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5 Best Office Gadgets to Improve Productivity

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5 Best Office Gadgets to Improve Productivity-GadgetAny

Your workplace reflects you and your desire to work. Either you work at your home or a separate office where your cubicle or desk must-have office gadgets that help you to do your work more efficiently or make it look good. When your surroundings are beautiful and energetic, your performance increases a lot.

Here some of the office gadgets that you must own.  We have done a lot of research and found these five best gadgets to improve Productivity in your office.

FocusBuds:- FocusBuds is the world’s 1st Productivity boosting earbuds. Focusbuds are smart earbuds that use EEG Neurofeedback to help you focus. The biosensors in the focusbuds monitor your brain activity and remind you to refocus when you are distracted.


EEG Neurofeedback trains your brain to better focus and blocks the distracted. It has a Real-time AI focus tracking machine learning platform, wireless, and embedded microphone.

The Price of Focusbuds is $249.

CheerPod:- CheerPod is a go-anywhere Mouse and presentation tool with a 2.6-inch mouse plus touchpad as well as a laser pointer. It can work on any device. It has built in ground and air mode and has a hand gesture supported with 20 days of battery life.


CheerPod looks so beautiful with it’s the elegant and sleek design. You can use it as Remote control for media entertainment as well. It is super portable that can fit right into your pocket.

Rocketbook Orbit Notepad:- Simply, this is a reusable pen and paper. Which is highly customized to save it on cloud make notes. The free pocketbook app will instantly adjust the visual scan and ensure the digitally can version of your records. It is very light with a stainless body frame.

The inbuilt OCR gives you the power to search through the internet and keyphrases. You can load any PDF and can make notes from it as well.

Rocketbook Orbit Notepad

Highlight the critical topic and save it to the cloud.


Trio:-  Trio is a portable dual and triple screen laptop monitor top boost productivity and efficient multitasking.

It is easy to use and plug and play solution for a multiple monitor setup while on the go. It is the best fit for working professionals, Stock traders, gamers, Coders.


The possibilities are endless. It’s easy to use and compact design. Tria is compatible with various products like mac, Linux, chrome, and android devices make it more useful via USB connection.

MarkSmith Titanium–  Marksamith Titanium, It is Modern EDC Permanent Marker that is first of its kind as Marksmith is a permanent titanium marker. So it is so much more than a pen.

MarkSmith Titanium

Mark Smith is a good looking and luxury marker that made it look so precious. It will be a perfect fit for your desk. If you are an artistic type of person, this will be an ideal fit for your deed.

The gadgets, as mentioned above, definitely increase your productivity at home or in an office environment. These productivity techs can increase your productivity by 15 to 30%.

These gadgets are hotshot right now. It will increase your efficiency and make you look better in your office.

So you can stand to differ in your professional class. Let us know what you think about these gadgets and have a happy professional life.

Raulf Hernes

By Raulf Hernes

If you ask me raulf means ALL ABOUT TECH!!

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