Atmoph Window 2 Smart Display in the Sha..

Daily we can not do everything, and we can not be everywhere. The universe is so vast, there are so

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Tiny1: The World’s First Astrophotogra..

The Tiny1 camera is developed to allow stargazing to be available to all. The pocket-sized camera wa

$ 20

DS3: Next Generation Cleansing for the B..

As we know plastic harms the environment a lot. Plastic Bottle of shampoo, soap, and other cleansers

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Pillo – Your Everyday Dose of Bett..

Pillo is a voice-activated at-home guide that manages a total wellness program for you and your love

$ 349

Lynx – Alexa Enabled Smart Humanoid Ro..

Lynx is the new humanoid bot for your family with the always growing skills of Amazon Alexa to bring

$ 799.99

U by Moen Smart Shower..

U by Moen has forever modified showering to create a personalized showering experience. Now with thr

$ 1225

WiPhone: A Hackers Phone That You Can Ha..

The WiPhone hackers phone is an open source mobile phone which allows HD voice calls, for free, over

$ 89

Metafly Robotic – time to experien..

French aeronautical engineer Edwin van ruymbeke, has surpassed goals in crowdfunding his bionic bird

$ 89

VAVA Mobile Pet Cam – Pets own Rob..

What sets VAVA’s camera apart is a new creation that becomes a buddy to your fur toddler, beca

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PlatoWork – brain stimulator..

Do you ever have times, where your brain won’t cooperate? We introducing Plato, It is the firs

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This German Light-Up Pebble Helps Me Dis..

I do not walk light anywhere I go (what if I need a nail file or some lip balm?), so I have ever got

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The Smartest Hands-Free Live Translator ..

Asking for help in an emergency in abroad can be a genuine challenge if you don’t have the req

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