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Smart furniture has been trending for some time, perhaps with the growth of the work-from-home culture. It gives access to features like charging mobile devices, Wi-Fi, speakers, playing radio, music or news, and more. As a result, the smart furniture industry is a fast-growing market, and it is all set to give a new dimension to future furnishings. According to Statistica’s market research, Smart home technology has reached 33.2% houses in the US and is expected to reach 53.9% of homes by 2023.

What is Smart Furniture?

Smart furniture is a house or office furniture integrated with technology. It comes with various tech features to use along with its traditional uses. For example, you can make the most of a USB port, WiFi, and speakers. In addition, some Smart Beds can record your heartbeats, balance your head posture to minimize snoring, and even have foot warmers. Also, custom-made office chairs and furniture offer in-built USB ports or wireless charging.

Here we have listed the top 10 Smart Furniture

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Zuo Thor Smart Sofa

Best Smart Sofa for events

Image Credits: amazon

What We Like

Faux Leather coating, USB ports on sofa handles, and ideal for events


Dimensions 28D x 35W x 73H inches
Seat Height 16 inches
Weight 170 pounds
Materials Leatherette, Stainless Steel leg material
Design Contemporary
Additional Features The USB port on both side arms, Cushioned back, Black/ White Color, and Removable Cushions
Price $1033.35

Zuo Thor Smart Sofa is contemporary and very useful furniture. It is smooth with leatherette fabric on a shiny outline. This sofa wears a smooth and sleek profile as it is topped with a slim chrome frame. Moreover, this sofa includes USB panels on each outside arm to meet all your charging needs. Each port allows three USB ports to charge your Smartphones or other gadgets. The ease of charging and ultimate comfort make Zuo Thor ideal for events and public spaces.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Long-lasting sofa material Manufacturer service options may not be available
Faux Leather is suitable for vegan users.
Waterproof sofa easy to clean
USB port equipped

Mozayo Multi-touch Hardwood Table

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Best tech-table for offices and home décor.

Image Credits: spintouch

What We Like

Solid and waterproof tempered glass, touchscreen with Intel® i7 Quad Core™ 2600 Processor


Dimensions 54D x 36H x 18Winches
Materials Tempered glass
Weight N/A
Technology 42-inch LCD PulseIR Touch
Computer Specifications Intel® i7 Quad Core™ 2600 Processor (3.4GHz, 8M), Genuine Windows® 7 Professional Operating System

8GB DDR3 (1333MHz) memory, 500GB (6.0Gb/s, 16MB Cache) hard drive

512MB AMD RADEON® HD Graphics Card

8X Slimline DVD+/-RW42″ LCD optical drive.

Additional Features Premium Dell Commercial Grade System
Price $450.00

Mozayo Multi-touch Hardwood Table works similar to a Smartphone or Tablet. It is an ideal tool for digital engagement, especially during office project discussions. It has a zero-bezel glass surface touch screen with progressive leg designs. Also, this advanced sofa is available for rental options, you can display your products and services easily on its screen. So, Mozayo is best used at workshops, exhibitions, and innovative spaces.

Moreover, the glass screen is waterproof with minimum glare from overhead lighting. Strong, reinforced glass manages heavy objects. You can integrate your PC and multi-touch software. And finally, Mozayo is amazingly easy-to-use for new users and thus ideal for use in events.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
The strong bezel glass surface Expensive furniture
Waterproof screen
Integrate with PC and multi-touch software
Ideal for office use and events

Rest Essential Smart Bed

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Best smart bed for peaceful sleep.

Image Credits: restperformance

What We Like

A modular design Smart bed enhanced with 3-adjustable zones per side, 3 modes of functions and an adjustable base


Size 60 x 80 inches Queen Size mattress
Mattress Gel-infused memory foam
Thickness 13-inches
Air chamber Polyurethane, RF welded at seams
Manual Firmness Combinations per side 64,000
Additional Features Real-time automatic response, modular design, 90-night risk-free trial and medical-grade components
Price $5099.00

Rest Essential Smart Bed is an extraordinary smart bed that uses both software and hardware with over 20 patents. The 3-layered mattress’s top layer is made of 4 inches of cooling gel-infused memory foam. This foam contours to the body structure and relieves body pressure points. It cradles your body enough to reduce motion transfer to your partner.

