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Cleaning your hoverboard should be of paramount importance as regular cleaning will iron out the wrinkles. In addition, it will minimize the wear and tear of the hoverboard that will finally step up its durability. With proper maintenance, your hoverboard will keep up not only the sheen but also its correct shape. This article will give you an insight into some proven maintenance techniques and tips on how to clean a hoverboard.

Hoverboard cleaning steps

The first step towards maintenance is to clean a hoverboard. Regularly cleaning the hoverboard will help you retain the original and elegant look of the board. In addition, it will wipe down the accumulated dirt and dust.

Clean your hoverboard wheels frequently


Image Credits : Longtimeusa

Hoverboard wheels are often prone to attract debris and dust as they are exposed to the ground. You should clean the hoverboard wheels to keep the dirt at bay. However, keep in mind that wheels come connected with the motor, and thus stuck debris can harm the motor in the long run. Aside from that, it can further lead to reducing the efficiency of the device.

Clean water and brush are enough to clean the wheels. However, you can use mild soap to get rid of stacked dirt. This piled dirt can harm the motor and sensor that can ultimately affect the efficiency of the device.

After cleaning:

  • Make sure the wheels remain aligned with your wheel shaft.
  • Ensure aligned wheels will allow the smooth steering of the device.
  • Ensure that no component or part of the device remains loose.
  • Cleaning the shells


    Image Credits : Streetsaw

    To maintain the healthy look of your hoverboard, keep cleaning the shells regularly. While cleaning the shells, make sure to use a damp cloth for effective cleaning. Remember not to submerge the shells into the water as hoverboards are vulnerable to it.

    Gently go through every nook and cranny of the shells while wiping down the dirt. Ensure the device remains turned off while cleaning and is not charging to avoid any risk of electrical shock.

    Inspect LED lights


    Image Credits : Tomolooscooter

    Before riding the hoverboard at night, make sure the LED lights are functioning correctly. LED lights raise the safety standard of the device. Faded or dust-laden LED lights can land you in big trouble. A damp cloth is enough for cleaning them.

    Why should we clean a hoverboard regularly?

    Smooth and uninterrupted ride – Cleaning your hoverboard will ensure you a smooth ride. Thick layers of dirt will make your rough terrain ride challenging. In addition, motors and sensors are highly vulnerable to attracting dirt that can cause damage to their part. Damaged motors and sensors can be hazardous.

    Maintain overall performance – With layers of dust sticking around every day, your hoverboard can ruin its charm along with its productivity. To improve its lifespan, store it in a cool and dry shed. Also, ensure the device is not plugged in when you leave it to rest.

    Steps to Clean your Hoverboard in short

  • Start cleaning by spraying some antibacterial on the rubber footpads and then use a cloth to clean and dry.
  • Make sure to get into ridges and dry both footpads.
  • You can use a cloth or anti-bacterial wipes to clean the hard shell of your hoverboard.
  • Do not get any liquid into the power port and ensure the power remains shut while cleaning.
  • Once you have your hoverboard clean, please make sure to wash your hands.
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