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Upgrade your iPhone With Fusion Lens for Best Mobile Photography

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Upgrade your iPhone With Fusion Lens for Best Mobile Photography-GadgetAny

This is one of the best lenses for iPhone currently available in the market. These are specially designed for those individuals who love to shoot and make videos using their iPhones. It is a dual-lens system to empower your mobile camera to capture 360 images. Basically, it is one of the prime iPhone accessories with two sets of the optical lens covering the front and rear cameras of your phone. The two lenses perfectly align with the camera of your mobile phone without the need of any adjusting lens position which enables the user to take a perfect snap.

How Does Fusion Lens Work?

For its proper functioning, it requires both a Fusion lens as well as Fusion app to capture a 360 image. Once you snap Fusion Lens on your phone, the lens system precisely aligns with your phone front and rear-facing cameras enlarging field-of-view in the phone of your camera. The Fusion app captures images from both cameras and instantly stitches two separate images into a 360 photo on a real-time basis. Using this app, one may also take instant 360 images which are ready for social sharing and virtual reality experience.

Have a look at its extraordinary hardware features:

1) Instant shifts your phone camera: Using one of these best lenses for iPhones, one may easily shift between a selfie and main camera in just one tap. They both capture 360 images.

2) Adjustable lens mount: The flexible and intelligent mount design of this iPhone lens allows you to suit different series of iPhones as well as any android smartphones.

3) Quality Glass: These 2.0 cinematic iPhone lenses are designed using premium grade materials along with anodised aluminium and glass lens with the anti-flair coating.

4) Intuitive alignment to mobile cameras: Snap-on Fusion iPhone lens gets perfectly aligned with the front and rear-facing cameras without adjusting camera position.

5) Groundbreaking dual-lens system: Lenses for iPhone is meticulously engineered using a dual-lens module, each a lens with 210-degree. It also has the greatest field of view to capture your stunning images.

With these extraordinary features, one may capture stunning photographs, shoot a video or take a selfie using his iPhone along with these add on lenses for iPhone.

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