Moreover, the sensors underneath learn and adjust to your sleep patterns and movements on the bed in the General Setting mode. Furthermore, you can customize the pressure relief and firmness on the Position or Manual Modes with 64,000 firmness combinations on Manual Mode.

In addition to this, five air chambers set on specific zones on either side of the beds target your body parts and are controlled by mini-pumps. And finally, The ReST Essential Smart Bed comes with a 90-night mattress trial time. As a result, you can check and ensure if it is suitable to fulfill your sleeping needs.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
64,000 different firmness combinations Complicated installation
Real-time sleep tracking
Excellent pressure relief
3 modes of operation

Sobro Coffee Table

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Best Smart Coffee Table with Fridge

Image Credits: sobrodesign

What We Like

A smart coffee table with in-built refrigerator and storage, portable casters, and LED display touchscreen


Size 17.7H x 22.6W x 43.3L inches
Weight 104.5 pounds
Refrigerator 1.54 cubic feet
Voltage 110 Volts.
Temperature range 37 – 54 degrees
Additional Features 118 m cord length, dual Bluetooth speakers, LED Display, USB Charging Ports, Touch control panel, storage drawers, and Easy-to-install legs
Price $1499.00

Sobro Smart Coffee Table with Fridge best suits your connected lifestyle, with a shiny tempered glass tabletop and an integrated small refrigerator beneath it. Its dual Bluetooth speakers on each side have a rich sound quality, best used for parties and events.

Moreover, the LED lights under the table create an amazing ambiance. It includes dual USB charging ports and 4-outlets so that you are never out of the loop. You can control these features on the touch screen by connecting your TV audio to the table via the included Bluetooth dongle.

Furthermore, the refrigerator compressor keeps beverages and food chilled. You can set the fridge temperature to your personal preferences. Also, the casters allow you to move the furniture across your room. Finally, The Sobro coffee table can be easily installed and plugged for uninterrupted use.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Built-in refrigerator, cooler, and storage No remote or app control
Dual Bluetooth speakers
LED touch screen glass display
Easy installation

Aeron Smart Office Chair

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Best Smart office chair for all sizes.

Image Credits: hermanmiller

What We Like

A Smart office chair with 3-different sizes, posture balancing tools and adjustable arms


Dimensions A Size: 870H x 699W x 686Dmm, Arm Height: 191mm

B Size: 933H x 719W x 699Dmm, Arm Height: 191 mm

C Size: 1016H x 719W x 699D, Arm Height: 191mm

Weight 104.5 pounds
Materials Textiles for Suspension seat and back, Finishes for Frame, arms and base
Additional Features Posturefit pads, 8-zone pellicle and Harmonic 2 Tilt
Price $1195.00

Aeron Smart Office Chair has set a benchmark for comfortable chairs since its launch in 1994. Aeron chairs smartly distribute weight through 8-zone pellicle, adjustable PostureFit pads for total spinal support. Harmonic 2 Tilt balances recline and natural movement. With 4 different color palettes Onyx, Graphite, Carbon, and Mineral, Aeron suits various floor plans and spaces.

Furthermore, the office chair comes in three sizes A, B, and C created to support a range of body types. The backrest height, seat width, tilt mechanism, and the size of the base are carefully designed to comfort almost all individual body structures. As a result, the Aeron chair suits all age and weight requirements.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Even weight distribution No seat depth adjustment/slider
Three different sizes The seat material is firmer for some users
Heightened backrest, tilt mechanism
Suitable for almost all body types

Dizzconcept PIA Pop-Up Kitchen

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Best Smart Foldable Kitchen Cabinet.

Image Credits: dizzconcept

What We Like

A Smart kitchen cabinet with integrated kitchen features like dishwasher, refrigerator, electric sockets and more


Dimensions Closed 186H x 82cmD

Opened 66cm Depth

Height 200cm
Door Opening Angles 90 to 120 degrees
Worktop length 182 cm
Base arrangement Dishwasher, waste disposal cabinet, refrigerator, a base cabinet with shelf and drawer
Upper Cabinet Inbuilt Hood, LED lighting and electricity sockets and an open shelf
Additional Features Integrated rotational TV, inbuilt sink and faucet, and cooktop
Price On request

Dizzconcept PIA Pop-Up Kitchen is specially designed for small apartments, tourist rental homes, offices, and nursing homes. It turns office and dining areas into meeting and presentation setups. In addition, Dizzconcept acts as a second kitchen for game rooms, gyms, and spas, especially in large apartments.

