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Underwater camera can be used to capture images and videos underwater, it is done while scuba diving and can be divine from an automated camera lowered from the surface or swimming.

If you are passionate about underwater photography and want to explore the beauty of the ocean Then you definitely need a waterproof camera, but the problem is finding the right camera.

Mostly, best underwater cameras use wide angle lenses to allow close focus and get short distance between them to avoid loss of clarity to scattering

10 Best Waterproof Camera for Underwater Photography

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Olympus Tough TG-6 Underwater Camera


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What We Like

Its ruggedness, trekking features and expandability


White balancing quality : Auto, daylight,cloudy, flash use, white fluorescent light | Waterproof : IPX8 | Lens type : Macro | Video : 4k, FHD | Continuous shooting speed : 20 fps | Sensor : 12mp
Warranty 1 Year
Shockproof 7 feet
Crush proof 220 lbf 
Freeze proof 14 degree F/ – 10 degree C 
Dustproof IP6X 
Form factor  Ultra compact
Weight 8.92 Ounces
Audio (microphone/speaker) Built-in stereo /mono
Price $449.99

The Olympus Tough TG-6 is a compact digital camera designed to withstand tough conditions and provide excellent shooting capabilities both on land and underwater. With its 12 MP sensor, it delivers improved performance in low-light situations. The camera’s rugged and durable body is dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof, ensuring reliable use underwater and allowing users to capture stunning shots without worry. With its multiple cutting-edge features TG-6 tops our chart of the best underwater camera for snorkeling.

Featuring a fast f/2.0 wide-angle lens, a back-lit high-speed CMOS sensor, and a powerful TruePic VIII image processor, the Tough TG-6 enables users to capture fast-moving subjects with vibrant colors and exceptional detail even underwater. It is capable of withstanding depths of up to 50′ (15 m) underwater, resisting dust, enduring shocks from a height of 7′ (2.4 m), handling up to 100 kgf of pressure, and operating in temperatures as low as 14°F (-10°C). The camera also incorporates a dual-pane protective glass construction to prevent fogging and maintain clear visibility.

The Variable Macro System of the Tough TG-6 allows for ultra-close-up shooting, getting as close as 1 cm from the lens for precise and detailed shots. Additionally, the camera offers specialized underwater shooting modes and the option to use a fisheye converter lens for circular fisheye photography, which can be purchased separately. A wide range of accessories is available to further enhance the shooting capabilities of the Tough TG-6, making it a highly versatile camera for various field conditions.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Macro system featuring four shooting mode No fully manual control
Help you capture crisp.,Truepic VIII processor  Not satisfied with price
Colourful underwater photo in any lighting
5 underwater shooting mode including microscope
4k Video recording and full Hd at 120p
Built-in WI-Fi, GPS,Field sensor
Anti-fogging design,0.1m-infinity range
4X optical Zoom f/2 lens 
Battery life approx 340 images ,Li-92B LI-on  

Panasonic Lumix FT7/TS7 Underwater Camera

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What We Like

Best waterproof camera for both beginners and amateurs


White balance light : Auto, daylight, flash use,cloudy,white fluorescent light |  Waterproof : 102 feet | Lens type : Wide angle | Video : 4K | Continuous shooting speed : 10fps | Sensor : 20.4 pixel
Warranty 2 Year
Shockproof 2 degree
Freezeproof 10 degree
Weight 0.7 Pounds
Power  1250 mAh
Audio (Microphone/speaker) Stereo/mono
Price $589.99 

This LUMIX camera with good low light performance form 20.4 mp incorporated optically stabilized 4.6x zoom lens.

Moreover. the Lumix camera includes some features such as 4k capability, waterproof, shockproof, and freezeproof which makes it the best camera for scuba diving. Some unique configuration created with 22 filter effects, panorama, plus turn 4k video into picture with 4k mode.

Thus, Lumix TS7 delivers you decent image quality in good lighting, suffering little in low light conditions.

You may want to capture your perfect moment by selecting a single frame video shot at 30fps and.saving it equivalent high resolution 8megapixel.

While you are editing videos or watching movies it delivers four times clarity and full Hd resolution 3,840 X 2,160 pixels.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
5White balance settings Buttons are little fiddly
4K photo mode, 3 inch LCD display Lacks raw shooting mode
2.4 GHz WI-Fi connectivity 
0.2Inch eye live viewfinder built-in
102ft waterproof, shockproof,freezeproof 
Designed rugged and dustproof 
Enjoy drop protection 6.6 feet 
Freezeproof to 14 degree  
Digital red eye correction

GoPro Hero10 Underwater Camera

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What We Like

The Hero10 has new hydrophobic lens cover


White balance light : Auto | Waterproof : 33 feet | Lens type : Fisheye | Continuous shooting speed : 30 fps | Sensor : 23 mp + super photo, HDR, Raw | Video : 4K, 2.7k
Camcorder type Action camera
Special feature Waterproof, low light
Weight 1.01 Pounds
Power 1720 mAh
Shooting mode Cinematic
Warranty 1 Year
Price $349.98

GoPro Hero 10 is an action camera and one of the best adventure cameras in the market. Hero10’s new GP2 engine processor delivers twice the performance which doubles the frame rate to 5.3k resolution at 60fps and 4k resolution at 120fps.

