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Raising kids is a tough task and buying their favorite is toughest. Toddlers require toys to learn and strengthen their motor skills—however, grown up children like toys that challenge and stimulate their brain activity. Educational toys or gadgets for kids are the things parents can give to their tech-loving children.

There are many cool kids’ gadgets designed for their little hands available at affordable prices in the market. Here we have mentioned some of the best kids gadgets you would love to buy for your little ones.

10 Best Gadgets For Kids

Osmo Creative Starter Kit
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Best kids gadget to enhance creativity

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A creative toy kit for children with a drawing board, interactive games and early physics learning on an iPad.


Assembled Dimensions 11.75 H x 13.40 W x 4.20L inches
Assembled Weight   3.2 Ib
Educational Focus   Language, Math, Science, Art, and Creativity
Recommended Age   5 to10 years  
Included items Dry erase markers, microfiber erase pouch, Osmo base for Apple iPad and Osmo creative board
Price  $69.99

Osmo Creative Starter Kit lets your kids draw, learn science and play interactive games with an Apple iPad. It is suitable for kids from five to ten years of age. Children develop their artistic skills while playing drawing games on the tablet.

Moreover, the Osmo Creative starter kit offers a creative board and erasable markers that let kids doodle, learn drawing, and work out math problems. The kit is compatible with the Apple iPad and has three learning games played live on the iPad.

Caution: CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts are not suitable for children under three years.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Creative play Kit for kids Expensive gadget
Compatible with Apple iPad  
Three learning Games with live actions on the iPad 
Comes with a drawing board and erasable pens  

Huohuotu Alilo Big Bunny G7WIFI

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Best Singing Gadget for toddlers

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What We Like

Intelligent and Interactive Bunny plays preinstalled kids’ songs and stories and can be voice-controlled by parents.


Assembled Dimensions   9.84L x 7.99W x 4.72H inches
Assembled Weight   1.41 pounds
Educational Focus   Poems and children’s stories  
Recommended Age 1.5 years and above
Additional Features   10,000 plus songs and stories pre-installed, LCD Screen Display, Wi-Fi and USB Connectivity
Price  $69.99

Huohuotu Alilo Big Bunny is the best gadget to impart early education to kids above one and half years. The Bunny sings lullabies and tells preinstalled stories, jokes, poems, and riddles. Apart from it, this Big Bunny imparts science education to the children. Parents can download more audio content through USB or Wi-Fi.

Moreover, Alilo Big Bunny is enhanced with AI (Artificial Intelligence) to interact with your kids while they play and learn English, math, music, etc. It uses the built-in encyclopedia to answer your questions. Also, you can voice command your Big Bunny to play songs. Finally, Huohuotu is durable, safe, and easy to use with nightlight and recorder features.

Caution: Parents must keep the toy away from children when the night light remains switched on or the speaker volume is high. Always use the gadget safely under adult supervision, especially for ages under two years.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Plays pre-installed songs and stories Control buttons are very small
Voice command and remote access feature   The front side settings button can be accidentally pushed by children
Intelligent and Interactive Bunny  
Durable and easy-to-use cool kids’ gadget.  

Animal Island Learning Adventure

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Best Gadget for Little Kids and Pre-School

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What We Like

An Intelligent and interactive monitor that trains preschool kids’ communication skills, alphabets, and numbers


Dimensions  23.5L x 16.5W x 20.3H Centimeters
Weight  2.18 Kilograms
Educational Focus   Reading alphabets and numbers, learning songs, stories, communication and concentration  
Recommended Age 1 year and above
Additional Features   Three play modes and an easy-to-manage touch screen
Price  $199

Animal Island Learning Adventure is an interactive Preschool Learning System for 1-year-old babies. An intelligent monitor plays educational content for parents to train their children to develop attention. Kids can sing and dance while learning alphabets, numbers, colors, and words. In addition, Animal Island plays stories and songs sung by animals to make learning fun for your toddlers.

Furthermore, it comes with three play modes: broadcast for exposure, session for learning, and a lullaby for sleepy babies. Also, the AILA Parent App lets parents set learning sessions, send photos and videos, and manage the screen time for their babies.

Caution: Parents should schedule playtime periods of the gadget to avoid over-usage. Overexposure to its screen can cause damage to your kid’s eyes.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Interactive preschool learning system for toddlers Does not come with a reading or writing book
An intelligent screenplays songs and educational content  
Animal features make learning fun for kids  
Subscription free learning content  

Sphero Mini

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Best STEM Gadget for kids.

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What We Like

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connected, teaches basic coding to children and can be used anywhere you go.


Assembled Dimensions   1.57L x 1.57W x 1.57H Inches
Assembled Weight   4.8 ounces
Educational Focus   Learn Coding and Javascript  
Recommended Age Eight years and above
Additional Features   1 meter per sec speed, Bluetooth connectivity, Compatible with Sphero Edu and Play app on iOS, Android, Kindle, Mac, Windows and Chrome
Price  $44.95

Sphero Mini is a programmable robotic ball the size of a ping pong ball. It is enhanced with a gyroscope, accelerometer, and colorful LED lights. The free Sphero app lets you customize your games by drawing on your android screen using the drag and drop coding blocks or writing Javascript.

