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Weight benches are crucial for most strength-training routines as they offer a stable surface and great support. In addition, the exercises you can perform using a weight bench are virtually limitless. However, it might not be possible for everyone to commute to the gym. Hence, getting a weight bench for your home gym seems like an ideal option.

Plus, many benches include multiple features, such as adjustable incline levels. Some even include barbell racks for a full-body workout. With so many options on the market, buying the perfect weight bench might seem a bit confusing. So, we have cherry-picked the 10 best weight benches for you to get in shape. Now get ready to break a sweat without leaving your home.

What are Dumbbells?

Dumbbells are exercise tools to tone your arm muscles or do intense full-body workouts. They occupy less space and are of three types, cast iron, hex, and adjustable dumbbells. Usually, dumbbells are two wide discs connected with a narrow bar in the middle. They can be very light or heavy and are called hand weights or free weights. The discs can be added or removed to increase or decrease weight. Dumbbells with fixed weights are also used in home and gym workout sessions.

List of 10 Best Weight Benches

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FLYBIRD FB149 Adjustable Bench

Best Weight Bench for overall performance

Image Credits: Amazon

The FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench is the top pick for its safety, reliability, and stability.


Dimensions ‎34.65 x 15.94 x 10.63 inches
Weight 28.5 pounds
Weight Capacity Up to 700lbs
Degree range -215 – 95°
Padding 2 inches
Assembly Requirement No
Price $239.99

The FLYBIRD weight bench is a high-quality bench made of commercial thickness steel, which has undergone several weight tests to ensure your safety. Hence, it is sturdy and operates smoothly. Also, this weight bench is easy to assemble and does not occupy much space.

Although the Flybird weight bench is lightweight, it supports up to 700 pounds. In addition, this bench has 2-inch thick foam padding to afford proper comfort. The 10.6 inches upgraded backrest and seat are leather and filled with soft foam padding. Now you can do any exercise comfortably.

Furthermore, this bench collapses for easy storage. You can put it in the corner of your room or under the bed. So, its foldable and user-friendly design saves 80 percent of your space.

Moreover, it consists of seven back positions and three seat positions. These positions allow you to maximize your full-body workout with a Fast Bolt. You get all of this at an affordable price. No wonder this weight bench sits at the top of our list.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Easy-to-assemble Limited height
High-load capacity
Comfortable pad

Marcy SB670 Adjustable Utility Bench

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Best for different design features

Image Credits: amazon

The Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench gives you the freedom to use it any way you want


Dimensions ‎‎52 x 25 x 46.5 inches
Weight ‎51.38 Pounds
Weight Capacity Up to 300lbs
Degree range 445 degrees
Padding N/A
Assembly Requirement Yes
Price $104.99

The Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench is ideal for a full-body workout and building up your chest, shoulder, back, and abdominal workout. Also, this utility bench is made from premium-quality materials. It employs a powder-coated steel frame with high-density foam in black and white deluxe upholstery. As a result, this keeps your body safe and stable during light and intense workouts alike.

Moreover, the back pad is highly adjustable and can be set to different angles to assist chest exercises such as incline, military, decline, and flat presses. In addition, its tilting seat can be adjusted to three positions to fit any user.

The Marcy Utility Bench’s seat pad and back pad are equipped with thick high-density foam padding to ensure comfort during intense workouts.

Not only that, you can easily move the bench when not in use by grabbing the handle, tilting the bench onto its transport wheels, and pushing the bench around.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
High level of stability Incline level is limited
Thick, comfortable padding
Compact design
Useful incline settings
User-friendly setup

Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Adjustable Bench

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Best for its levels of inclination

Image Credits: amazon

The Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 allows you to adjust to six positions for complete versatility.


Dimensions 16.70L x 7.70W x 8.10H Inches
Weight 71.5 pounds
Material Chrome-plated handles with ridges and grooves, High-quality steel plates.
Additional Features Adjustable weights with a push-pull adjuster or with a knob/dial, Plastic tray for storage, Knurled handle for easy and comfortable grip
Price $229.99

The Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Bench adjusts to six different positions for total versatility: -20°, 0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°. Its rich flexibility allows for different exercises- from bench presses to bicep curls and more. In addition, a removable leg hold-down brace adds decline position support.

