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Educational Gadgets That You Will Love

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Educational Gadgets That You Will Love-GadgetAny

In today’s technological and modern society, there are so many apps and gadgets for everything. Of course, these are lots of gadgets that are just for those who love to learn, there are so many gadgets that are educational too. We all want our children and students to perform at their best, and sometimes they need a helping hand from educational gadgets. So, we have rounded up some of the best gadgets that we know students are going to love.

Gadgetany offers you an exclusive range of educational gadgets for students or for those who love to learn new things. Check them out and Keep reading to find out the best gadgets for students and how they can help them to achieve goals.


Trouble in learning the Chinese language, do not worry, we have a fantastic gadget for you. Introducing Lily, a great way to Learn Chinese by speaking directly with Lily. No voice-actor dialogs you must memorize but instead real interactive conversations to help you understand the language. Lily uses speech recognition to know what you say and uses voice synthesis to reply with a human voice. Learning vocabulary is tedious due to having to memorize long vocabulary lists. We are changing all of this. Our Chinese voice assistant immerses you into a full Chinese language environment, from the comfort of your own home. Learning through immersion is the best way to become fluent in Chinese and better understand the culture.

Pigzbe - Helps Children Develop Great Money Habits2

Contactless payments, in-app purchases, cryptocurrency in our increasingly cashless world, it is more and more difficult for children to understand the value of money. Pigzbe is an ingenious device and educational app that teaches kids 6+ significant saving, spending, and earning habits through play. Pigzbe is an ingenious device that teaches kids 6+ the value of money in a digital world. It is one of the first-ever family products built using the blockchain. Today’s kids live in a fast-changing financial world. Digital money, contactless payments, in-app purchases, and cryptocurrency are all things they need help to understand. Get this from Gadgetany.

Smartpens: More Than a No. 2 Pencil
Smartpens: More Than a No. 2 Pencil

How could a pen possibly be smart? Your children do not just have access to the old ballpoint pens and yellow No. 2 pencils that you have had in the past. New smartpen can make backup copies of every bit of content that your child scratches down in addition to recording class notes via a microphone and much more. One of the latest additions to this category of products is the Livescribe Smart Pen. Using a smartpen such as the Live scribe enables your child to take notes and then quickly upload them to their computer or smartphone. If your child has trouble focusing in the class, they can quickly jot down notes in their notebook and with a simple tap of, playback precisely what their teacher had been saying during that moment. Smartpens that can enable your baby to work more efficiently and retain higher amounts of information after each class.

Google Home
Google Home

A smart personal assistant at your beck and call, who makes doing your everyday tasks easier – is not that the dream? Whether it is viewing your calendar, playing music, or controlling your home entertainment, these can all be done by the Google Home – all you have to do is say, “Ok Google.” Powered by Google Assistant, Google Home is always ready to help. You can tell it to do things, ask it any question and a lot more. This is an amazing device for you.

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