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Why are electric bike lights prominent to purchase? Well, there are various types of lights for e-bikes. Now it is up to you which light perfectly suits your needs. Whether it’s front or tail light but choosing the right one might get tough. Anyhow, e-bike lights are the most important accessory, if you are riding an e-bike. Without e-bike lights, one can ride but can’t operate them perfectly. Apart from that, the main point is for which purpose you are looking to buy an electric bike light.

Moreover, now as technology has reached a level, brands have made a huge improvement in the making of lights. Now, the progress is driven efficiently to LED lights, less electricity consumption, more visibility, running hours, and increased battery life. Previously, the lights were low quality and they used to produce less light, but now things have changed. According to the weather shades, the need for light differs and it also depends on which time you are up for a ride.

Now let’s talk about the aspects you look up while buying an e-bike light! So, it’s the right time to select the best among all the lights.


  • BRIGHTNESS – According to the lumens, light which is the brightest being considered the best light because it generally helps in all gloomy environments to increase the rider’s visibility. Well, the e-bike has the adaptive brightness mode, which controls the brightness of the light.
  • 7 Best Recommened Front & Tails

    NITERIDER PRO 3600 - LUMENS - 3600x

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    Color  Black, negro 
    Brand  Niterider 
    Material  Nylon 
    Power source  Battery-powered 
    Item weight  1.84 pounds
    Mounting size  Handlebar
    Item dimension 11 x 6 x 4 inches

    BUDGET – There are some budget-friendly lights available in the market. Well, if you are thinking of buying any of them then you might not achieve additional features, like operating modes and RGB lights. Front and tail lights are very important for a rider because they help in indicating to other commuters to see and alert rear-approaching vehicles. Although not everyone can afford to have advanced and premium LED e-bike lights. But, buying a cost-effective light is not a bad choice, this would also fulfill all your requirements.

    Pros & Cons

    Bright dual beam lights Expensive product
    Easy helmet-mounted light
    Water and dust resistance 
    Quality product 

    CYGOLITE HOTROD 50 - Price- $27

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    Color  Black, Red 
    Brand  Cygolite 
    Material  Plastic 
    Power source  USB 
    Item weight  2.88 ounces 
    Mounting size  seat
    Item dimension  1 x 1 x 3 inches 

    LIGHT MODES – Front lights are equipped with modes of high-beam and low-beam. One can easily access the modes and save the battery while it’s not in use. However, light modes are always helpful for different landscapes and protect the rider to acquire the best visibility in dark times.

    Pros & Cons

    Integrated sleek design  Battery capacity is low 
    Cluster mounted array’s 
    Exclusive day and night modes

    LUPIN ROTLICHT- 5 Integrated dimming levels of light

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    LED Cree XP-E2
    Mounts Silicone straps 
    Lumens  160
    Power 0.1 – 2W, 830mAh / 3Wh
    Battery Rechargeable 
    Weight  55 g 
    Plug  Micro- B USB 

    SAFETY – The safety feature is the most important of all. However, it also automatically modifies its flashing pattern to inform cars of your presence. It’s less useful on busy roads where there are always cars around, but it adds comfort and awareness in areas with intermittent traffic, especially as quieter hybrid and electric vehicles become more common.

    Pros & Cons

    Brake light modes  Not lightweight as it looks
    Running time is more
    Automatic light adjustment mode 
    Small but bright light 

    WINKKU BICYCLE & E-BIKE LIGHTS - Mirror & Indicator for safety

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    Best for beginners

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    Auto parts position  Right & left 
    Item weight  399 g 
    Brand  Winkku
    Vehicles services type  E-bikes & bicycle 
    Shape  Round 
    Item dimension 20 x 21.5 x 5.5 cm

    BATTERY – Battery is a fundamental part. The OLED screen shows the leftover battery life for whichever of the five light levels and four sunlight streak modes you’re utilizing. At the point when the battery draws near to purge, it naturally moves down to the most reduced setting to protect juice. In testing, we viewed the battery pointer as really exact, and in the dusk and post-nightfall riding conditions, we had the option to get just about two hours of life by utilizing the different settings to save power.

    They’re both Class 1 (pedal assist up to 20 mph), but the e2.1 is a little weaker, with a 250W Shimano E5000 mid-drive motor delivering 40Nm max torque and being powered by Shimano’s E8014 36V/418Wh battery. The combination of Shimano’s 250W E6100 motor and E8010 36V/504Wh battery gives the e2.2. more mustard—60Nm of maximum torque.

    Pros & Cons

    Best mirror and light indicator  It tends to get knocked down from e-bikes
    21 ultralights LED lamps 
    Fits on all kinds of handlebars 
    Small and easy to mount 
    Wide-angle mirror 

    LEZYNE MACRO DRIVE 1300XXL - Battery life 2.5 hours in high-beam

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    Light type  Front 
    Brand  Lezyne 
    Lumens  1300 Lux (5m at full beam) 291
    Weight  227 g including mount 
    Battery life  2.5 hrs
    Modes  Seven including flash and pulse
    Mount  Rubber 

    WATERPROOF – Buying a water-resistance light for e-bike, would help you travel on rainy days as well. Those lights which consist of this feature would not affect the quality of light. However, the mode would protect the lights from getting damaged and does not affect the lumens of the light.

    The electronics used are a small 10.4Ah battery combined with a Bafang rear hub motor. This combination, along with a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain, provides modest ranges of up to 30 miles.

    Pros & Cons

    Accommodates flash and pulse lights The race mode is a bit dim 
    Amazing battery life
    The frame is robust 
    Tri-focus optics 

    LIGHT & MOTION VIS PRO 1000 BLACKTOP - Waterproof even in one meter in puddle

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    Light type  Front 
    Color  Black, dark grey 
    Brand  Light & motion 
    Material  Nylon, aluminium 
    Item weight  121 grams 
    Power source  Battery-powered 
    Mounting type  Handlebar 
    Item dimension  9 x 4.25 x 1.5 inches

    USB RECHARGEABLE – Some lights do have a USB rechargeable battery mode and some do not. Well, this feature helps the rider to recharge the light while getting stuck in a major catastrophic situation. One just can’t ignore this feature because it’s really considerable and useful most of the time.

    ASCHER USB RECHARGEABLE E-BIKE LIGHTS - 650mAh rechargeable lithium battery for each light.

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    Light type  Front & rear 
    Color  Black & red 
    Brand  Ascher 
    Material  Plastic 
    Item weight  5.64 ounces 
    Number of settings  4
    Mounting type  Handlebar 
    Power source  Battery-powered 


    tail light cable is included with all dynamo headlights and the E3 E-Bike V1260. This wire provides 6V DC voltage to our taillights. A unique connection is required to connect the M99 PRO front light to the rear light.

    The E3 E-Bike V1260 comes with a rear light cable that powers the 6V rear lights. When connecting tail lights from different manufacturers, you risk damaging the front light.

    Make sure you get the right rubber adaptor for your handlebar diameter. Handlebars with diameters less than 25.4mm will not function. You can mount the lamp in a balanced position after connecting the included grip tape.