10 Safety Accessories for Electric Unicycles

Safety Accessories for Electric Unicycles

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If you have an electric unicycle it becomes necessary that you should have proper protective accessories. These accessories may help to avoid severe injuries due to dangerous accidents. While driving your unicycle on a busy road there are more chances of getting injured. Therefore it gives us the importance of safety accessories.

Why Do We Need Safety Accessories While Driving an Electric Unicycle? 

While driving an electric unicycle there are certain reasons that why you might meet an accident. Driving in the heavy traffic of the city all car and bike drivers don’t notice you as the unicycle doesn’t make noise of its appearance. 

When we meet an accident while riding a unicycle it is more prominent that you might get severe bruises on, hand, wrist, knee, head, or shoulders. The occurrence of these injuries also has several reasons which are pointed below:

  • Losing control over the unicycle due to fewer skills.
  • Riding over an irregular surface.
  • Driving during rains or monsoon season.
  • Going too fast
  • Running into the cars, bikes or skaters, or cyclists.

10 Types of Safety Accessories

Bell Super 3R MIPS - Best Helmet for Unicycling

Bell Super 3R MIPS helmet

Image Credits: Bell Helmets


Helmet Vents 23
Brown ports 4
Chin bar vents 6
Weight 1.73 Pounds
Material  Polycarbonate 
Size 3 Options (Small – 52-56 cm, Medium – 55 to 59 cm, Large – 58 to 62 cm)
Color options 4 color options

The head is a more sensitive part of our body that should be protected at any cost. Here helmet becomes the most important safety product for electric unicycles. 

Bone fractures and bruises can be painful but are healed eventually with time. But if the skull gets injuries there might be major repercussions of this injury. This can even affect not just physical damage but may also affect mentally causing mental disorders. 

The first and one of the best helmets for electric unicycles is Bell Super 3R MIPS. This helmet is chosen best not by us but also by thousands of riders. This helmet has an adjustable chin bar which you can carry easily in your backpack and use whenever you find it necessary. 

Moreover, this safety gadget is lightweight therefore you don’t find it a burden to wear. Further, the comfortable and soft pads make it the best choice as a helmet.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Quick assembly of the helmet It cannot be used for downhill riding
Lightweight It can be difficult with a sunglass frame 
Made up of quick-drying material
Removable chin bar

Flatland 3D Fingerless Pro E-Skate Gloves - Best Gloves and Wrist Guards for Electric Unicycling

Fingerless Pro E Skate Gloves

Image Credits: Flatland 3D


Material  Knox Patented SPS (Scaphoid Protection System) with Micro-Lock Impact Protection
Sizes  Multiple sizes 

Gloves and wrist guards are taken under the consideration inside the safety accessory as these are used to save our hands and wrist from bruises and severe injuries caused due to falling from an electric unicycle.

While looking towards the best gloves we recommend you Flatland 3D Fingerless Pro E-Skate Gloves. Flatland 3D is the company dedicating its products purely towards electric unicycles and scooters.

These gloves not only protect your hands and elbows from injuries but also keep them warm. With durability, these gloves are comfortable, stylish, flexible, and also have adjustable and removable wrist protection.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Durable  Weak stitched
Good warranty Expensive compared to others 
Removable wrist protection
Palm protection

LazyRolling Armoured Hoodie - Best Armored Hoodie for Electric Unicycling

LazyRolling Armoured Hoodie

Image Credits: Lazyrolling


Outer layer 80% Cotton 20% Polyester
Inner protective lining 100%
Color Black/Gray

When riding, the chance of a fall is consistently there. It’s imperative to ensure your middle during your ride, consequently the reinforced hoodie. When searching for a heavily clad hoodie, remember assurance, size, looks, solace, and cost.

The LazyRolling Armored hoodie is one of the best-chosen hoodies for your safety as well as style. This hoodie is the most recommended accessory that is perfect utilities which a safety hoodie for an electric unicycle should have.

The LazyRolling Armored Hoodie has waterproof inner pockets to keep your valuable belongings safe from water. Moreover, the hoodie is made up of 80% cotton and just 20% polyester. Further, if we look towards the stitches they are of premium quality. It also enhances the airflow system near the armpits to maintain the body temperature low. 

Pros & Cons

Pros  Cons
Good quality Might get too sweaty during summers 
Completely protective The hoodie doesn’t contain any back protection.
Perfectly fit therefore comfortable
Good price

187 Killer Pads Pro Elbow Pads - Best Elbow Pads for Electric Unicycling

Killer Pads Pro Elbow Pads

Image Credits: 187 Killer Pads


Item Weight 0.4 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH 20 x 10 x 8.5 inches

Knee protectors can help to avoid some of the discomforts and major injuries. Furthermore, making elbow protection is an excellent choice. The larger the pads the better, but while we desire sufficient protection, these pads should not become too heavy, otherwise riding may become impossible.