Moreover, when closed, PIA looks like a living room cabinet with integrated TV that rotates to give a better view. When opened, the kitchen accommodates utensils and groceries. PIA is integrated with a sink, faucet, and cooktop.

In addition, its base arrangement includes a dishwasher, waste disposal cabinet, a base cabinet with shelf and drawer, and an integrated refrigerator. Besides, the upper cabinets include a fully integrated hood, LED lighting and electricity sockets, and an open shelf for placing a free-standing microwave oven.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
New Smart Kitchen Design for small kitchens Expensive 
Multi-functional concept
An innovative solution for small spaces
It makes unused space functional.

Joybird Hopson Sleeper Sofa

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Best transformable Sofa-Bed

Image Credits: joybird

What We Like

Elegant and comfortable with 50 upholstery options, comfortable sleeper sofa.


Dimensions With Bed: 78W x 36D x 33H inches

Seating: 70W x 22.5D x 18H inches

Arm Height 3 x 23 Inches
Memory Foam 5-inch high resilient mattress
Design Wooden frame, polyurethane foam core cushions, 5″ high resilient mattress, and Rubberwood legs
Additional Features High gauge Sinuous Spring seat platform suspension
Price $2850.00

Joybird Hopson Sleeper Sofa is versatile, comfortable, and elegant furniture that turns into a bed. This mid-century-style sofa converts into a queen-size bed quickly and easily and is available in more than 50 custom upholstery options.

Moreover, it has straight edges, upholstered arms, and a convertible bed that converts any room into a guest room. Moreover, the high-density foam with multi-layer fiber sheeting adds to the comfort. A solid kiln-dried hardwood frame is wrapped in foam for cushioning and support.

Also, the seat and back cushions are made from high-density foam as well. Also, Joybird is often positively compared to the comfort and stability of a conventional mattress. This small sleeper sofa comforts guests and brings elegance to apartment rooms.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Convertible Sofa-Bed Needs regular maintenance
50-custom upholstery options Heavyweight
Strong kiln-dried hardwood frame
High-density foam mattress and cushions

Livit Studypod Luxury Garden Room

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Best work or study from a home luxury room.

Image Credits: studypod

What We Like

A luxury personal workspace with black tinted hardened glass, oak laminate floor, and natural ventilation.


Dimensions 2.15W x 1.8L x 2.1H meters
Weight 1543.24 pounds
Structure Composite
Design Oak Laminate floor, detachable desk and black tinted hardened glass
Electricals 4 downlights, 1 double power outlet and 1 light switch
Additional Features Natural Ventilation, Adjustable airflow and Legs.
Price On request

Livit Studypod Luxury Garden Room, as the name suggests, is a luxury room made for personal use. You can place the Study Pod in your garden, in a forest, or in any natural environment. One large window in the front ventilates your room while working outside, sheltered in the Study Pod.

Furthermore, the waterproof composite material keeps your equipment safe and dry. Also, The glass window lets in plenty of sunlight. The room gives you luxurious space for workouts, guest houses, study rooms, offices, and many more. The heavy-duty lockable wheels add mobility to the Study Pod, which lets you move the room to your desired location.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Black tinted Hardened Glass wall It needs an open environment for ventilation.
The inbuilt window for sunlight and ventilation Expensive
Movable strong wheels
Detachable desk

Elysium Gesture-Controlled Chair

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Best floating chair for relaxation.

Image Credits: davidhugh

What We Like

A Relaxing chair with advanced features like Recline Mode and Free Motion Modes and an eye-catching design.


Dimensions 740 mm x 960 mm x 1250 mm (upright)
Material Milled aluminum and stainless steel
Upholstery Options Scandinavian leather in 70 color options
Weight 70.5 pounds
Design Adjustable modes with less friction, Durable and stylish design
Additional Features Carbon Fiber upholstery, Free Motion and Recline operation Modes.
Price $26,000.00

Elysium Gesture-Controlled Chair is a futuristic relaxing chair that gives the feeling of weightlessness. Its upholstery springs are combined with carbon fiber to relax and support your muscles. Moreover, the Free Motion Mode of Elysium Chair gives you frictionless balance while you recline. Thus, Elysium delivers unimaginable comforts while you rest.

