it can increase the weight of the unicycle leading it to lose swiftness.

Motor power – Motor power determines how much energy you can derive from the unicycle. In addition, a powerful motor offers stability and durability to the unicycle.

A motor that delivers a power of 1000 to 2000 W is suitable for a unicycle.


Image Credits: Electricscooterinsider

Charging time – The charging time depends on the size or capacity of the battery. The bigger battery takes longer to charge. A bigger battery means more range and less voltage sag, which implies you can ride longer without slowing down. Charging the battery after each ride is sagacious as it avoids letting the battery drain during the ride. Also, it enhances the lifespan of the battery.

Safety features – One can never overlook the safety aspects entailing a unicycle. Buyers must check if the unicycle is prone to catching fire. To avoid any hazard, they should double-check if the unicycle carries UL certification. UL-certification adheres to safety standards.

Buyers should check if the wheels are prone to attract cracks. Such wheels can land you in big trouble. Speed-control and a motor kill switch minimize the safety concerns.

Another safety concern to bear in mind is waterproof. Most of the unicycles are partially waterproof. Unfortunately, it means they cannot stand rain or puddle riding. If needed, try riding it only in light rain.

Headlights and backlights strengthen the safety measures. They allow you smooth steering in low visibility circumstances.


Image Credits: Imeche

Additional features – Apart from the essential features such as speed, range, and motor power, the best electric unicycle comprises an in-built Bluetooth speaker and mobile app connectivity. You can play your favorite music right from your phone with the help of a Bluetooth speaker. Mobile app connectivity lets you keep track of your performance.


We have discussed unicycles a great deal. Now we are going to answer some FAQs to dispel all your doubts.

Most folks often wonder how difficult it is to ride a unicycle. A unicycle comes without any handlebar that makes it difficult to ride. However, one can learn to strike a balance between pedals after diligent practice. It’s a little bit like riding a skateboard. A learning curve will enable you to learn efficiently.

The most common question that strikes a user is if it is safe to ride a unicycle. A unicycle does not contain any handlebar that offers it a scary look. However, a unicycle is closer to the ground than any other vehicle.

Once you have practiced rigorously and have excellent command over handling it, it is as safe as any other vehicle. Attentiveness and presence of mind are essential. Also, remember that wearing a helmet and protective gear is a must.

The top-level unicycles can deliver speeds of more than 50 mph. The average maximum speed of some top brands is 31 mph. However, the speed between 18 mph and 24 mph is comfortable for most commuters. Therefore, most unicycles offer an average range of more than 31 miles.

Safety equipment is an essential part of unicycles. To protect yourself from severe injury, you should pick a good helmet, elbow pads, wrist guards, and knee pads. Also, remember to buy a bit costly unicycle that covers all safety gears and features to avoid any risk.

Most of the unicycles come designed for rough terrains or hills but not all. Powerful motors are responsible for generating high torque. A perfect combination of mighty motors and big tires enable it to handle rough terrains and go uphills.


We have listed out the best electric unicycles available in the market to ease your purchasing options. Take into consideration speed, range, wheel size, charging time, cost, and battery backup before buying a unicycle.

Safety measures should be the top priority for buyers. Remember to wear all safety gear before riding it. In our effort to bring out the best electric unicycles available in the market, if we missed any, then chime in with your comments. Enjoy riding and good luck with your unicycle.