Thus, the housing dive protects from dirt and flying debris. From Gopro automatically upload and share the footage with 100% quality unlimited cloud storage

Furthermore, configuration transformed into a creative 4 mod such as light mod,media mod, display mod, max lens mod. Gopro adds unique features like super 8X slo-mo, time warp 3.0 = night lapse, scheduled capture, hindsight.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Wi-Fi Connectivity technology Over after 10 – 15 minute while shooting
Advanced hypersmooth 4.0 video
Best stabilization all time
New GP2 processor, snappy, rear touch screen
Hassle-free automatically upload footage to the cloud, better low light capabilities
Unlimited use of quick app 
Ultra sharp resolution 5.3k60 +4k120 video 
Max super view for widest -angle shot 
Extra-large flip-up screen for framing & vlogging, light mod
LiveBurst records 45 frames in 1.5 minute 

Sony RX100 VII Underwater Camera

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What We Like

Superior image quality and premium compact camera


White balance light : Auto | Waterproof : 35 feet | Lens type : 1.0 CMOS/ telephoto | Continuous shooting speed : 20fps | Sensor : Approx 20.1 mp | Video : 4K HD resolution
Warranty 2 Year
Weight 302g
Power DC3 6V
Skill level Professional 
Special feature Built In flash,Fast Hybrid AF system 
Screen type Touch panel
Price $1,548

I suggest this Sony RX100 camera for excellent image quality and video shoots. This model is newly designed to deliver professional performance and you may love this compact camera with excellent features.It covers a broad zoom range to equivalent two standard lenses.

Hence, using a 3.5mm standard high-end microphone for professional style shoots.Moreover, included features such as 20.1 mp CMOS zeiss vario sonnar, Super-fast AF, High magnification zoom -lens.

Here, high-end magnification zoom lenses are manufactured to deliver clarity and maximum resolution to your creativity.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Video function is excellent  Longer lens camera
Extraordinary image quality  Little expensive
Intuitive design
Broad zoom range 
Real time tracking to maintain focus on subject 
180 degree tiltable-versatile touch operation  
External mic input 
Time lapse movie 

Sealife Micro 3.0 Underwater Camera

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What We Like

A serious options for advanced divers


Waterproof : 60 m | Lens type : 100 degree wide angle | Sensor : 16mp | Video : 4k ultra HD video @30fps, 1080p HD@ 60fps
Warranty 2 Year
Power 2000 mAh Li-on
Special features JPEG,shoots raw,fully rubber-armoured shock resistant
Weight 329g
Focus range 30m to infinity 
Monitor  TFT LCD colour display,
Price $599

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Easy to set up, permanently sealed no -maintenance require Fixed lens
Three wide piano key button Small sensor
Dual lighting minimises shadow
Micro 3.0 Pro Duo 
5000 set combines two sun-like sea dragons 2500 lights
Sea dragon LED LIGHT 
Ergonomic Flex connect 

DJI Osmo Action underwater camera

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What We Like

A Osmo delivers fantastic image stabilisation


Waterproof : 36 feet | Lens type : 145 degree field view | Continuous shooting speed : Recording upto 60 fps, fast mode upto 240 fps | Sensor : 12 mp | Video : 4k
Warranty 1 Year
Power 1300 mAh
Special feature Dual screen, rock steady, action camera,UHD image quality,4k HDR video, 8X Slow motion 
Weight  124 g
Shockproof Upto 1.5m
Freeze proof 10 degree celsius

DJI action cameras front facing screen delivers a crystal clear image. The image stabilization is very silky smooth. The rocksteady technology EIS combines with complex algorithm, shake-free footage. Hence, 8X slow motion capture epic moves with jaw-dropping clarity at 240 fps with 1080 resolutions. Hence, osmo fully charged battery supports video recording upto 135 minutes(rocksteady turn off & screen sleep for 1minute). Moreover, the feature includes Quick button settings, five voice commands functions like filming, power down the device, and shooting photos, all these feature makes it a good choice for snorkeling. They can easily install two locks of battery and you can extend recording time.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Easy to attach floating handle Lag at max resolution
Three aspherical layers lens
Dynamic range of footage
Quick switch ensures settings and modes 
Useful front screen 
Durable and versatile camera 
Rock steady technology 
Fully charged battery can support video recording up to 135minutes at 1080p 
action from overheating and fogging up

Canon Powershot G7 X Mark III Underwater Camera

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What We Like

A Canon performs best in low light conditions


White balance light : Auto | Lens type : Zoom | Continuous shooting speed : 30fps raw burst mode | Sensor : 20.1mp | Video : 4k video recording
Warranty 2 year
Processor type DIGIC 8 
Special feature Live view 
Skill level Amatuer , professional 
Price $579.95

The powerful DIGIC 8 processor helps you create high image quality and ensures photos and videos have a sharp look. Usually, live streaming services need to have an active canon image gateway and youtube account.