It uses the horizontal center of gravity motion path to create continuous frictionless balance. It makes you feel weightless, just like floatation therapy. Furthermore, the chair has two modes. A lockable Recline Mode keeps you comfortable and stationary. Free Motion Mode allows you to gesture control the touch lever for balance and pain relief. This remarkable bespoke chair comes with an elegant design suitable for almost all interiors.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Floating Chair makes you feel weightless. It needs an open environment for ventilation.
Ideal for comfort and relaxation Expensive
Two gesture control modes
Detachable desk

Hi-Interiors HiBed Canopy Smart Bed

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Best Hi Bed with attached TV

Image Credits: hypebae

What We Like

A smart comfortable Hi-bed with in-built HD television and compatible with smart devices


Sizes European King Size, US King, CAL King
Compatibility iOS and Android enabled Smart Devices
Additional Features Inbuilt HD TV, LED lights and 70 upholstery color choices
Price $40,300.00

Hi-Interior HiBed Canopy Smart Bed is more than just a place to sleep or lie down as it lights the area around your feet when you need to get up at night. Moreover, a built-in TV with high-definition projection saves your room space. In addition, HiBed gives a luxurious look to your room with its classy design.

Furthermore, the Canopy Smart Bed can wake you up or brighten your feet area, using inbuilt LED lights underneath the bed. You can light them when you want to use the restroom or have a snack without waking your partner. The HiBed operations are compatible with iOS and Android-enabled devices. The upholstery has nine different color options to choose. Finally, a Canopy bed with a TV saves your room space, adding elegance to the ambiance.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Luxurious canopy Bed with inbuilt TV To manage settings might be difficult for non-technical persons
Elegant design with 70 upholstery color choices
LED lights underneath the bed
Accessible via iOS and Android compatible smart devices

How To Choose The Best Smart Furniture


Image Credits: michelangelodesigns

The exciting new modern smart furniture looks sleek and classy, yet it’s crucial to understand whether its features satisfy our needs. So we recommend you to browse through our buying guide before you go out there to shop for your smart furniture.

Measure your space – Before buying any smart furniture item ensure that your furniture is in accordance with the size of your room. It would look odd if your furniture consumes most of the space and it can cause inconvenience. In the case of sofas, you can check if the wood quality adheres to the FSC standards.

USB Port – We are connected with Smart devices that need to be charged regularly. Therefore, most smart furniture these days have USB charging ports as one of the important features. USB ports are convenient charging stations on furniture like sofas, beds, tables, shelves, etc. More and more furniture is being designed, so you don’t have to search for charging points in your room.

Remote Control – Wired furniture like sofas, table-beds, sofa-beds, etc. is easy to operate with remote control. Remote controls reduce the need for manual operation of furniture, thus adding to your comfort. It is ideal to check this feature while looking for heavy reclining chairs or other smart furniture with variable features.

Design and durability – Durability holds paramount importance for any furniture item. Ensure the frame of the furniture is solid with proper upholstery, suspension, spring, and fabric. Furniture items with wobbly frames and structures are likely to give up the ghost quicker.

Cost of the Furniture – The price of smart furniture is its most significant feature. It determines whether the furniture is reasonable compared to its inbuilt features. Also, if you need technicians for installation, you need to consider their travel charges as well.


Smart furniture performs multiple tasks at once. A smart table for instance can play music or news, charge your Smartphone with a USB port, and switch on an inbuilt LED light along with doing its traditional function of being a table.

Yes, there are many online e-commerce websites selling unique branded smart furniture at reasonable rates. You can check the features before choosing your favorite furniture. However, personally checking a product before you buy it is always advisable.

Yes, some Smart furniture are Wi-Fi enabled. They can be operated via Smartphone apps or virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.

It depends upon the quality of materials used in its making. A Smart Furniture with premium quality furnishing lasts for years. Also, how we use and manage the furniture is another factor responsible for Smart Furniture durability.


Smart Furniture brands are regularly updating their technology to offer the latest features on their smart furniture solutions. It is always wise to modernize our home décor needs and look for tech-savvy furniture designs. Smart furniture fulfills the demands of changing lifestyles and provides intelligent solutions to our needs. To conclude, if you wish to convert your home into a Smart Home, do look at the various smart furniture options available in the market and make a tech-savvy choice for yourself.