Best Hiking Shoes To Help You Explore Wild In 2023

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What are hiking shoes

Trail runners are a popular choice right now. Many hikers, though, will be better served with a good pair of hiking shoes. Hiking shoes are tough shoes made exclusively for hiking, or the low cut of hiking boots. They are lighter than hiking boots and provide superior support and durability over trail running shoes. As a result, hiking shoes are a popular choice for many day hikers.

Hiking shoes may be an expensive purchase, so picking a long-lasting pair can help you get the most value for your cash. Traditional leather shoes will almost always last longer than lightweight trail runners. 

Best ten hiking shoes

Oboz Sawtooth II Low

Sawtooth shoes

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When it comes to hiking shoes, comfort and fit are two of the most crucial factors to consider, and the Sawtooth II is just as pleasant as its predecessor. While competing shoes have more plush midsoles, Oboz understands fit better than most companies, and the Sawtooth II is a close second in terms of comfort.

  • The heel and forefoot are both adequately padded. 
  • When hiking on flat surfaces, the heel impacts first and absorbs the majority of the impact.
  • When hiking on an incline, the forefoot strikes first and absorbs the majority of the impact.
  •  If the shoe has adequate padding throughout the length,  if you are hiking in tricky terrain or carrying a load.

Oboz Sapphire Low

Oboz Sapphire Low shoes

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The Oboz Sapphire Low B-Dry Hiking Shoes offer the lightweight comfort of trail shoes without sacrificing the durability and stability of hiking boots. They are an excellent choice for wearing in town as well as hiking in a range of terrains and climates without the bulk of boots.

  • The uppers are mostly made of soft nubuck leather, with synthetic toe bumpers and side panels for added protection. 
  • Nubuck is naturally water resistant, the B-Dry membrane augments this to make the shoes completely waterproof. 
  • The strong rubber soles are durable yet sticky enough to operate admirably on dry rock.
  • The lugs are relatively aggressive.

Hoka Anacapa

Best Hiking Shoes

Image Credits: hoka

Cushioning and comfort have long been hallmarks of Hoka’s running and hiking footwear, but the Anacapa Mid GTX exceeded my expectations. To begin, the boot offers a characteristic Hoka feel thanks to the substantial squish underfoot and the rockered form of the outsole. In actuality, moving swiftly across the trail, even jogging for stretches is simple, and the Anacapa feels wonderfully smooth when you’re in a rhythm.

  • These hiking sneakers from Hoka One One are really comfortable.
  • The shoe provided immediate comfort in the heel, midfoot, and forefoot.
  • The design is completed by a large toe box that allows you to expand out.

LaSportiva Spire GTX

LaSportiva Spire GTX

Image Credits: sportiva

This shoe is designed for comfort, and it has the same feel as some of our favourite trail runners thanks to its extra cushioned compression-molded EVA sole. On difficult trails, this sole shielded our feet from feeling jagged pebbles beneath them. Even after a long day, our feet were comfortable and were not exhausted because of the moderate degree of rocker and excellent arch support. 

  • Long-distance hikers might consider this model for lightweight fastpacking journeys that require a balance of lightweight and support.
  • Do not be deceived by the Spire GTX’s light weight and low-cut height; this pair is created with cutting-edge technology and delivers exceptional support for hiking in all-terrain conditions. 
  • The ankle collar extends up 3 inches, reaching the lower part of the ankle bone and offering just enough lateral support to fight rolling ankles, but not as much as a mid-cut boot, which may feel excessive while hiking lightly.

Tecnica Plasma

blizzard shoes

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Plasma Tecnica. The low-cut Plasma may be custom-fitted to your feet in a 20-minute process that employs heat-molding and air compression at certain outdoor merchants (such as Appalachian Outdoors). Even without the specific fit, it’s a solid hiking shoe with good stability, Gore-Tex waterproofing, and sticky Vibram outsoles. They aren’t inexpensive, and they aren’t the lightest hiking shoes either. 

  • The Plasma is stacked, and it might be a terrific choice for long day hikes–and a godsend for hikers with difficult-to-fit feet.
  • With the Plasma S GTX, Tecnica nailed the comfort factor.
  • Because of its heat-moldable construction, the shoes can be tailored to best suit your foot.