While shooting canon allows you shoot 4k recording video without crop, go for more creative.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Best custom white balance light

Manual flash exposure for rapid fire shooting

Not satisfy with Autofocus 
Burst shooting with autofocus
Decent image quality
No need to store on cloud or anywhere else 
Live streaming function

Paralenz Vaquita Underwater Camera

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Image Credits: paralenz

What We Like

A Paralenz is a small, powerful camera


Waterproof : 1150 feet | Continuous shooting speed : 60 fps | Sensor : 12 mp | Video : 4k
Weight  240 g
Screen size 1.8 inch
Power  2000 mah
Colour correction WB+DCC 
housing 6061 Aluminium alloy
Price $849 

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Low light lens is ultra light sensitive Transferring data incredibly slow
Build for ocean
True color OLED display
No need of additional editing 
Simple and easy to use amateur photography 
Brilliant image quality 

Ricoh WG-80 Underwater Camera

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Image Credits: ricoh

What We Like

A Tough built


White balance light : Auto | Waterproof : 14m | Lens type f/3.5-5.5 | Continuous shooting speed : 30 fps | Sensor : 16mp | Video : 1080p, 5k optical zoom
Warranty N/A
Power None
Weight 6.8 oz / 193 g (With Battery, Recording Media)
Waterproof 14m/45ft
Shockproof 1.6m/5.2ft
Freezeproof -10ºC/14ºF
Crushproof   220 pounds
Price $276

The Ricoh WG series is known for being extremely durable and versatile cameras. The WG-80 model has ring lights located around the lens that act as both a flashlight and macro light, allowing for clear underwater shots and illuminated subjects. These lights are twice as bright as those found on the WG-70. In addition to this, the WG-80 has other useful features such as a microscope mode that can focus as close as 1mm and offers 16-megapixel resolution, and the Handheld Night Snap which takes multiple images of a low-light scene and blends them together for a sharp composite image. The camera is also built with robust protections and can remain submerged in up to 14m of water for up to 2 hours. Overall, the WG-80 is a camera worth considering due to its useful features and durability.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Able to withstand drops and extreme temperatures No 4K video
Decent battery life No Wi-Fi
5x zoom lens
Useful built-in ring lights
Waterproof to 45 feet

Buying Guide for Underwater Camera

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Image Credits: istockphoto

1. Battery Life – While you are looking for the best action camera or underwater camera consider battery stay at least an hour at the time of shooting videos and images. Because, go for adventures and typical places to come harder.

2. Built-in Wi-Fi – An underwater camera I picked for diving, snorkelling, it is easy to use which comes with in-built Wi-Fi connectivity feature. May be very easy to transfer or share data . Some of the camera comes with In-built WI-Fi remote operation is classy to use.

3. Rugged, durable constructions – Make sure that each product in the list is good durability, waterproof, shockproof and dustproof.So, adventure camera seals all around usb,port, battery, lenses.

4. Still image quality – The photo quality of underwater cameras depends on the quality and range of lens. You may have to Main feature includes noise reduction and dynamic range.You make sure while searching best cameras for rafting, adventure, let you choose DSLR level camera with twilight.

5. Dive depth – Choose the model according to range of budget and with an official rating of 10m dive. Underwater camera built for weather conditions or you called waterproof , is generally engineered with high-end DSLR configuration to use in the rainy season also.

6. Video resolution and frame rate – There are many action cameras and underwater cameras which offer 4k and 2.7k resolution. Although, the quality of footage varies and depends on price. Also, frame rate depends on the lens quality and capture range. Some professional level cameras come in a little expensive with extra – wide range and cinematic resolution with Wi-Fi remote control. If searching for students select reasonable overall best cameras because it’s enough for them


It totally depends on a camera because there is a critical difference between water- resistant cameras and underwater cameras.Although an waterproof camera is suitable to use underwater. Before taking it diving, check depth rating and don’t exceed maximum rating.

Here, an underwater camera is a camera which is used to shoot photos and videos. Generally,this waterproof camera uses wide angle lenses to allow close focus and get a short distance between the camera and subject to avoid loss of clarity to scattering.

Yes, it is waterproof.This is not only a waterproof digital camera but also captures amazing pictures and videos. More rugged camera is not necessary to come with things as follows: wide angle shooting and optimal white balance light.

Normally, underwater cameras can go as deep as 8 – 10 feet no need for a dedicated underwater case. And, some models designed with high-end maximum depth rating upto 33 feet.

Neither is better, because 60 mm lenses work for night diving and 100 mm lenses for dramatic scenes. Further, these macro lenses have different angles of view from different working distances and used to take various types of shots.

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