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From blue eyes to blue skies, blue is considered the coolest color and really has something trendy in it. Blue is always embraced as dynamic and dimensionless and has the potential to add a stylish bling to anything

Furthermore, blue multiplies the coolness of stylish hoverboards up to a next level and makes them the trendiest personal transportation medium ever.

With the surging demand for blue coloured hoverboards, lots of almost identical products are giving a hard time to buyers to choose the best oneSo, we have done this herculean task and selected seven best blue balance boards from hordes of options.

7 Best Blue Hoverboards

Official Halo Rover X Hoverboard 8.5’’(Blue Edition)

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Best ergonomic All-Terrain Hoverboard

Image Credits : haloboard

What We Like

It provides amazing mode adjusting features that allows the users to choose between 3 different modes according to their convenience.


Hoverboard’s Weight 32 lbs
Safety Standards UL2272 certified 
Maximum Speed  10 mph
top-range  10 miles 
Wheel Size 8.5 inches 
Maximum Rider capacity  260 lbs 
Motor 800 watt
Battery life 2-hours
Charging time  2.5 hours
Battery Type  Lithium-ion
Maximum Slope/Inclination angle  20-Degree
Price $497 (Approximately)

Halo Rover X is the most premium hoverboard available in the market with a majestic blue color option. Its top-notch build quality and rugged tires makes it suitable for off- road adventures.

It is power packed with dual 4000W motors and can accelerate up to a maximum speed of 10mph. The heavy-duty balance board is strong enough for heavier riders and supports a maximum weight of 260lbs.

Along with sturdiness it is enhanced with some trendy features like LED Lights, bluetooth functionality and inbuilt speakers. It can be operated by a mobile app for mapping your ride and tracking of speed, battery life and distance covered.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
U.S Consumer Safety Certified fire safe batteries Expensive
Ride assist technology Heavy and poor maneuverability
Built in protection  
Crisp design  

XPRIT 6.5’’ Flat Hoverboard-Chrome Blue

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Most budget friendly Hoverboard

Image Credits: xprit

What We Like

It is a perfect board for kids and beginners.


Hoverboard’s Weight 16.5lbs 
Safety Standards UL2272
Maximum Speed  6mph
top-range  4 miles
Wheel Size 6.5’’
Maximum Rider capacity  220lbs
Motor 300 watt dual motors
Battery life 45-75 minutes 
Charging time  2-3 Hours
Battery Type  36V 2AH(185WH) Li Battery
Maximum Slope/Inclination angle  10 degrees
Price $149.95 USD 

XPRIT 6.5inch Hoverboards stands out from the rest of all products for its stable and easy to mount design in a better price segment. It supports up to 165lbs weight and is designed for maximum inclination angle of 10o.

It can reach an outstanding speed of up to 7.5 mph with dual 300W motors. Its battery gets charged in around 2-3 hours and provides 75miniutes of fun riding per charge.

This product is awesomely equipped with built in speakers and colorful led lights which enhances the riding experience.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
U.S Consumer Safety Certified fire safe batteries with fast charging feature Limited range of 6miles max
Self-balancing capabilities Relatively slow 6mph speed
Built in speakers and LEDs Not fully waterproof
High quality material and excellent construction  

Sisgad A02 6.5’’ Hoverboard (Starry blue)

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Faster and heavier hoverboard

Image Credits : sisigad

What We Like

It is loved for its modern look and affordable price.


Dimensions ‎17.8 x 7.2 x 6.8 cm
Weight 19.4007 ounce
Type Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker 
Features 12 hours of playtime, Wireless Bluetooth Streaming, Excellent Sound, IP67 Waterproof & Dustproof
Price $ 157.75

It is the most cost-effective product with longer battery life of 1 hr which provides a decent riding range of 6-9 miles. 300watt dual motors accelerate the product up to an ultra-speed of 9 mph. It is engineered with a maximum weight bearing capacity of 260lbs and maximum climbing angle of 15o.

Along with ergonomic design it adapts as per the trend and provides Bluetooth speakers with crisp audio quality and fascinating LEDs.

As a self-balancing system it is a best gift for beginners and kids.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
12 hours of playtime Lacks an aux input
Good sound quality
Powerful speakers
Easy to carry around
Waterproof and Dustproof 

Gyroor G2 8.5’’ All-Terrain Hoverboard

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Super Sturdy & Durable

Image Credits : Amazon

What We Like

It is safe, fun and easy to use along with self-balancing mode.