Moreover, you can drive or move your Sphero with the Joystick, Slingshot, and Tilt modes. Three traffic cones and six bowling pins add fun to the sphere game. Also, three different games allow you to play for 1 hour in limited spaces or while you are traveling.

Caution: CHOKING HAZARD- This is not a suitable gadget for kids under 3-yrs as they might tend to swallow it.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Attractive sphere design Face control options are not very effective
Easy to learn, use and play   Low battery life
Sphero app is well designed and simple  
Kids can learn coding from this gadget  

LEGO Star Wars BOOST Droid Commander

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Best droid kids gadget for older children

Image Credits: clutchcharger

What We Like

Creative robot building gadget that teaches problem-solving and coding skills.


Assembled Dimensions   21.26L x 11.10W x 3.58H Inches
Assembled Weight   3.62 lb
Educational Focus   Creative Thinking, basic engineering and robotics  
Recommended Age 8 years and above
Included items   1177 number of pieces
Price  $299.99

LEGO Star Wars BOOST Droid Commander is a cool kids gadget for your Star-Wars-loving child. LEGO Droid lets your kids make Star Wars droids while teaching them coding and creative problem-solving skills. This interactive Stem toy includes three brick-built LEGO Star Wars droids, over 40 interactive missions, and props for droid building.

Moreover, the coding toy features a distance and color sensor, an interactive toy motor, and Bluetooth connectivity. Children can create Stem robots and popular Star Wars characters like Gonk Droid, attach tools and weapons to them, bring them to life with the LEGO app and play games.

Caution: CHOKING HAZARD Keep away from children below three years.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Children learn to code, build and play with robots Does not have an instruction manual
Fun and interactive mission games boost problem-solving skills of kids  
Trains children on coding and critical thinking  
Free app for drag and drop coding with authentic music  

Sphero Specdrums SD01WRW2

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Best music composer gadget for kids

Image Credits: sphero

What We Like

A colorful music pad with specdrums plays numerous musical notes which makes an ideal play gadget for music-loving children.


Assembled Dimensions   0.63L x 0.87W x 1.25H inches
Assembled Weight   0.035 ounces
Educational Focus   Learn and Play music  
Recommended Age 6 years and above
Additional Features   Micro USB charger, Compatible with Specdrums MIX and EDU app on iOS & Android
Price  $41.00

Sphero Specdrums is a colorful music play pad that creates sounds, loops and beats while you tap on it. Kids can learn to play music from a beginner level on this Smartphone app-enabled cool kids gadget. Specdrum rings allow you to play music notes on any surface you tap with it.

Moreover, Spectrum MIX and Edu android apps offer soundtracks for your music-loving kids to tap and create new songs. The musical rings play music for two hours and can be carried while traveling.

Caution: CHOKING HAZARD-Not suitable for children under 3-yrs as they tend to swallow small parts.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Lets you tune and record musical tracks and songs. Rings are smaller in size
Create your own sounds  
Share your songs with other kids  
A portable cool kids gadget  

Amazon Kindle Kids Reader (10th generation)

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Best Gadget for kids who like reading

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What We Like

Amazon 10th generation ebook and audiobook reader tablet with 8GB storage and Wi-FI connectivity.


Dimensions  6.4H x 4.7W x 0.5D inches
Weight  10.2 ounces
Educational Focus   Creative Thinking, basic engineering and robotics  
Recommended Age 5 years and above
Additional Features   6inch display, 8GB storage, Audible via Bluetooth, WiFi connectivity and Parental controls
Price  $109.99

Amazon Kindle Kids(10th generation) Reader is made specifically for your kids who love reading books. Kindle, unlike a tablet, only allows you to read ebooks without any ads, video, or gaming distractions. As a result, it helps children concentrate and enhance their reading skills.

In addition, it comes with a yearly subscription to Amazon Kids Plus to explore popular books and titles like the Harry Potter Series. Its battery runs for a week, and audiobooks are accessible with Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

Caution: Parents must schedule their kids reading time to avoid over-exposure to the LED screen that might damage their kid’s eyes.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Excellent value for money Waterproof feature not available
Monitor children’s reading and usage   Unlimited picture books can be seen on the screen that confuses children
Bluetooth-connected audiobooks.  
Variety of ebooks with educational reading content  

Holy Stone HS210 Mini Drone

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Best mini drone for tech-loving kids

Image Credits: holystone

What We Like

A lightweight, portable, user-friendly flying drone for kids and beginner pilots who like to play flying games.


Dimensions  80L x 80W x 30H mm
Weight  0.77oz
Educational Focus   Learn to fly a drone  
Recommended Age 7 years and above
Included items   Drone Batteries, USB Charger, Extra Propellers, Screwdriver and Spanner
Price  $41.99

The Holy Stone Mini Drone is a nano quadcopter for kids who like flying drones. Its three batteries allow 21 minutes of flight time and remote control helps perform 3D flips and fantastic flight landings.

