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Electric Unicycle is one of the self-balancing self transportation mediums. The rider can control the driving of the scooter. These electric unicycles also need external accessories to keep them up to date.

These electric unicycle accessories equip the riders with seamless rides with technological enhancements. Generally, a uni driver is restricted for what he should carry in his hands.

Top 10 Electric Unicycle Accessories and Attachments

Velcro Wrist Rear Mirrors

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Image Credits: rviactive

All the vehicles have their necessary needs and specifications to drive but somewhere or the other every rider faces different problems ontheir personalized levels. Here where comes the velcro wrist rear mirrors.

Rear mirrors are specifically used during traffic or while speeding up. The cars and petrol vehicles already have inbuilt rear mirrors. But electric unicycles don’t equip with such facilities. Therefore it becomes important to have a rear mirror when traveling for short distances.

RearViz is the brand generally used when it comes to rear mirrors and that is also under affordable prices. RearViz mirror comprises good quality materials and also provides a clear vision to the users.

This rear mirror also equips the riders to change their adjustment according to their vision of comfort.

Pros & Cons

Pros  Cons
Makes rear viewing more manageable for uni drivers. Mirror is small 
Easy to fold and store  Requires calibrations on rides
Fits on all wrist sizes

Handheld Horn

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While traveling on your uni bike in a metropolitan city with heavy traffic you need a horn. Also, the pedestrian junction is intense in metro cities. Horns have become a part of unicycles when people use them for self transportation in busy cities.

We recommend the Don Peregrino SS1 which gives sound up to 100 decibels. It can be easily and efficiently tied with the stirring of the cycle. Don Peregino SS1 gives access to the users with six different types of sounds.

Moreover, Don Peregino SS1 also comprises 400 lumens LED lights, which is more than sufficient for the users during night rides.

Further, this light has a battery life of five hours straight. This horn and light hence make aware the animals, cars, and pedestrians to move aside.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
100-decibel horn warns the obstacles in between the route Alarm like ringtones 
Different type sounds

Professional and Portable Flashlight

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Flashlights are a very important part of any vehicle. For night riders flashlights become more important to see obstacles and drive accordingly.

The Wuben L50 is our first choice when it comes to flashlights. It’s a winner due to its compact design, rechargeable battery. It also has 1200 lumens brightness. The Wuben L50 flashlight comes with a 2600 mAh, 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery. However, its brightest lasts for an hour.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Small in size Less battery life 
More luminous than most the car headlights Runs on disposable batteries
Applicable for all weathers

Bright Tail Light

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Image Credits: amazon

This is useful to be safe while riding this light doesn’t provide the motorists to disregard your safety. Tail lights are often sold as safety lights for multipurpose use.

Our recommendation is from brand BrightRoad; they have gained expertise in making tail lights for the riders. This tail light is perfect and beautiful. It is sturdy and micro-USB rechargeable. Its mounting is easy. It’s easy to unscrew the light from the strap. Above all, the light is very bright when compared to other lights available in the market.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Inexpensive No light color variations
Good battery life

Turning Signal Light

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Image Credits: amazon

There are many unique designs and types to pick out from with motor motorcycle turn signals. However, that is one of these abnormal product fields that producers can’t appear to get proper for purchasers.

Where many designs fail, the NB-600 continues their protection mild, easy and clean for the ones inside the rear. The mild is incredibly adjustable for any e-uni handlebar even as the far-flung is wireless. Both gadgets are rechargeable with the help of a micro-USB.

This accessory also consists of a motion-sensing alarm system with remote blinks and flashlights.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Clarity signaling Too small
Stylish Looks odd on the uni bike
Good battery

Mini Tire Pump and Gauge

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Image Credits: amazon

The excellent factor for electric-powered unicycles is that their spoil gadget no longer grinds the rubber tire. Stopping is slowing down absolutely rapidly whilst the friction’s warmness is dissipated through the motor.

Pro Bike Tool is the customer’s first preference when it comes to mini-pumps. It has an expandable hose for even the maximum awkward or slender e-uni shells. It’s made from a strong metallic with tight seals. The person won’t be exhausted from uselessly pumping a shoddy tool all day. The vital tire stress gauge is cleverly constructed into the hose.

