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You have a standalone freezer unit to store your frozen goods and are looking for a spacious refrigerator to keep other items. The chances are you would like to have a freezer-less refrigerator to store other stuff like beverages, vegetables, fruits, milk, etc.

The freezer section in a standard refrigerator occupies 20 percent of space, leaving less room for other food items. A freezer-less refrigerator accommodates and stores all goods and vegetables that need cooling. Moreover, It maintains a single internal temperature, thus saving energy and avoiding large electricity bills.

Benefits of freezerless refrigerators

Temperature Regulation: The food placed in a standard refrigerator gets progressively warmer when placed away from the freezer. The difference in temperatures across your fridge unit minimizes its energy efficiency. This variation leads to inconsistent cooling as against a freezer-less refrigerator that provides balanced cooling all over. It can cool beverages and grocery items, equally preserving them for a long time.

Affordability: Freezerless refrigerators are less expensive than all-in-one refrigerators. If you prefer having a separate freezer or don’t need a freezer compartment in your unit, then a freezer-less refrigerator can be the best option.

Ease of Use: A freezer-less refrigerator is easy to use, clean and maintain. You won’t have to do defrosting as done in traditional refrigeration units.

This article lists some of the best freezer-less refrigerator units best suited for your home kitchen.

Top 10 Freezer-less Refrigerators

KoolMore 2 Door Counter Height Refrigerator

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Best freezer less countertop refrigerato

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What We Like

A compact stainless steel refrigerator that is easy to store and evenly cools goods with custom cooling options


Dimensions 35 .4L x 20 8W x 35 2H inches
Weight 64 pounds
Capacity 2.9 Cubic Feet
Additional Features Automatic LED lights
Price $1549.00

KoolMore 2-Door Counter Height Refrigerator comes with a 3-cubic feet storage to keep soda cans, beers, water and other drinks cold and fresh. This compact and easy-to-store fridge can rest under a desk or bar counter. An automatic interior LED light lets you quickly see the goods available in a dark room. Furthermore, the custom cold temperature push button allows you to adjust the interior temperature to store drinks and other goods cold and fresh at all times.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Easy to store fridge Support bar between the doors accrues condensate on humid days
Cools all goods evenly  
LED interior lights  
Custom cooling option  

FORNO Salerno Freestanding Side-by-side Refrigerator

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Best side-by-side refrigerator

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What We Like

A freestanding side-by-side refrigerator with a large storage capacity, open door alarm and child lock functions


Dimensions 32.9W x 25D x 70.1H inches
Weight 176.4lbs
Capacity 9.54 Cubic Feet
Additional Features Child lock
Price $1549.00

FORNO Salerno Freestanding Side-by-side Refrigerator has a large storage capacity to organize your grocery items, prepared meals and beverages. Its door alarm alerts you when kids leave the door open, causing a rise in the temperature.

Moreover, Forno gives easy access to the drawer on a 90degree open door and the digital door-LED provides easy temperature control. Also, the vacation and child lock modes keep you worry-free on vacation. Finally, Forno Side-by-side refrigerator comes with a 2-year in-house warranty.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Spacious refrigerator Packaging sometimes can by clumsy
Linear and elegant looking design  
Easy temperature control with door LED display  
Vacation and child-lock modes  

Kelvinator KCHRI25R1DRE Reach-in Refrigerator

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Best user friendly refrigerator

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What We Like

A highly efficient refrigerator with removable door gasket that offers easy to reach and clean options


Dimensions 30 9/16W x 77 9/16H x 28 3/4D inches
Weight 249 lbs
Capacity 25 Cubic Feet
Additional Features External electronic temperature control and removable door gasket
Price $1940.00

Kelvinator KCHRI25R1DRE Reach-in Refrigerator comes with an easy-to-set external temperature control with control display. It offers an automatic defrost cooling system and high efficiency components that minimize energy consumption while cooling. Also, its removable magnetic door gasket helps to reach-in the refrigerator easily while cleaning its racks.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Easy to reach inside with removable door gasket Stainless steel exterior is not durable
Eternal temperature control  
Automatic defrost cooling  
Energy saver  

KITMA Side by Side Stainless Steel 3-door Fridge

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Best 3-door refrigerator for commercial use

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What We Like

A large spacious refrigerator with Dixell digital temperature control system for commercial use in restaurants and bar