Moreover, its stowable feature saves 50 percent space when not in use.

With the click of a button, you can fold this bench to half its original size. It’s as simple as that! The SelectTech 5.1 wears a strong build to last long with heavy-duty commercial construction. Also, this weight bench supports up to 600lbs load capacity.

Furthermore, the Bowflex 5.1S is sturdy and rock-solid. You can change incline or decline positions by using the pull-out pin. This pin allows the support arm to move until you are satisfied with the position. Then you can simply pop the pin into place for a tightly-secured back pad.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Great adjustable range Comparatively pricey
Solid build
High-quality pads
Sturdy construction

Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

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Best bench for a full-body workout

Image Credits: amazon

The Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench lets you fit an “Olympic Bar” on this weight bench.


Dimensions 76 x 56 x 55 inches
Weight ‎79 Pounds
Weight Capacity 600lbs
Degree range N/A
Padding 2 inches approx.
Assembly Requirement Yes
Price $349

The Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench is a multi-function, heavy-duty 2.5-inch square tube Olympic workout bench combo. Also, it comes with added attachments and accessories for complete work-out circuits.

Moreover, the U-shaped front-leg stabilizer provides safety and stability during the workout. In addition, this weight bench’s racks include safety hooks on catches and a safe-grip feature to stop your hands from getting pinched when re-racking.

Furthermore, this fitness equipment has customizable features for ergonomic and optimal training positions, including an adjustable full-action Leg Extension/Leg Lifts Developer and an Arm Curl Bar with adjustable foam rollers.

In addition, the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench includes home gym equipment such as the Plate Adapter, Spring Clip for Leg Developer, Preacher Curl Pad, Arm Curling Bar, and an Ab Crunch with Foam Grip Handles Attachment. Lastly, this training equipment is compatible with most six and seven-foot weight sets. Hence, it is a great addition to your home gym.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Customizable features The seat is not adjustable
Ergonomic design
Extra attachments and accessories
A U-shaped front-leg stabilizer provides stability.
Great for a full-body workout

PASYOU Adjustable Weight Bench

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Best for adjustable design with seven back positions

Image Credits: amazon

The PASYOU Adjustable Weight Bench is designed with seven back positions.


Dimensions ‎55.12 x 15.75 x 20 inches
Weight ‎‎11.86 Kilograms
Weight Capacity 500lbs
Degree range N/A
Padding 2 inches approx.
Assembly Requirement Yes
Price $135.56 – $155.09

The PASYOU Adjustable Weight Bench is designed with 7 back positions to meet all your needs when doing workouts. It lets you perform a number of upper and lower body exercises using a dumbbell. Also, this adjustable dumbbells bench is designed with a unique triangle structure and heavy-duty thickened steel. Hence, it can stand up to a staggering 500 lbs weight capacity.

Moreover, with high-density foam padding and seat, the PASYOU Weight Bench secures your body firmly and reduces muscle fatigue when you do a full-body workout.

In addition, the assembly is a cakewalk as you need to assemble the front and back support tube and the foam rollers only. The workout bench is foldable for quick and easy storage. Finally, the Foot Bottom Tube is designed with an enlarged rubber cover, which is safe and non-slip. So, it ensures safety during exercise.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Great adjustable range Comparatively expensive
Solid build
High-quality pads
Sturdy construction

Everyday Essential Steel Frame Flat Weight Training Bench

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Best for its durable frame and supportive cushion

Image Credits: Amazon

Everyday Essential Flat Weight Training Bench is an easy fix for your daily workout routine at an affordable price.


Dimensions ‎40 × 15.5 × 19 inches
Weight N/A
Weight Capacity 600lbs
Degree range Flat
Padding 2 inches approx.
Assembly Requirement Yes
Price $57.22

If you are looking for a weight training bench that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, the Everyday Essentials Steel Frame Flat Weight Training Bench is your answer. This weight bench is made of extra-thick heavy-duty steel and a high-density foam top. As a result, it can easily survive the daily abuse of your workout’s nature without getting any scratches, chips, and dents.