The smooth and simple layout seems mounted to any such handlebar. These pumps can’t get any smaller without compromising on quality, price, or their vital stress gauge.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Works in different weather conditions Takes too long to get connected to the handlebar.

Novelty License Plate

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Image Credits: thecotillion

Every scooter rider wants to decorate their bike with a very stylish look.

From these, all accessories come with a license plate with a stylish look.

There is more than one method to strap the registration code to the handlebar. Use zip ties with the premade holes for the best and unique solution. One also can use screws and washers through the front, then paintings with their ends withinside the again to lock straps.

Anything larger than 3 inches via means of 6 inches can be a protection hazard. One does now no longer need to clip their ankles on an extensive registration code. TEAM LOGO gives plates at 2 inches via a way of 4 inches for people who need to play it safe. At 6 inches extensive, the registration code is as extensive because of the fold axis of the pedals; it shouldn’t interrupt mounting, dismounting, or pushing.

Caroline’s registration code will be stimulated by the pc AI from the online game Portal. For the ones withinside the know, the first call is likewise stimulated by the Portal series.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Looks cool It can cause a problem if not installed properly
Motorists may take seriously due to certification 

Colored and Patterned Duct Tape

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Image Credits: amazon

When given mid-priced e-uni, take into consideration this hassle properly. The answer comes from skateboarders who additionally cope with an automobile near the ground: duct tape. A layer of duct tape will do wonders to hold your e-uni secure from minor scratches and dents.

Duck tape will surely keep your bike safe from minor injuries. Solid and bright colors are a fashion beginning point. However, there may be a limitless quantity of styles to pick from antique Parisian stamps, sports activities logos, glow-in-the-dark, or reflective.

We adorned Craftzilla’s petals with yellow and black, business caution tape. The huge brand, Duck Tape, has a wide choice of cool styles, further to stable colorations. Any off-brand, together with Craftzilla, will even prevent a few cash and serve the same reason.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Inexpensive  Replacing the tape can become a time waste. 
Saves from minor dents and scratches 
Looks cool

Car Door Edge Guards

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Region of the euc that likes to get scratched while slow driving is the rims nearest to the ground. One ought to use duct tape in this region. Duct tape might interrupt the signature, round form of the e-uni. To a few unique styles, it could now no longer surrender anything.

Car door part guards offer immortal safety for the EUC’s prone decrease edges. These objects are essentially a line of thick staples wrapped in rubber. Your uni frame might crack earlier than those do. They are skinny and stable enough to cast off any protection issues close to the axel, granted one installs them firmly.

The vehicle door part guards also can be implemented to the pesky surrounding region that holds the electric unicycle’s shin cushions. These vehicle door guards are capable of being clipped and bendy sufficient to suit over very acute corners.

Most manufacturers are quite the same, definitely imparting an extra period than one wishes for one wheel. The large emblem Winunite hosts a terrific price, skinny strips, whilst imparting 3 unique colors: white, black, and gray.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Protects lower ages  It can be unsightly
Strong It requires a hammer and grease to put on.
Looks good

Grip Tape Cleaner

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Image Credits: grizzly

This isn’t an onboard accessory, however an add-directly to one’s cart whilst simplifying their wheel. The grip tape on a skateboard or electric-powered unicycle is simply a sheet of stylistic sandpaper. When cleaning soap and water isn’t sufficient for cleaning deep stains, you could use an abrasive sandpaper cleanser to get the relaxation out.

Some testify that those bars can paint miracles. For others, the stains are too deep, along with Caroline’s. We could say consider the skepticism of the latter crowd. However, without a doubt consider that those gadgets will maintain your grip tape spotless with simply common cleansing.

Prostick gives the benefit of the 12-inch stick, whilst SACKORANGE gives their cleanser withinside the shape of bars: extra accessible for cleansing. SACKORANGE consists of much less normal whilst stacked on the identical charge and quantities towards Prostik.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Increases safety Requires maintenance
Keeps padel grip clean 


The accessories are important as they save you as well as the product from severe damages.

The rear mirror is a very important accessory as it alerts you from the generated traffic behind and sideways keeping you safe and alert.