187 Killer Pads Pro Elbow Pads are lightweight and don’t restrict movement like other elbow pads. It has comfortable and thick padding making it useful to protect your elbows and have a safe ride. They are also inclusive of especially air circulation features.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Affordable Size is larger than needed

Triple Eight Bumsaver Padded Shorts

Bumsaver Padded Shorts

Image Credits: Triple Eight


Material  100% lycra
Size  All sizes 

You can skate to your heart’s content without fear of upper leg injury if you wear padded shorts. You’d better pad up if you’re going to live life to the fullest with that throttle.

The Triple Eight Bumsaver Padded Short is flexible and comfy, made of soft and breathable mesh fabric. It’s non-restrictive, so you can sweat freely. To avoid smelling like a loser, the pads may be removed for easy washing.

Pros & Cons

Pro Cons
Machine washable  No cup protection
Warranty of 180 days
Relaxed fit

TSG Pass Solid Color (+Bonus Visor) - Best Fullface Helmet


Image Credits: RideTSG


CERTIFICATION NF EN 1078+A1:02 2013, 

TSG Pass Solid Color, the most popular full-face helmet on the market today.  It’ll not only make you seem stylish, but it’s also dual certified and has proven to be extremely protective.

This helmet has even been certified by the International Downhill Federation as the greatest downhill longboard helmet on the market. Despite its full-face appearance, it offers a wide field of view, allowing you to see the world around you as you flex.

Lumos Matrix - Best LED Helmet

Lumos Matrix

Image Credits: Lumos Helmets


Size Length: 10.6” (27cm)

Width: 8.2” (21cm)

Height: 7” (18cm)

Weight 20.46 oz.
Battery life 4-10 hours dependent on settings

The Lumos Matrix has a brighter and huger LED panel behind the helmet with that you even can “program” your backlighting modes. With handlebar-hooked-up Wi-Fi flip signs and 10-hour battery life, the Lumos Matrix Standard weighs an insignificant 580 g. 

That is extraordinarily mild while you think about the quantity of tech and protection capabilities included. The helmets also can connect with the Lumos App, and percentage records with Apple Health/Google Fit. 

Pros & Cons

Pros  Cons
LED Lighting False Signals
Comfortable Costly

ShredLights SL-200 - Best Lights


Image Credits: Shred Lights


Max Brightness 200 lumens
Max Battery Life 150 hrs
Weight 50 grams
Recharge time 2 hours
Size 1″ x 3″ x 1″
Charge time  2hours

The ShredLights SL-200 has e-board lighting fixtures. Their fundamental version changed into a very successful product. However, in June 2019 a brand new and upgraded model entered the market – the ShredLights SL-200. They have white headlights and pink backlights to be had for purchase. 

The SL-200 now has a battery 3 times larger than its predecessor. It can give light for as much as 150 hours. SL-200 has lumens of most brightness. You can connect the lighting fixtures while you want them, and take them off while you don’t – no equipment needed. 

You can recharge those lighting fixtures even as they’re mounted for your board through a micro USB cable. They also are water-resistant and include an IP65 rating. 

Pros & Cons

Pros  Cons
Long battery life  Expensive
More brightness

187 Killer Pads Pro Knee Pad - Best Knee Pad

187 Killer Pads Pro Knee Pad

Image Credits: 187 Killer Pads

187 Killer Pads Pro Knee Pads are made especially for professional riders and hence have great safety features. Pro Knee Pads uses premium quality clothing equipping the riders with great comfort.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Affordable Size is larger than needed

Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet - Best Half-Lid


Image Credits: Amazon


Size All sizes
Material ABS Outer Shell with EPS liner

Triple Eight positioned the entirety they understand approximately helmet era into this up-to-date model of undying helmet shape. This helmet is Dual Certified for cycling and skating .

The agency labored carefully with pinnacle riders invert, longboarding, BMX, commuting, and derby to refine the shape, healthy, and function.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
High-quality absorbing ability of the helmet inside as well as outside. The warranty period is low
Certified by CPSC

Buying Guide

Electric Unicycle

Image Credits: The Good Rider

There are different criteria to see in different instruments. Here is the following list to choose the best :

Helmet : For selecting a good helmet you should consider the following points:
– Price
– Design
– Safety standards
– Weight
– Cooling and airflow circulations
– Field of view
– Sweat liners

Gloves : For choosing a good glove these are the points you should take under consideration:
– Level of protection
– Comfort
– Size
– Material
– Look
– Price

Hoodie : Before buying Hoodies consider the following points:
– Protection
– Size
– Looks
– Comfort
– Price

Knee and Elbow Pads : For Knee and Elbow Pads these are the points you should take under consideration before buying:
– Softshell or hardshell
– Sizing and fit
– Comfort
– Quality – brand reputation
– Cooling and sweat liners
– Look and design
– Price


Why should one have safety accessories while riding on an electric unicycle?

One should always have proper safety accessories while riding a unicycle. As  they have high speed and one might lose the unicycle control very easily which causes accidents.

What are the types of safety accessories for electric unicycles?

There are major types of safety gears made for protecting your body from severe to minor injuries: Helmets, Gloves, Safety Hoodies, Knees Pads, and Elbow Pads.

What does the helmet protect you from?

The helmets are necessary as they protect your head the most important part      for the body to function from severe injuries.