Dimensions 81.85L x 31.5W x 84.06H inches
Weight 637.56 lbs
Capacity 71 Cubic Feet
Additional Features Dixell digital temperature control system, Self-closing and stay open door and Casters
Price $3599.00

KITMA Stainless Steel 3-door refrigerator comes with bottom mount compressor units that help restaurant employees to easily load and unload goods. Its LED-light interior display helps customers view the fridge items at night. Moreover, its Dixell digital temperature control and self-close and open door systems are easy to monitor and operate. Also, the bottom casters offer easy fridge movement for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Best for commercial use Only for commercial use
Spacious 3-door refrigerator  
LED-light interior display  
Self open and close feature  

Whirlpool WRR56X18FW Freezerless Refrigerator

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Best spacious refrigerator for home-use

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What We Like

A spacious refrigerator stores family-sized groceries and has humidity-controlled crispers and a temperature fluctuation regulator alarm.


Dimensions 30.25W x 66.75H x 79.37 x 31.25D inches
Weight 152 lbs
Capacity 17.78 Cubic Feet
Additional Features Humidity-controlled Crispers, Reversible Door and energy star certified
Price $1859.98

Whirlpool WRR56X18FW Freezerless Refrigerator stores family-sized loads of groceries in three adjustable, a full-width shelf and four humidity-controlled crispers. It comes with electronic temperature controls and a temperature fluctuation regulator alarm. Moreover, Whirlpool offers separate racks and holders for dairy products and beverages and LED interior lights to help easy viewing in the dark.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Spacious home-fridge for family-sized groceries Expensive
Humidity-controlled crispers  
LED-light interior display  
Temperature regulation alarm  

Danby DAR110A1WDD Freezerless Refrigerator

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Best for versatile home-storage options

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What We Like

A stylish looking refrigerator with auto-defrost, reversible hinged door and vegetable crisper


Dimensions 26.06L x 23.94W x 58.75H inches
Weight 286.82 lbs
Capacity 11 cubic feet
Additional Features Reversible hinged door and automatic defrost
Price $989.99

Danby DAR110A1WDD Freezerless Refrigerator has an excellent cool storage area and high-tech mechanical thermostat that saves energy. A reversible hinged door allows you to set it for right or left-handed opening. This handy compact fridge is perfect for an office, garage, dorm room, or basement to keep beverages and food items cold and within reach. The stylish-looking unit comes with automatic defrost, a CanStor beverage dispenser, vegetable crisper and cover, and a mechanical thermostat.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Reversible hinged door Noisy internal fan
Energy saver  
Automatic defrost  
Counter top sleek refrigerator  

Summit Appliance FF63BK Freestanding Freezerless refrigerator

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Best counter refrigerator with clean interior

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What We Like

A stylish counter top refrigerator for small rooms with a hidden evaporator for a clean seamless interior


Dimensions 32.63H x 23.63W x 23.0D inches
Weight 105 lbs
Capacity 5.1 cubic feet
Additional Features Slim counter height dimensions and Reversible hinged door
Price $775.16

Summit Appliance FF63BK Freestanding Freezerless refrigerator is a counter height kitchen appliance with user-reversible door swing and attractive stainless steel handle. It’s automatic defrost operation ensures minimum user maintenance. Moreover, the spacious unit has adjustable glass shelves, a large crisper vegetable drawer, and a removable wine shelf. Also, its seamless interior features a dial thermostat and automatic light.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Reversible hinged door opens on both sides Noisy internal fan
Energy saver  
Automatic defrost  
Separate beverage dispenser  

Avallon AFR242SSODLH Compact Outdoor Refrigerator

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Best French Door refrigerator

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What We Like

A compact portable refrigerator with excellent beverage cooling capacity that’s best suited for outdoor use


Dimensions ‎23.63L x 23.81W x 34.13H inches
Weight 100 lbs
Capacity 5.66 cubic feet
Additional Features Forced air interior cooling
Price $2259.00

Avallon AFR242SSODLH Compact Outdoor Refrigerator as the name says is designed for outdoor use with durable stainless steel sides and casters for easy maneuvering. This portable & stylish fridge comes with a touch control panel and a true key door lock and is perfect for beverage storage.

