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Best Free Alternatives to Apple Pages

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Apple’s products and services are designed to cater to its loyal fanbase, and boast features that fit well within the Apple ecosystem. Apple Pages is one such application offered by the tech giant on its Mac systems since 2005, and since 2010 it’s available on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Apple Pages is free to all Apple users and has amazing sharing and collaboration features that can be used with other Apple users. Its minimal and elegant templates and design also make it favored by those that hate cluttered tool ribbons. However, there are drawbacks to this Apple word processing application such as a limited user base, fewer features than its peers, and the inability to open Apple Pages on other apps.

Certain limitations of Apple Pages might make you want to consider different options. In this post, we share with you some of the best free Apple Pages alternatives to get started with confidently.

Top 7 Alternatives to Apple Pages

There are plenty of apps out there to help make documentation and word processing easy. But you might not have the time to narrow down your choices. Here are our top picks for Apple Pages alternatives.

Microsoft Word

The familiarity with Microsoft Word and the strong iterations this word processing software has undergone make it a must-have on this list. When comparing Apple Pages vs. Word, the latter is better at meeting your documentation requirements. You do not have to pay to use Word if you use it online, which makes it even better.

Features that make this a good choice:

  • It has a wider reach in terms of accessibility.
  • It can be used on any operating system.
  • It is available for both Android and iOS.


FormatPDF.com is an online tool for editing PDFs and is free. It comes with several editing tools which include writing text on PDFs, adding a watermark, converting to and from PDF to other file formats, and more. The plus point about this site is that you don’t need to download any app and it works on any device with a browser.

Features that make this a good choice:

  • All tools are completely accessible online.
  • It does not use up unnecessary memory on your device as it’s all cloud-based.
  • It works on all devices with an internet browser.

Google Docs

google docs to offer emojis also

Google Docs is also a popular choice for word processing, especially given its connection with Google Drive, the cloud storage service from the company. It offers many features you’re familiar with in text processors, allows collaborative work by multiple authors, and also makes it easy to share it with others even if they don’t have a Google account.

Features that make this a good choice:

  • It’s a cloud-based word-processing application.
  • Documents can be shared with non-Google account users as well.
  • It has multiplatform compatibility and makes documents easy to access from anywhere.


This is a portable text processor that can be used via a USB stick without any installation. The application is designed to get as much writing done without any distractions. This is a great choice for writers that need to meet their daily word count and goals.

Features that make this a good choice:

  • Simple and easy word processor.
  • It’s a full-screen application with a distraction-free mode for when you need to focus.
  • Offers customizable themes to create a pleasant writing environment.

Apache OpenOffice Writer

A truly open-source software, the Apache OpenOffice Writer is one of the best free alternatives to Apple Pages, as it comes with all the text processing tools you could need. The Writer has a familiar interface comparable to Microsoft Word and comes with a host of features, including spelling and grammar checks.

Features that make this a good choice:

  • Completely free of cost.
  • It doesn’t contain any external ads.
  • It works offline and is available for all desktop operating systems.

LibreOffice – Writer

Another great open-source word processing application comes from LibreOffice. In addition to having a familiar user interface, it also allows users to add themes and templates to change the look and feel. Additionally, unlike most free apps, this software is ad-free.

Features that make this a good choice:

  • It’s a portable app as it can be used directly from a USB.
  • The software is privacy friendly.
  • It works offline and is ad-free.


Walling Quick Review — Keep Productive

Walling is a freemium app that makes real-time collaboration easy. The app offers a new take on text processing by allowing users to organize ideas into Bricks as opposed to the linear format of traditional word processing apps.

Features that make this a good choice:

  • It allows real-time collaboration between different users.
  • It has a practical and clean design.
  • It’s a good choice if you don’t like the linear approach to writing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Text Processor Should I Use, Apple Pages or Microsoft Word?
Your choice of word processor depends on what you intend to use it primarily for. If you want a simple, minimal, and clean-looking word processor, Apple Pages does the job. But for more complex word processing tasks, you might want to consider Microsoft’s Word application.

In terms of pricing, Apple Pages is free for all Apple users, while you have to pay a subscription for the downloadable version of Word. Word, however, is available for free online use but with limited capabilities.

What’s The Best Free Word Processor?

As we have shown, there are plenty of free apps to choose from. But if you are looking for the ultimate alternative to Apple Pages with tons of text processing tools, added functionalities, and collaboration features, then Google Docs might be the right choice.


Your text processing requirements will differ based on the type of work you’re doing, and all apps have their tradeoffs. Whether you want something more powerful or just want to test out an alternative to Apple Pages, our list of free options hopefully provides you with a great variety. Give them a go, and stick with the program you like best to write your texts!

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