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8 Best Electric Bikes For Seniors – Safest & Lightweight


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E-bikes are on the hype these days. People are more engaged in driving an e-bike than traveling by any other means of transport. In the cities since the time e-bikes have started in full form, there is seen a rise in accidents which makes it very necessary to look after the safety precautions. So, here we present you the list of best electric bikes for seniors.

When it comes to the traveling of e-bikes for senior citizens it becomes extremely important for looking after different parameters and then choose wisely. Adding some E-Bike Accessories will add in safety to support seniors to ride. Senior citizens suffer through many issues of health as well as of physique from hearing to sight malfunctioning and hence it should be taken care of when looking for the suitable e-bike for them.

Below are some of the e-bikes which can be considered for senior citizens.

Best E-Bikes for Seniors List

ECOTRIC Powerful 500W Folding Electric Bicycle

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Image Credits: Ecotric

This unique e-bike can be considered as the first choice while choosing an e-bike for elderly people. Ecotric comes with a 36V battery generating the power of 500 W. The specialty of this e-bike is that it can be easily charged wherever you want to.

This foldable Electric bike imposes the range of 23 miles on a single charge for 8 hours. It becomes very important to see the tires of the e-bike they should not be slippery and hence this e-bike stands firm on this criteria.

Ecotric also equips you with comfortable handlebars and peddles. The seat of the e-bike is enough convenient and adjustable for you to have seamless rides without any interruptions.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
24 hours customer service Can be found costly
Adjustable seats 

Pedego Boomerang

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Image Credits: Pedego

Pedego boomerang e-bike is the market ruler when it comes to maintaining balance. This e-bike has gained expertise and is also known for its same feature. Due to its low height, it becomes the best choice for senior citizens.

Moreover, the e-bike consists of the best quality motors that are of the Shimano brand parallelly equipping the users with hydraulic disc brakes. Pedego boomerang holds the battery of 48 V generating the power of 500 W.

The architecture of the e-bike is in a friendly manner to the senior citizen giving them endless convenient and comfortable rides.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Hydraulic brakes  Not for all terrains
Easy and convenient 

630 EVRYjourney Adult Electric Bicycle

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Image Credits: Six Three Zero

This e-bike claims to have a range of 40 to 60 miles per charge. 630 EVRYjourney Adult Electric Bicycle has a stable frame made especially for adults to travel on busy roads especially in cities.

Exhibiting the power of 500W this e-bike suits the best for elderly people. With huge 26 inch tires, this e-bike semi slippery and hence cannot be preferred during the rainy season.

This e-bike has also been listed as one of the best e-bikes when used for health purposes and also has the ability to provide seamless and enjoyable rides.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Health friendly Not for monsoon season
Large tires 

Rad Power Bikes RadCity Step-Thru 3

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Image Credits: Rad power

Rad Power Bikes RadCity Step-Thru 3 can be preferred as the primary choice due to its basic but high center of gravity. It is also known as a commuters bike. Moreover, the easy accessibility of the e-bike also gives a reason to buy it.

Further, this electric bike for seniors possesses the capacity of 700 W power generation from a 48 V battery which seems enough for a quick start electric bike. This e-bike also stands stills when it comes to the capacity of carrying heavy loads as its parts are welded instead of using nuts and bolts.

With the 24 hours customer support, this e-bike also has unique mechanical brakes making it more worthy to buy.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Capacity to carry huge weight Mechanical brakes 
High center of gravity

ANCHEER 26″ Extreme Comfort Electric City Bike

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Image Credits: Ancheer

ANCHEER 26″ Extreme Comfort Electric City Bike has proven and passed through all the safety tests and hence has been stated as the safest e-bike among all the e-bikes present in the market.

Further, this e-bike generates the power of 250 W helping to cope the e-bike through many of the rough terrains but also it might need more power when driving on a cliff or hilly areas.

