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ENERQi – The Invisible Fast Wireless Charger

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ENERQi – The Invisible Fast Wireless Charger-GadgetAny

The next generation wireless charger is here, they discovered nano wireless charger with the range of 15 mm and it removes wires from wireless. This wireless charger is disappeared into your environment like magic. This unique wireless charger fit under your table or any hard surface and being charging your phone up to 10W quite fast. This does not need any drilling or screwing on the surface. It charges through any surface. This cool wireless ENERQi mounts under the surface of your table, desk or any kind of furniture, while your phone charges on the surface. Charging up to 40mm away, ENERQi can turn practically any piece of furniture in your home or office into a Fast Wireless Charging station. With the help of Qi magnetic resonance technology, the vision of increasing the current 7 to 9 mm standard transmitting distance to 40mm can be achieved. The next generation Qi power transfer system is the foundation for EnerQi. In this wireless charger, the coils of the charger are set in a loose formation. This connector upsurges the power transmission distance and allows ENERQi to function at an extra range than the conventional Qi wireless chargers.

With ENERQi chargers phones can be charged through any organic surface, such as wood, granite, marble, glass, quartz, plastic, through thick cases, and pop sockets, as long as the conducting distance is not more than 35mm. As ENERQi is a Qi wireless mobile charger, all of the current wireless charging smartphones, including flagship Apple and Android devices out of the box, can be charged.

Just like our wifi routers are hidden away as you are enjoying your wifi on the go. Yes, ENERQi makes it possible to hide your wireless charger under your table, while your phone charges on the surface. A Qi wireless mobile phone charger that takes us one step closer to true wireless charging.

How it works:

Simply plug-in the quick Wireless Charger using its USB-C to Fast-Power Adaptor brick, mount ENERQi under the surface using its reusable adhesive mount, or screws for a more permanent fix, and begin charging your phone. The true Plug-n-Play device, no construction experience required.

This ENERQi invisible charger is compatible with:
I-phone X, XR, XS Max, 8 & 8+
Samsung S10, S10+, S9, S8, S8+
and over 100 smartphones.

Technical Specifications:
ENERQi took 3-years of research for develop this one new amazing gadget which includes smart-phone and metal detection, auto-shutoff, auto-sleep mode, an eco-cooling design, and is the first and only Qi wireless mobile charger offers each loose & tightly coupled multi-coils that supply inductive magnetic resonance wireless charging at up to 40 millimeters that is 1.57 inches with ENERQi nano offering a range of 15 millimeters that is 0.59 inches.

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