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5 Crowdfunding Strategy That Works for Everyone.

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5 Crowdfunding Strategy That Works for Everyone.-GadgetAny

The reality is a startup can not survive without funds. Most of the startup fails due to lack of funding.  If you’re going to open a startup you need to put a lot of aggressive efforts to make it all work out. You need to put your idea project timeline and everything together to make your dream true.

5 Crowdfunding strategy that works for everyone.

While every day there are a lot of start-ups who are looking for funds are using crowdfunding platforms to raise funds for their projects.  Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are the two best platforms to raise funds. But, before you go for crowdfunding you need to make a strategy that works out best for your campaign and help you to achieve your goal.

5 Crowdfunding strategy that works for everyone.

Crowdfunding is not easy, it takes a lot of time and efforts and funds as well. Here you will get the real crowdfunding strategy that works every time.  And it worked really well for our clients as well.


There are a lot of steps from creating to delivering the perks, But here we will jump right into what you need to get the funds on your crowdfunding campaign. We will basically talk about a promotion that can get you funds for your campaign. When your campaign is ready to set a launch date and start working on the soft launch. Yours Targeted in the soft launch will get an interested audience. Some crowdfunding campaign services are best to use while going to launch a campaign


1.    Spread the News – It’s important for every project to create a buzz before launching your campaign. You will say everybody knows it but the question is how to do that?  Here are multiple things you can do to create a buzz.

5 Crowdfunding strategy that works for everyone.

Put a banner on your website: 1 st thing you need to do is put a Banner on top of your website that every user that comes to your website does know about your upcoming campaign and product.

5 Crowdfunding strategy that works for everyone.

Collect email data:-  Start collecting email data or create an email marketing campaign or some sort of referral program to collect more and more interested users to come on your campaign.


Create small videos:- Create small videos of your product with time and product information and put on social media channels and youtube. You need to spread your videos as much on targeted channels.

Publish on various channels in your category:- this one is a very main and super intelligent thing to do.  Try to convince the small online news mag in your category to write about you and your product or your company.

5 Crowdfunding strategy that works for everyone.

Distribute a press release:- Create a press release and distribute it through an online platform like newswire or press wire. This press must contain a link where the interested audience can subscribe.

5 Crowdfunding strategy that works for everyone.


2. Launch:- Things to do just after the launch.

This is the most crucial time for a crowdfunding campaign.

when your launch date near keeps your subscriber busy with the update launching date and perks.

Try to complete your goal in less than 48 hours:- You should concentrate to complete your funding goal by 100% in less than 48 hours. In order to do that, you need to ask for funds from your friends, colleagues and family.

Email Marketing:-  Make sure you send at least 3 emails to each subscriber and exclude those who already backed your campaign with a secret perk link as they are your early subscriber.

5 Crowdfunding strategy that works for everyone.

3. Gadgetany.com

It is a myth that any crowdfunding campaign can get a lot of funds without investing in it. Gadgetany.com, Backerclub like platforms are very good to get a boost. I have tried gadgetany.com multiple times and every time get a good success by getting maximum ROI. Try using some free platform like product hunt, trendhunter and others.

5 Crowdfunding strategy that works for everyone.

4.  Facebook ads:- This must be activated from day 1. Facebook ads are the best way to get funds Facebook ads are best to keep rolling the funds. I will suggest hiring a professional to run your Facebook ads. Facebook ads can maximize the number of funds if a perfectionist runs your ads.

5 Crowdfunding strategy that works for everyone.
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5. Media outreach:- A lot of people try to do it but fail. I will suggest you keep doing it. If you can get success on a big outlet another small mag will follow them and write about your product or campaign. This is a free but very effective way to increase your campaign raised amount. You need to search for the people who are a writer on the blogs and tell them about your product. They might take interest in your product and write about you.


Crowdfunding is 100% based on what type of product or campaign. If you have an innovative product and follow the right strategy you will get your goal.

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