Furthermore, forced-air interior cooling evenly cools the unit. Also, it cools as low as 34 degrees Fahrenheit, cooling beverages up to a freezing point. It’s a perfect refrigeration unit for outdoor parties and small group events.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Compact outdoor refrigerator Expensive
Durable exteriors with casters  
Forced air interior cooling  
Excellent beverage storage  

Kelvinator KCHRI54R2DRE Commercial Refrigerator

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Best Commercial Refrigerator with large storage capacity

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What We Like

A heavy weighted refrigerator with a large cooling capacity best suited for commercial use


Dimensions 82.25L x 26.81W x 32.69H inches
Weight 306 lbs
Capacity 23 cubic feet
Additional Features User-friendly temperature controls and automatic defrost cooling system
Price $2526.67

Kelvinator KCHRI54R2DRE Commercial Refrigerator offers external electronic temperature control that quickly sets and monitors internal temperature. Automatic Defrost Cooling System and high-efficiency components minimize energy consumption and provide efficient cooling. Moreover, this user-friendly fridge comes with a removable gasket door for easy cleaning. With a 23 cubic feet cooling capacity, this fridge is best used in commercial outlets like restaurants, shops and pharmacy stores.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Commercial-use freezer-less unit Expensive
Easy to use temperature controls Need larger space
Automatic defrost cooling system  
Removable gasket door for easy cleaning  

Summit Appliance ARG8PV Up`right Vaccine Refrigerator

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Best for pharma and vaccine storage.

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What We Like

A self-closing glass door refrigerator designed for vaccine storage provides energy-efficient cooling solutions for medical goods


Dimensions 50.0H x 23.38W x 24.38D inches
Weight 166 lbs
Capacity 8.0 cubic feet
Additional Features Force cooling options and temperature sensors for balanced cooling of items
Price $2,670.83

Summit Appliance ARG8PV Upright Vaccine Refrigerator is specifically designed for storing pharmacy, medication, and vaccine applications. Its intuitive temperature controls help you adjust the interior temperature between +2 to +8ºC.

Moreover, in-built temperature sensors maintain the temperature levels of old and new stored items. Forced air cooling provides temperature stability during door openings and product loading. Also, Summit ARG8PV comes with a digital display that shows the current temperature of the unit in 15 minutes increments.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Intuitive temperature controls Expensive
Forced air cooling stabilizes temperature changes Designed especially for medical product storage
Digital display and Interior lights with glass door  
Stores medical goods like vaccines  

Important Features of Freezerless Refrigerators


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Best for pharma and vaccine storage.

If you are still confused about the unique varieties of models offered by brands, these refrigerator features might you choose the best one for your needs

Adjustable Shelves: From storing large groceries items to small plates and saucers, adjustable shelves can be moved or replaced to different levels to accommodate all fridge items. Some units come with adjustable wire or glass shelves to store varieties of goods and retain their freshness.

Open-Door Alarm: We usually tend to leave the refrigerator door open when in a hurry. An open-door alarm lets you know it. Some models continuously beep while others sound every one to two minutes until the door is closed. Also, they alert you when the internal temperature rises to an unsafe level.

Design and features: Freezerless refrigerators can enhance your kitchen looks with their sleek and stylish exterior designs. They come with features like stainless steel exterior, fingerprint-resistant smudge-free and wood panels with various color options that match your kitchen interior.

Energy Star Certification: Energy Star certified refrigerator models consume less energy while providing optimum cooling. They are easy to maintain and last longer than non-certified units.


Most refrigerators come with a freezing unit to keep frozen goods. Freezerless refrigerators do not come with a freezing unit. It maintains a uniform cold temperature all-over the appliance providing optimum cooling to your meals and groceries, reducing energy consumption.

Some refrigerator brands like Whirlpool make freezer-less refrigerators with icemakers that can cost slightly higher than regular freezer-less refrigerators.

Freezerless refrigerators can be a deal-breaker if you want to make ice or store meat or frozen foods. Users who like making ice for drinks and beverages would not like a freezer-less refrigerator

Final Words

Freezer-less refrigerators are great cooling and storage units for small kitchen spaces if you don’t need a freezer. They provide more storage space for groceries, beverages, vegetables and cooked meals. Moreover, they are affordable, providing high performance with low energy consumption. You can buy a separate ice-making unit or freezing unit to store frozen items and keep them side-by-side with your freezer-less unit. The above guide will help you choose your best freezer-less refrigerator that matches your kitchen interior and offers optimum cooling benefits.