Additionally, it includes a 600-pound weight capacity that provides the support needed to lift heavyweights. As a result, you can be assured that it will not break or buckle under the strain. Also, the rubber feet protect the floor and are ideal for stabilization and safety.

Furthermore, the Everyday Essentials Weight Training Bench is designed for easy installation. On top of all, the assembly is a breeze, and it is easy to store. Also, an easy-to-understand user manual will rise to the occasion while assembling.

In addition, this multi-purpose flat bench allows you to perform a variety of exercises within a compact space.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Affordable Non-adjustable 
Durable frame
Supportive cushion
Easy installation

Weider Platinum Standard Bench

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Best weight bench with barbell rack

Image Credits: amazon

Weider Platinum Standard Beach affords you a weight bench and barbell rack.


Dimensions ‎57.5 x 31.5 x 46.25 inches
Weight 50 pounds
Weight Capacity 410lbs
Degree range Four bench positions
Padding N/A
Assembly Requirement Yes
Price $119

The Weider Platinum Standard Bench offers a total-body strength-training solution. You get your money’s worth with this weight bench. It is compatible with 6.5-foot standard barbells and one-inch standard weight plates. Also, the Integrated Leg Developer allows you to train your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and hip flexors.

Moreover, the Weider Standard Bench has Sleek Sewn Vinyl Seat, which is tear-resistant and easy to clean after an intense workout. Also, with its three bench positions, you can choose between two levels of incline, flat, or decline positions to execute various strength-building exercises. In addition, the Fixed Uprights enhance lifting safety.

If you are still not convinced, the Weiders has more features. It is sturdy, lightweight, and easy to assemble.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Four bench positions Not suitable for tall people
Standard size
Integrated leg developer
Sturdy build

MCNBLK Adjustable Weight Bench

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This bench is best for its versatility and straightforward assembling.

Image Credits: Amazon

The MCNBLK Weight Bench is small and lightweight, making it easy to assemble and disassemble.


Dimensions ‎57.5 x 31.5 x 46.25 inches
Weight 11.05 Kilograms
Weight Capacity 400lbs
Degree range Seven bench positions
Padding 1.8 inch
Assembly Requirement Yes
Price $137

The MCNBLK Weight Bench is a must-have in any home gym, especially when you have no space. This weight bench is amazingly versatile, and the adjustments are quick to make. In addition, it is simple to fold down and stow away. Also, this adjustable weight bench is ideal for bench-pressing, sit-ups, and full-body workouts.

Moreover, the MCNBLK is made of heavy-duty commercial quality steel. Although it is relatively small, it is sturdy and can bear up to 400 pounds. With seven adjustable positions for the backrest, you can lay it in an inclining, declining, or flat position for a full-body workout.

Furthermore, the backrest is made of high-quality leather, filled with soft foam for ultimate comfort. In addition, its front foot and backfoot are made of non-slip rubber pads for enhanced stability.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Seven adjustable positions Decent build
Foldable and compact
Non-slip soft foam
The package includes elastic ropes.

PRIME Fitness Adjustable Bench

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Best for its incredible features

Image Credits: Prime Fitness

This weight bench from PRIME packs an extra-wide back pad and 18 incline options.


Dimensions ‎ 6.50L x 3.00W x 3.00H Inches
Weight 4 lbs
Included Components ‎Vinyl coated cast iron dumbbells
Additional Features Color-coded for weight identification
Price $39.99

The PRIME Adjustable Bench is an ideal option if you are ready to spend a few extra bucks for a new weight bench. At $675, it is the most expensive bench on this list. However, this adjustable weight bench justifies its price tag.

The PRIME Adjustable Bench is designed to be versatile with its adjustable bench features. This weight bench lets you lie down in an inclining, declining, or flat position for your workout.

Moreover, its back pad is adjustable from 0 to 85 degrees and delivers a five-seat pad angle modification. Plus, the elbow pad attachment is beneficial for arm curl exercises. Also, the detachable ankle pad is an excellent upgrade for decline exercises.

Furthermore, the PRIME Adjustable bench provides 18 incline options. Yes, you heard us right! Not only that, it offers a weight capacity of a whopping 1000 pounds in the flat position and 600 pounds in the incline position.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Dense padding Hefty price
Impressive inclination
Premium-quality vinyl covers
The package includes multiple attachments.
Stable, but lightweight

Advenor Foldable Weight Bench

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This weight bench is best for users who have limited space and budget.