This e-bike impresses the customers with its dual brake technology making the e-bike stop immediately. Hence this makes ANCHEER 26″ Extreme Comfort Electric City Bike worth buying when it comes to the safest e-bike for senior citizens.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Dual braking system Not for hilly areas  
250 W power generation

Ride1UP Core 5 step-thru

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Image Credits: Ride1Up

Ride1 UP Core 5 step-thru is listed as the inexpensive commuters e-bike. Ride1UP improvised the top tube to make it easier to get on and off the bike, but they also added swept-back handlebars and give the bike an upright and comfortable riding position.

It’s a tiny architecture that demonstrates that this bike is especially for the riders who are least interested in athletics and sports adventures. The e-bike is equipped with a powerful 500W motor and a well-integrated 48V battery in the frame’s downtube. So, you can consider this if you are looking for electric bikes for seniors.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Fast Rolling  Less battery life 
Lightweight Noisy 

NCM Moscow Plus 500W Electric Mountain Bike

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Image Credits: Amazon

There is no age limit for having fun and adventures and for such senior citizens this NCM Moscow Plus 500W Electric Mountain Bike can be the best and the only choice.

Distinguishing from other mountain electric bikes this e-bike is equipped with hydraulic brakes removing the sudden jerks and movement caused by the obstacles in between which prevents the severe chances of having a joint injury.

This e-bike also delivers great speed with very little effort. Also, the long-lasting battery which travels up to 60 miles on a single charge adds the plus one to this e-bike.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Smooth rides  Mountain bike 
Hydraulic brakes 

Evelo Galaxy 500

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Image Credits: Evelo

Evelo Galaxy 500 is known for its compactness and unique style. This e-bike is specially built keeping in mind the casual approach of people. Moreover, the e-bike also imposes the power of 500 W with a 36V battery.

The braking system should always be perfect when searching for an e-bike for senior citizens and hence this is where comes the importance of hydraulic brakes which this unique and compact e-bike provides.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Compact Size Not suited for people having height more than 5’10” 
Automatic transmission system 
Hydraulic brakes 

How to Choose Electric Bikes for Seniors?


Image Credits: Electric Bike Blog

When buying an electric bike for a senior citizen one needs to be careful and cannot neglect any of the criteria as it might cause serious repercussions. Below mentioned are the basic criteria while buying the safest electric unicycle for senior citizens:

Stability and comfort – These are the main and basic criteria one should look for. Starting from the tires, the tires of the electric bike should be working in all terrains in short they should not be slippery.

Further, for comfort, the upright position of the e-bike seems perfect for elderly people with the ability to have adjustable seats.

Quality – Quality is the major one here the e-bike should be of premium quality and one should always prefer buying welded e-bikes as it has the capacity to bear more weight compared to the e-bikes with nuts and bolts.

Money – Money should be considered at the last but also one should consider it as third as you should always the pay money where it is worth. That depends on the brand, quality, and features of the e-bike you are spending money on.

Range and battery life – Range and battery life should be also considered if the battery takes hours to charge but gives very little range then you must avoid buying such e-bikes as it may increase your other expenses.

Was it built specifically with seniors in mind? – Always look for the age criteria mentioned on the box of the e-bike or the feature booklet. This will give you a clear idea of whether you need to buy or prefer another option.


Yes, e-bikes are safe for senior citizens to travel if they are chosen wisely and driven with proper practice and guidance. While buying one always keep in mind the criteria of preferring hydraulic brakes over mechanical brakes.

The Ride1UP Core 5 step-thru is perfect for 60-year-old women. With its step-thru design, comfortable upright riding position, and easy on/off access, it caters to those less inclined towards sports. The 500W motor and integrated 48V battery offer ease of use, making it an ideal electric bike for seniors.

There are 2 main criteria brakes and architecture the design of the e-bike for senior citizen should always be upright and for having smooth rides one should always choose hydraulic brakes which avoids sudden jerks which can cause damage to the joints.