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Tents are an essential part of our outdoor activities like picnics, hiking, and camping. Tents come in vivid sizes and varieties for various purposes. As a result, people generally find it challenging to choose the best tents that suits them the most.

This article will discuss the best tents that are trending in 2023. We have considered durability, size, waterproof, easy-to-wash, and lightweight features. However, if you are hunting for the best tents for family camping or any other kind of trip, we are here to help you. So let’s cut the crap and get to the first and the best tent we have in our list.

Here are the Best Tents for Families, Camping & Backpacking,

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Outwell Pinedale 6PA


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Best for 6 people
Weight 32.7kg
Pack size 91 x 44 x 44 cm
Poles inflatable/steel

Outwell Pinedale 6PA rules the roost thanks to its unique features. It is a complete solution for a family camping tent. Also, it is a six-person inflatable tent that’s simple to set up and offers plenty of space in the form of a large ‘blackout’ bedroom. The bedroom splits into two sections, a large living area and a little front porch with enormous clear windows that allow beautiful views.

It’s extensively weatherproofed, with a 4,000mm waterproof outer flysheet, and there are big vents all over the tent to increase air movement and keep things cool in hot weather.

The Outwell Pinedale 6DA is not inexpensive, and it is far from being lightweight, so it might be challenging to use. But it is spacious and adaptable, with enough room for a family of four and thoughtful details like illuminated guy ropes and slightly tinted windows for added benefits. Definitely, all these features counted here makes it to top our list of best tents for every kind of outdoor activity like camping, hiking with big family sizes.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Lots of space Expensive
Top-quality Heavy and bulky
Airy and ventilated

Coleman Meadowood 4L

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Best for 4
Poles fibreglass
Weight 22.5kg
Pack size 74 x 36 x 36 cm

Coleman Meadowood 4L is an ideal choice for family adventures, whether camping or just a picnic in the backyard. Coleman is a go-to brand for comfortable family camping, and the Coleman Meadowood 4L is at the top of the best tent list.

This is the second in one of the best tents as it has a bright, open living area and warm blackout bedrooms that block the light effectively while assisting with temperature regulation also. In addition, Coleman has included some notable features to make life under canvas even more enjoyable. These features include thick mesh doors that can be set up on warmer days, multiple pockets, and step-free entry.

You can add the ‘L’ form to the cart as it allows a vast porch area, which significantly expands the living space while offering covered storage.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Blackout Bedrooms Expensive
Unique design in the interior as well as the exterior.

Sierra Designs Meteor Lite 2

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Sleeps 2
Packed weight 1.66kg
Pack size 43 x 15 x 12.5cm 
Seasons 3

Sierra Designs Meteor Lite 2 is a worthy investment for two-person accommodation. Lite 2 is one of the tiniest but the best tents in this list, with options for one, two, and three people. Also, it offers you a home-like feeling away from home. This lightweight and upgraded tent can efficiently conquer different weather challenges. Furthermore, it is easy to set up and carry. Its ingenious design includes porches to store items while leaving the sleeping area clutter-free.

Moreover, Sierra Meteor comprises a secret surprise: if the weather is nice and dry, you may remove the outer ‘fly’ entirely or partially of your waterproof tent and go stargazing. Because of its lightweight, you may use this tent on multiple treks throughout the year.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Adjustable outer fly to brave different weather conditions. The tent should have included more pockets to accommodate things.
Very spacious 

Quechua 2 seconds 3XL Fresh & Black

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Best for 3 people
Poles fiberglass
Weight 5.3kg
Pack size 85 x 9cm

Quechua 2 seconds 3XL Fresh & Black is one of the best tents for effortless camping trips. Also, this easy-to-pitch tent touts worthy features that can spice up your unrivaled camping experience. These features include multiple internal pockets, durable groundsheet, and large side vents adjustable.

Moreover, the vast internal space can accommodate more than three persons. The blackout material can effectively cancel out the strong sunshine at noon to allow you a sound sleep. Furthermore, it contains a small porch for cooking space or wet weather entertainment.

