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Hoverboards have taken the globe by storm ever since it was invented in 2013 by a Chinese origin US citizen Shen Chen. It is rapidly taking the recreation world under its seize. It has become the favorite fun device of thrill-seekers. Some best hoverboard brands which manufactures this electric transportation vehicle include Halo Rover, Segway, GoTrax, Gyroor, Swagtron, Tomoloo, and EPIKGO.

Enthusiasm junkies are now showing a profound interest in buying hoverboards. It takes your personal transportation experience to the next level. As a result, prominent manufacturers have keenly ventured into the hovering business. This article will give you a detailed rundown showing some of the best hoverboard brands in today’s era.

Here are the Best Hoverboard Brands to Consider while Buying One

Halo - Best Hoverboard Brand in All Aspects

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Image Credits: Halo

Halo Rover stands out in the list of the best hoverboard brands. Halo board has rolled out the Halo Rover collection. It is one of the top-end manufacturers in the hovering zone. It specializes in making skateboards and hoverboards. It has introduced many models of hoverboards but what got our eyeballs is the Halo Rover X. It claims to be rated as the No. 1 hoverboard for 2021.

It comes packed with all great features. Also, it can smoothly cover all sorts of terrains with its 8.5 inches large size wheels. It can deliver a top speed of 10 MPH and a range of 10 miles. In addition, you can derive a run time of 2 hours after a full charge of just 2.5 hours.

The No Fall Ride-Assist technology holds the board in balance. Its heavy-duty frame and high-quality aluminum guards establish it as a top-notch board. In addition, two front LED lights and UL certification offer the users peace of mind.

Bluetooth app is an added plus that clears the ground for complete control over the board. For example, you can keep track of mileage, speed, and power stats. Also, you can switch between different learning modes such as beginner, standard, and advanced.

Aside from adjusting speed, you can also modulate the steering sensitivity with your phone.

Here are some Halo Rover popular hoverboard models:

  • Halo Rover X Hoverboard (Pink Edition)
  • Halo Rover X Hoverboard (Blue Edition)
  • Halo Rover X Hoverboard (White Edition)
  • Segway

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    Segway has been dealing in the two-wheel industry since 1999. It incorporates some state-of-the-art hoverboard models. But Segway Ninebot S Plus and Segway Ninebot S Max have been a huge success making it one of the best hoverboard brands in the world.

    In this way, Segway Ninebot S Smart appears as a compelling choice. It comes harnessed with on-board precision sensors that enable it to react to riders’ movements automatically.

    The knee control bar feature allows the user to steer the board precisely using the knees. It sports 10.5 inches pneumatic wheels that endure bumpy rides smoothly. Also, it accompanies a mobile app that helps users keep tabs on their performance, speed, firmware upgrade, and stats.

    Additionally, it sports a battery indicator, anti-theft feature, smart BMS Li-Ion battery, and IP54 weather resistance, adding a new dimension to it. On the back of its 400 W dual motors, the Segway Ninebot S can reach a top speed of 10 MPH. It can travel up to 13.7 miles on a single charge.


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    Best in cheap hoverboards for Safety measurements

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    Gyroor is another one in this list of best hoverboard brands. Gyroor F1 and Gyroor Warrior are its outstanding launches. However, Gyroor F1 outruns Gyroor warrior in terms of performance and features making it the best hoverboard model.

    With its ultra-modern design, it claims to take inspiration from racing cars. However, its advanced features speak volumes of its top-notch performance. With 33 lbs, it is easily portable. It squeezes out a breathtaking speed of 12 MPH and ranges shy of 10 miles. Backed up by a combination of a 350W dual powerful motor and 8.5-inch wheels, it can easily roll over any terrain.

    These hoverboards with Bluetooth speaker, LED lights, 36 V removable Li-Ion battery, the less charging time of just 2 hours, and a long battery run of 9 hours add weight. Anti-theft alarm and additional racing sound are an innovative addition to its features.

    The optional racing sound makes you feel like riding a racing car. A blend of astonishing speed and optional racing sound amplifies your adrenaline rush. Mobile app helps you control different modes such as kids and adult modes.

    Apart from monitoring battery level, you can change its lightning speed also. Furthermore, a troubleshooting guide, self-balancing technology, IP54 water resistance, sturdy build, 30-degree climbing angle, and sound synchronization system add more features to its cap. Finally, colorful LED lights add appeal while riding at night.


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    Image Credits: Gotrax

    GoTrax is one of the top hoverboard brands. Scooter lovers hold it in high esteem for rolling out quality products. The SRX series contains a wide range of models. GoTrax SRX Pro and GoTrax ECO are breakthroughs in the hoverboard industry. However, GoTrax SRX Pro takes a punch better than GoTrax ECO.

