How to Customize a Hoverboard and make it look cool?


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Hoverboards are not merely a transportation mode as they add fun and thrill to your life. You can make your hoverboard look interesting. Customization will add a new dimension to your device. In this article, we will share some high-flying tips and tricks on how to customize a hoverboard.

Also, you will be able to extend the horizon of your imagination by offering an innovative look to your device. Lots of owners like to add ingredients to convert your ride into a cool hoverboard through hoverboard skins and painting.

If you love creativity and innovation, you would love doing it.

Hoverboard Skins

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The most common way to customize a hoverboard is to adorn it with stickers. Stickers, aka skins, are cheap and readily available. In addition, they are available in different colorful patterns.

Picking the perfect skin depends on the size and design of your electric vehicle. These hoverboard skins are straightforward to remove and stick. Once you get bored of them, you can quickly get rid of them.

Vinyl skins are waterproof, and they hold a reputation for quality adhesive. Their high-grade adhesive can retain for a long time. In addition, they can withstand any harsh weather conditions. Also, these stickers are ideal for off-road rides.

Reflective skins add an unlimited amount of sheen to the device. In addition, they make your device visible in low-light conditions.

Hoverboard Decals

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Stickers and decals are almost the same. However, there is a difference in their purposes. A sticker or skin can act as a protective cover. However, decals serve the purpose of decoration, branding, and advertisement.

Decals come specifically designed for floors and tiles, whereas stickers are solely for hoverboard purposes. However, both of them add a special effect and helps to customize a hoverboard.

Duct Tape

Duct Tape to customize a hoverboard

Image Credits: Popularmechanics

If you plan to customize a hoverboard and give it an aesthetic finish and chic look along with scaling up its longevity, you can opt for it. You can materialize your imagination by picking up a designer duct tape roll and an X-Acto knife.

Duct tape will easily cover curves and corners, unlike vinyl wrap. However, you can find it a bit challenging to cover LED lights and charging ports.

In this case, cut out the tape using an X-Acto knife. Take special care of bubbles and deformities. It will season an artistic panache to your board.

Painting Hoverboard

Hoverboard Painting

Image Credits: Bestcheaphoverboards

This is another good way to customize a hoverboard. If the above methods don’t sit well with your imagination, you can opt to paint your hoverboard. It’s a time-consuming process, but it will give an extra creative look to your board. On top of it, a thick layer of paint can hide scuffs and scratches.

Remember, painting is an irreversible process, so give it a second thought before finalizing it. You may need spray paint, paint tape, and sandpaper to do it. Painting a hoverboard needs extra care.

You can perform hoverboard painting in three steps.

  • Use sandpaper to iron out the scratches.
  • Go through spray paint on your hoverboard before painting.
  • Wrap the paint tape around the board. Don’t cover the buttons, footpads, and charging ports.

Once the above steps fall into place, start painting.

Decorative Themes for Boys and Girls

Boys have a different taste from girls when it comes to decorative themes when we customize a hoverboard. Boys generally show interest in astrology, space adventure, and on top of the world attitude themes. Some teenagers like baseball, wrestling, and skateboarding themes. These days superheroes themes are also in vogue.

At the same time, girls show their interest in flowers, butterflies, and many other colorful themes. Some of them like some female celebrity themes. Some modern-day characters are among their favorite themes they choose from while they customize hoverboards.

Our Thoughts

It’s a cool idea to customize a hoverboard. You can co-opt the above methods to give your device a brand new look. If you want to use any decorative theme, choose it as per your traits and personality. Then, try one of the above tips and tricks and, feel free to share your views in the comments.

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