In addition, breathable PU polyester material can maximize your camping experience. And top of all, instant pitching with an easy to take down feature makes 3XL a worthy investment. Most notably, the XL folds up quickly, making it simple to get out of the rainy campsite. And finally, it can efficiently weather storms and torrential rains without any leaks, tears, or buckling.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Fast pitching of the tent The tent’s height is too small for a person to stand inside. 
Top-quality at a reasonable price
Blackout bedrooms

Lichfield Eagle Air 6

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Best for 6 (but better for 4-5)
Poles air
Weight 32kg
Pack size 645cm x 360cm

Lichfield Eagle Air 6 can accommodate four persons. It can sleep six people, but it is ideal for a small family as it offers the most efficient bedrooms. It’s simple to set up but more difficult to take down than other air pole tents.

In windy conditions, the peek at air beams was ideal. The Lichfield Eagle Air 6 is a tunnel tent with sleeping quarters, a big living room, and a spacious porch that can be used without a groundsheet.

Moreover, Eagle Air 6 wears a spacious, sophisticated, and stylish avian design using 150D fabric material. Also, incredibly dark, breathable bedrooms, tension band system, pre-angled air beams, vision pro windows, and mesh side door make it a cut out for outdoor activities. In addition, mesh layers keep pests outs at the openings, and there may be enough headroom throughout.

On top of all, it offers lantern hanging points, fitted carpets, and groundsheet protectors to add an extra layer of comfort and protection.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Fast pitching of the tent Better suited for a family of four.
Oversized living rooms and windows The bedroom division is clumsy. 
Good quality

Vango Joro 450

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Best For  4 people
Poles fibreglass (air also available)
Weight 17.1kg
Pack size 78 x 34 x 34cm

Recycling has been ruling the world these days, and in such a situation, this Vango Joro 450 turns out to be the best tents made out of recycled plastic (Sentinel Eco Fabric).

Aside from its excellent environmental credentials, the Joro includes several features that make camping with the family enjoyable and straightforward. There’s a huge living room with a porch, two mesh-layered doors that keep the pests out while letting the air in, and the poles are angled to maximize usable space.

Although that the mattresses aren’t blackout, which is a slight disadvantage for light-sensitive campers. Also, Vango has used a ‘Nightfall’ material to filter out early morning light.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Eco-friendly Bedrooms are not blackout.
Easy and intuitive to use

Decathlon Quechua Arpenaz 4.2

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Best For  4 people 
Poles fibreglass
Weight 11.7kg
Pack size 60 x 26 x 26cm

The Quechua Arpenaz 4.2 is one of the most affordable family tents available. It isn’t lavish, but it has a lot of room, with two bedrooms and a decent living area in the middle. Also, Arpenaz 4.2 offers you an effortless pitching experience along with enough space to stand up inside it.

In addition, UPF 30 fabric lets in sunlight and filters out harmful UV radiations. Besides, Arpenaz claims to withstand 31 mph strong winds. Furthermore, it sports a flysheet above the living area to limit condensation.

Moreover, this 4-person tent induces mobility thanks to its lightweight feature (25 pounds). And finally, multiple pockets, color-coded poles, and a 2000 mm waterproof area make Arpenaz 4.2 an ideal companion for outdoor activities. That is why it is considered as one of the best tents for family campings.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Good quality Very Basic
Simple design  Pitching requires practice
Solid architecture

Coleman Weathermaster Air 4XL

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Best For 4 People
Poles air (fibreglass also available)
Weight 30.4kg
Pack size 78 x 58 x 48cm

Next up in our analysis of the best tents, Coleman Weathermaster Air 4XL is an ideal solution for family camping. Five inflatable poles keep the layout secure even in strong winds. In addition, this swift-pitching tent allows you huge and airy living space, with a large porch area and mesh door layers that can be closed at night for bug-free airflow.

Moreover, this fully featured tent offers you Blackout Bedrooms to induce sound sleep. Also, a zipped bedroom divider adds versatility to this model. Furthermore, it comprises barrier-free access that lets you enjoy easy movement in and out of this tent.

Besides, it makes way for high and low ventilation to minimize condensation and heat retention. Additionally, Blackout Bedroom, temperature management system and fire retardant characteristics make the Weathermaster a fully-featured masterpiece.

In a nutshell, the Air 4XL is an ideal solution for a comfortable and peaceful family camping experience, regardless of the weather. You can fully enjoy the unparalleled homely interior.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Easy to set up  A bit pricey
Blackout bedrooms 
Loads of space

Tentsile Safari Connect 2

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Best For 2 people
Poles anodized aluminium
Weight 11.2kg
Pack size 65 x 35 x 35cm

Tentsile Safari Connect 2 is a top-quality tent with super comfortable options. Connect 2 is a two-person tree tent that has factored into all essential features to offer you a pleasant camping experience. In addition, a double bay sleeping area, multiple internal pockets, and adequate storage under the tent make Safari Connect 2 an outstanding choice.