    Powered with a compelling dual motor of 250 W and a wheel size of 8.5 inches, it can cruise over any trails without any tribulations. Its 36 V battery provides it enough juice to unleash a range of 7.5 miles.

    On top of it, it charges in just 2 to 2.5 hours to the total capacity. GoTrax SRX Pro is capable enough to carry adults of up to 220 lbs and is favorable to kids weighing above 44 lbs. The board weighs around 26.5 lbs that make it compact and portable.

    The gyroscopic sensor feature ensures stability as the user mounts or dismounts the board. This feature makes GoTrax SRX Pro an ideal option for newbies and experienced ones as well.

    In addition, UL certification mitigates any risk of fire or electrical hazards. The inbuilt Bluetooth speakers and LED lights add all necessary ingredients to it. You can avail all these features from this best hoverboard brand without breaking the bank within just $200.

    Find the Gotrax models making it to the list of best hoverboard brands:

  • Edge self-balancing hoverboard 6.5 inches
  • Lil Cub hoverboard for kids
  • SRX Mini hoverboard for kids 6.5 inches
  • Remix self-balancing hoverboard 6.5 inches
  • Flash hoverboard for kids
  • Glide chrome Bluetooth hoverboard
  • SRX A6 Bluetooth hoverboard
  • E4 off-road hoverboard
  • Hoverfly E3 Hoverboard
  • Nova Led self-balancing hoverboard
  • E5 Gotrax
  • SRX Pro All-Terrain hoverboard
  • Nova Pro Hoverboard
  • Infinity Pro Led off-road hoverboard
  • Swagtron

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    Image Credits: Swagtron

    Swagtron is a big name in the mobility world. It has earned a reputation for rolling out best hoverboard brands. Interestingly, Swagtron Outlaw T6 has been voted as the best hoverboard. It is an illustration of its world-class finesse and craftsmanship.

    T1 Pro model from the brand is an introductory level hoverboard launched under the T series collection of renowned hoverboard brand Swagtron. Swagtron T6 Outlaw gets the better of many prominent brands. However, I would prefer to mention here Swagtron T1 Pro for its improved safety features.

    Gear stabilization system, comfortable foot platforms, improved downhill grip, and convenient learning modes get you beyond the horizon.

    Bright LED headlights and UL certification amplify safety measures. In addition, 30 degrees of hill grade and all-terrain riding feature make it exceptional in its range.

    T1 unlocks a max speed of 8 MPH and a phenomenal range of 13 miles. In addition, this hoverboard has a minimum user weight limit of 44 lbs and a maximum user weight limit of 220 lbs.

    Safe Stop Mechanism determines rider safety when the battery is crucially low. A beep signal alerts the rider about low battery levels. Ideally, it will automatically reduce the speed to make stopping less hazardous when the battery is fully depleted. It includes a battery indicator, and it achieves a full charge in just 1 hour. This brand also manufactures some of the best off road hoverboards which are very much liked by the riders.

    Some best hoverboards models launched by Swagtron make it to the best hoverboard brands:

  • Swagboard warrior XL Off-road Hoverboard
  • Swagboard T580 warrior Bluetooth hoverboard
  • Swagboard Twist T580 warrior Bluetooth hoverboard
  • Swagboard off-road Bluetooth T6 outlaw
  • Swagboard Elite hoverboard
  • Swagboard T1 Sport Hoverboard
  • Our Thoughts

    In our effort to incorporate some high-end and best hoverboard brands, we have taken into account many aspects. These include safety measures, sturdy frame, range, speed, and charging time. In addition, we have considered some additional features like battery power, motor, off-road riding, and inclination angle.

    Post us in the comments about your favorite hoverboard brands that we have missed. Finally, enjoy your hoverboard and have a safe hovering.


    Grown-ups and teens can use self-adjusted hoverboards if they have accomplished legitimate preparation. However, kids should stay away from self-adjusted hoverboards.

    The UL confirmation is a must-have feature to fend off safety issues. It has become a fundamental norm for wellbeing measures.

    After the advent of highly recognized UL certification, it is as safe as any other means of transportation. However, it is advisable to wear safety gear like a knee, helmet, and elbow guards before the ride.

    Indeed, it can chip away at rock and grass. However, it depends on the size of the wheels. 6.5-inch wheel size is optimal for flat pavements. On the other hand, an eight or 10-inch wheel size can effectively cruise over all sorts of terrains.

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