Hoverboard’s Weight 33 Pounds
Safety Standards UL2272 
Maximum Speed  9.95 mph
top-range  7.5-9.5 miles
Wheel Size 8.5’’ 
Maximum Rider capacity  265lbs
Motor 700 Watts 
Battery life 30-40 minutes
Charging time  1.5-2 hours 
Battery Type  36V Li-ion battery 
Maximum Slope/Inclination angle  30 degree
Price $299.00

Arguably it is the most studier balance board with UL approved materials which guarantees durability. It is suitable for all terrain rides with 8.5’’ solid tires and 700W motors.

With its fine design it can stand up to a hefty weight of 265 pounds and has a max climbing angle of 300.

Its battery takes around 1.5 to 2hours to get charged completely and offers a 45 minutes of battery life.

It is equipped with pro music speakers for seamless enjoyment. It can be controlled swiftly through its mobile app.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
U.S Consumer Safety Certified fire safe batteries with fast charging feature Connectivity issues are reported in bluetooth speakers
Safe balancing security protection  
Strong dual motors  
Suitable for all ages  

Gotrax SRX Pro

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Lightweight-All Terrain adventure friendly Hoverboard

Image Credits : gotrax

What We Like

It outweighs all its competitors with ergonomic design and build quality in an affordable price segment.


Hoverboard’s Weight       26.5lbs
Safety Standards UL2272
Maximum Speed  7.5 mph
top-range  7.4 m
Wheel Size 8.5”
Maximum Rider capacity  220lbs
Motor Dual 250 watt motors
Battery life       Up to 1 hour
Charging time  3-5 Hours
Battery Type  36V 4.0Ah Battery
Maximum Slope/Inclination angle  20 degree 
Price $230.00 

It is an outstanding product in this price segment with its cool and trendy features. Unlike other all-terrain boards it is lightweight and enhanced with self-balance technology. Its batteries get charged in 5 hours and provide an adequate riding period of up to 50 minutes. It is powered with a dual 250W motor and can stand up to 220lbs rider weight.

LEDs and Bluetooth speakers add to its features and make it an all-rounder.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
U.S Consumer Safety Certified fire safe batteries with fast charging feature Connectivity issues are reported in bluetooth speakers
Pneumatic tires for stronger grip on off paths Longer charging time than others
IP54 Waterproof rating  
Light weight  

Swagtron Swagboard Twist T580 Hoverboard

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Advanced Hoverboard ever

Image Credits : swagtron

What We Like

Along with classy design it sports a trendy look with flashing LED wheel lights.


Hoverboard’s Weight 14lbs
Safety Standards UL2272
Maximum Speed  6mph
top-range  3-5 m
Wheel Size 6.5’’
Maximum Rider capacity  185 lbs
Motor Dual 200 Watts
Battery life 30 to 40 minutes
Charging time  4hours
Battery Type  LiFePO4,24V/2AH
Maximum Slope/Inclination angle  30 degrees
Price $139.99

It is the best mid ranged balance board with a blingy outlook and easy to mount style. It is powered with dual 200W motors and can jet up to 6mph. It is more advanced with an exclusive LifePoTM battery which is non-combustible and non-flammable and lets you ride seamlessly

With its updated style, speed and control it outweighs its competitors and becomes unstoppable.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
U.S Consumer Safety Certified fire safe batteries with fast charging feature Does not come with an app and Bluetooth speakers
Cost effective and affordable Longest charging time
IP54 Waterproof rating  
Light weight  

Hover-1 H1 Hoverboard

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Excitingly aesthetic balance board

Image Credits : Amazon

What We Like

It is highly portable and enhanced with a quick navigation system.


Hoverboard’s Weight 22 lbs
Safety Standards Not certified
Maximum Speed  10 mph
top-range  12 miles
Wheel Size 6.5’’
Maximum Rider capacity  264lbs
Motor Dual 250Watt motors
Battery life 40 to 50 minutes
Charging time  2.5 hours
Battery Type  36V,4.3Ah Lithium-ion Battery
Maximum Slope/Inclination angle  15 degrees
Price $249.99

It is an aesthetically pleasing, minimalist and sleek hoverboard powered by 250-watt motors that can propel the balance board up to a top speed of 10 mph.

It is fitted with an Ah Lithium-ion battery that delivers a maximum range of 19.3km at full Capacity.it requires nearly 2.5 hours of charging time to fully juice up.

The design, Bluetooth speaker and Customisable LED lights make the Hover-1 H1 an outstanding cool piece of tech.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Lightweight and portable Easily prone to scratches
Easy to ride Not great for rough terrains
GPS tracking with speeding alarm  
Reasonably priced  


Blue never fails to add more style and bling to your balance boards and more importantly this aesthetically pleasing color is suitable for all age groups. Blue hoverboards are perfect collaboration of fashion and innovative technologies

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