Salomon X Ultra 4

Salomon X Ultra 4

Image Credits: salomon

At a fairly acceptable weight, Salomon’s newest X Ultra 4 GTX delivers exceptional comfort for high miles and aggressive day hikes and backpacking expeditions. It feels and performs in many ways like a reinforced trail runner: the build is relatively flexible and comfy right out of the box, there’s soft padding around the collar and tongue, and it’s incredibly agile on the path. There is plenty of padding underfoot for pulling an overnight pack and trekking over more rough terrain, and the reasonably firm EVA foam absorbs impacts well.

  • The X Ultra 4 sports a revised chassis, which seeks to reduce weight while maintaining the previous model’s good all-around stability and support. 
  • There is enough flex towards the front of the shoe, making it smooth and sporty when hiking swiftly on flat ground.
  • Pulling the laces tight adds extra strength in this area to help with rolling ankles.
  • The majority of the X Ultra 4’s testing took place in late fall and early winter.

Altra Lone Peak 5

Altra Lone Peak 5

Image Credits: altrarunning

The Lone Peak has 25mm of Altra’s Alter Ego foam. This, together with the zero-drop design, results in a rather strong platform. The front toe bumper offers a little extra material to protect your piggies from rock hits, but it’s very minor, so be careful on uneven terrain. The upper is made of an extremely breathable, tight-woven mesh that keeps out particles and easily withstands some sharp branches.

  • This design works well in loose dirt and muck, especially while running uphill. 
  • This shoe was quite slick on the rock. 
  • Softer rubber often grabs smooth rock reasonably. 
  • The Maxtrac rubber on this shoe doesn’t feel particularly sticky.

Merrell Moab 2

Merrell Moab shoes

Image Credits: merrell

The Merrell Moab 2 is a comfortable shoe for hikers who enjoy moderate and simple day hikes. The suede leather and synthetic mesh upper is coated with a proprietary M-Select DRY waterproof membrane. The sole is made up of a moulded nylon arch shank, a blended EVA midsole, and a Vibram TC5+ outsole.

  • The Moab 2 is a lightweight hiking shoe.
  •  This model is soft and does not require any break-in time. 
  • The spacious toe box is also ideal for descents.
  •  On harder terrain, this shoe may benefit from extra foot protection.

Vasque Breeze LT Low GTX

Vasque Breeze LT Low GTX

Image Credits: vasque

Those who put on the Vasque Breeze LT Low GTX are sure to be blown away by the shoe’s amazing lightness. Its wonderfully sticky outsole adds to the enjoyment of having one. To summarise, the shoe may not be appealing to users with large feet or consumers on a restricted budget. Nonetheless, the Breeze LT Low GTX is intriguing due to its blend of trail-relevant characteristics.

  • Seeking for a pair of hiking shoes that provide surefootedness on slick conditions due to its Vibram Megagrip soles
  • If you are seeking lightweight gear that also protects you from the elements.

Saucony Peregrine 11

Best hiking shoes

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The Saucony Peregrine 11 improves on the previous edition with minor changes, resulting in a similar feeling and performance improvement. The most noticeable differences are an additional pair of lace eyelets, a smaller  toe bumper, and the removal of portions of the upper plastic overlays. The latest Perigines are as adaptable and comfy as their predecessors, and in an industry where our favourite models are regularly shelved or dramatically altered on a seasonal basis.

  • The uppers of the Peregrine 11 are substantially cushioned. 
  • The tongue is thick and soft, which provides good protection and distributes pressure more evenly when the laces are tightened. 
  • Even the mesh upper is more durable than regular mesh uppers from competitors such as Salomon or Inov-8.
  •  While it isn’t as breathable, a stick or rock puncture won’t shred it.

How to choose the best hiking shoes?

How to choose the best hiking shoes

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Your hiking footwear is most likely the most critical piece of equipment you’ll ever purchase. Making the best decision is dependent on what you want it for. Lightweight, low-cut shoes are great for a variety of sports, including approaches, speed hiking, and day hikes. 

When carrying a bigger pack through difficult and uneven terrain, however, it makes sense to wear something with additional support, such as a mid-cut or high-cut boot. Performance on technical terrain is also important to consider, especially if you intend to ascend via ferratas. In the mountains, you want boots or shoes that will keep your feet comfortable over long distances while also protecting them.