Additionally, you can enjoy its much-hyped cloud-like comfort along with outdoor scenery. Also, its lightweight feature and pack style induce mobility as you can wear the Connect bag as a backpack.

Designed for two-person accommodation, Connect 2 employs separate bays for each. Furthermore, it has been tailor-made to allow you a hammock and cradle style experience.

On top of all, fully a removable rainfly, mesh storage, and quick setup adds flexibility.
And lastly, this tree tent can easily hold a staggering weight of up to 880 lbs. Because of these features, it can be considered as one in some of the best tents for a two-person trip.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Bouncy Requires three stable trees
Endless Fun Expensive

Outwell Airville 6SA

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Best For 6 People
Poles Air
Weight 43.6kg
Pack size 100 x 51 x 51cm

The new Outwell Airville 6SA is a six-person enduring tent with two master bedroom pods, each with a near-blackout ‘dark inner.’ The tent erects at a completely standing height, with plenty of non-bedroom areas.

It includes a spacious wing lounge side pod, a large living/dining room, and a complete opening front zip onto a covered porch. On your return, many city houses will appear tiny.

Moreover, the inflatable characteristic of the tent, enough storage, remarkable living space, and straightforward pitching can raise your comfort level. Also, few defining features of this last member in our best tents list are the sewn-in bug-free groundsheet and sufficient ventilation with reduced condensation.

However, it lacks the effective Blackout Bedroom feature and heavyweight with a hefty price tag on the downsides.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Huge space Weights more than 40 kgs 
Large carpet area Bedrooms not blackout
Air poles

Benefits Of Using Best Tents On A Trip


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Cost-Effective – One of the most compelling arguments for living in a tent is the lower cost of living. Buying a sturdy tent, equipping it with supplies, and setting it up with a heater isn’t too expensive, even in the cold. When compared to a year’s worth of rent, gas, electricity, and internet expenses, it’s a bargain. If you want to live your everyday life in a tent, just add a gym membership with a shower and a library with internet, and you are good to go, saving a lot of money.

Adventurous – Living in tents is equivalent to an adventurous lifestyle. Some of the best tents allow you exposure to harsh weather, unlike your house. However, if you are a nature enthusiast and spend a lot of time stargazing and seeing the sky at night, you can enjoy living in tents. It will help you get rid of a city’s boredom, noise, and hustle-bustle. A few days in tents can freshen up.

Enjoyment in a forest environment – Forest bathing is a new trend that has exploded in popularity in the east, and it is spreading worldwide. In general, being among trees makes you feel healthy and happy. Enjoying exposure to nature regulates the body allowing for more air intake and strengthening the immune system.

Buying Guide for Best Tents


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Tent Size – The size of the tent is a crucial element to consider. Compared to a small tent, a huge tent can add more comfort and utility.

Tent Height – Tents with tall tops and nearly vertical walls provide the most usable space, but they also have the most wind problems. Use the necessary pegs and guylines to help support larger tents and reduce problems.

Enjoyment in a forest environment – Forest bathing is a new trend that has exploded in popularity in the east, and it is spreading worldwide. In general, being among trees makes you feel healthy and happy. Enjoying exposure to nature regulates the body allowing for more air intake and strengthening the immune system.

Tent Ventilation – Proper ventilation can help control internal dampness. Whether it’s raining or not, look for the best tents with adequate roof vents to allow fresh air to flow. Also, you can remove the rainfly for better air circulation.

Number of doors – Multiple doors can maximize the camping experience. Going camping is a lot more fun when you can enter, exit, and access things in the vestibules without bothering each other. In addition, it’s essential to have enough doorway and vestibule space to allow easy access and movement when it rains or storms.

Weight – While weight isn’t the most important factor, your camping tent should be light enough to carry without straining your back. It is better to use backpacking tents that weigh less than four pounds.


The rainfly can stop rainwater from coming inside the tent. However, not all rainflies have waterproof characteristics. You can make your rainfly waterproof using a waterproofing spray.

The weight is a vital factor to look into, as it should always be light and easy to carry. Heavyweight tents can tire you out during the camping and thus dampen your camping experience.

The most significant benefit of living in the best tents for yourself is that they are cost-effective, and the tents can act as your savior while away from home.