Image Credits: Amazon

The Advenor Foldable Weight Bench folds down into a compact package to save space


Dimensions ‎‎32.36 x 16.54 x 11.42 inches
Weight 500 pounds
Weight Capacity 800 lbs
Degree range 21 adjustable positions
Padding 2.2 inches
Assembly Requirement N/A
Price $109.99

If space and budget are your concerns, the ADVENOR adjustable weight bench is the solution to your problems. This foldable bench packs a punch above its weight. With 21 adjustable positions, it has seven adjustable backrest positions and three adjustable seat positions. As a result, this bench meets all your needs for a full-body workout.

Moreover, the ADVENOR weight bench combines a durable powder-coated steel frame, a fully-padded backrest, and seat cushions. Thus, it offers you a perfect blend of safety and comfort during your workout sessions.

In addition, its solid triangular structure and heavy-duty steel construction allow this weight bench to bear 800 pounds weight. Furthermore, this bench from ADVENOR has introduced advanced sports leather for seamless comfort and a sweatproof experience. Finally, its key features include a detachable form footpad, easy-pull spring knobs, and anti-skid rubber feet.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Affordable Better competitors
Sturdy build
21 position adjustments
Extra-large backrest and seat

Why Should You Purchase A Weight Bench?

This is your sign to purchase a weight bench if your gym sessions have been canceled due to the pandemic. Additionally, it is a piece of versatile equipment that allows you to practice a range of exercises. On top of that, a weight bench consumes less space and can easily fit into your garage. Lastly, this equipment is easy to assemble and beginners-friendly.

So, even if your gym is closed, you don’t have to skip your workout day.

Buyer’s Guide to Weight Benches


Image Credits: Heavy

A reliable weight bench is a must-have piece of gym equipment. Depending on the type, a good weight bench is capable of supporting various exercises for major muscle groups. However, it is crucial to purchase the perfect bench to avoid injuries or accidents. We have compiled a guide to help you buy the ideal weight bench for your home gym.

Adjustable versus Flat- Adjustable benches have backrests that can be inclined or declined to different degrees. These benches are generally more versatile than flat benches. A flat bench is joined at the backrest and seat, making it a single slab. It is relatively lightweight, economical, and requires less maintenance than an adjustable bench.

Size and weight capacity- It is essential to ensure that the frame of your bench matches your body type and has a high weight capacity. Individuals with broad shoulders should purchase a bench for a wider backrest. Moreover, you should ensure that the weight rating is higher than the sum of your body weight and the heaviest weight you will be lifting.

Inclination- With different inclination angles, you can target any particular major muscle to work on. Most weight benches offer three levels of adjustments- incline, decline, and flat.

Padding- The padding of the weight bench offers extra support and comfort when you work out.

Build material- The build material is an essential part of the weight bench. High-quality material like durable steel ensures your safety and protection even when you do heavy workouts.


Adjustable benches are often referred to as FID benches. These weight benches come in flat, adjustable, incline, and decline modes.

While using a flat weight bench, you must make sure you have the full shoulder mobility to reduce the potential for injury. The flat bench press does fares better in developing your chest muscles. However, if you find any discomfort while using a flat weight bench, you should consider getting an incline bench.

A weight bench needs to be the right size- it should not be too small or too large. The de facto standard is around 17 inches and 18 inches in height. 10 to 12 inches width benches are the most popular. However, if you are taller or broader than average, getting a weight bench that fits your frame perfectly is recommended.

A weight bench has many benefits. It increases your upper body strength, improves muscular endurance, and even prepares your upper body to do movements like pushups. They also can be an effective strengthening workout for sports like sprinting, hockey, and football.


Weight or Dumbbells are a good addition to your regular cardio exercises. In addition, they help build strength and provide overall physical fitness. Different types of weights have variable functions. However, adjustable or selector dumbbells set for home workouts are good options. Dumbbells with lighter weights are good tools for beginner-level exercisers. Therefore, you can select the best set of weights that suit your fitness goals for a lifetime.

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