Furthermore, the mini-drone hovers at a fixed height, with user-friendly flying options offered to kids and beginner-level flyers. Holystone can be carried to parties, schools, and holidays by kids to have a fun flying experience. Finally, The propellers are guarded with isolators to avoid injury to kids.

Caution: Flying objects like drones should be used under adult supervision to avoid hazards while playing.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Easy-to-use gadget with reasonable price Short battery life
Can be carried everywhere   Camera image quality is poor
User-friendly drone model  
Propeller isolation guards for protection  

OurLife Waterproof Camera

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Best waterproof play camera for kids

Image Credits: echelonfit

What We Like

Quality camera lens, waterproof and face detecting camera, ideal for kids to learn photography and video recording


Dimensions  3.94L x 2.95W x 1.57H inches
Weight  0.15 Pounds
Educational Focus   Basic photography and video shooting  
Recommended Age 4years to 15 years
Included items   Kids Camera, Waterproof Case, 8GB Memory Card, Bicycle Stand and USB Cable
Price  $14.99

OurLife Waterproof Camera is the best portable kids’ camera to teach your children above four years the art of taking pictures. The camera delivers bright photos and videos and can be gifted to kids on birthdays or parties. Ourlife Camera auto-detects face has a five or ten-second timer and continuous shoot feature. It takes realistic pictures even in intense light and allows your kid to take selfies like a pro.

Moreover, its night lights illuminate in the dark and the camera lens can move back and forth whenever needed. The durable waterproof camera case makes Ourlife camera suitable to carry at beaches, swimming pools, rafting, etc. Also, its mounting kit helps still shooting at night.

Caution: Parents must monitor over usage of camera gadgets that might be harmful to children’s eyes.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Water-resistant gadget with good camera resolution Poor battery life
Easy-to-use camera  
Portable cool kids gadget  
Reasonably priced  

Happy Atoms Magnetic Molecular Modeling Set

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Best kids gadget to learn the chemistry of atoms

Image Credits: echelonfit

What We Like

Magnetic atom set with 50 atoms for kids to learn, scan and build atoms and molecules while learning chemistry.


Package Dimensions   9.00L x 6.00W x 1.50H Inches
Package Weight   1 lb
Educational Focus   Atomic modeling and Chemistry  
Recommended Age 10 years and above
Additional features   Includes 50 Atoms, scanning mat, quick start manual and drawstring storage bag
Price  $118.43

Happy Atoms Magnetic Molecular Modeling Set is a unique kids gadget that teaches children about atom bonding and chemistry. Kids learn to scan, build atoms and identify molecules of different elements of nature with this modeling set.

Moreover, it includes a digital and physical chemistry set, tested with teachers and students. Unfortunately, the Happy Atom app is only available for iOS. Android supported gadgets.

Caution: This product can expose you to some kind of chemicals that can be harmful or cancerous. Keep it away from babies and toddlers to avoid choking.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
50 atom pieces help learn chemistry Expensive kids gadget
Happy atoms app compatible   App malfunctioning
Durable gadget  
Good quality accessories provided  

How We Chose Our Gadgets

Our experts have researched several gadgets keeping in view essential factors. These factors consider the impact of toys on the growth and development of children of different age groups. In addition, we consulted parents and tech advisors on the following features of the gadgets before choosing the best of them.

Important features:
  • The educational content resource and their usefulness.
  • The content authenticity and its effect on the children’s mental and physical development
  • Reasonable pricing and cost-effective features offered by the gadget
  • Online reviews showing the advantages and disadvantages of using a particular toy
  • Best-sellers and award-winning gadgets are on our priority list of cool kids’ gadgets
  • Buying Guide for Kids Gadgets


    Image Credits: today

    It is challenging for parents to choose a gadget that suits their children’s age and interests. So here we have mentioned some factors to consider while buying gadgets for your kids. These factors are based on their age groups and some important points below.

  • Educational value of the gadget.
  • Age-appropriate content provided.
  • Parental control options
  • Any supplement items are required with the gadget
  • Kids’ engagement with the toy
  • 1. Babies and Toddlers (1–3 Years)

    Toddlers learn to walk and ride on toys at this age. As kids learn to talk letters, numbers, and household chores, play sets with nature themes suit them well. Also, Gadgets with sounds, lullabies, stories, and songs allow parents to playfully explain the meanings of different words to their kids.

    Ideal kids gadgets: Movable or ride-on toys with wheels Play tables and Drawing boards, Gadgets that teach letters, colors, and numbers with songs and poems.

    2. Preschool Toys (3-5 Years)

    Children of this age group are super active for the whole day. Toys like RC cars and vehicles develop their motor skills improve physical balance and coordination. However, parents must encourage them to learn a range of topics like art, drawing, household work and more.

    Ideal kids gadgets: Action play games and gadgets like cars, vehicles, and RC toys, interactive games like painting and coding, playhouse and ball games, Barbie doll dressing up, Video and Board games, Speaking and interactive gadget toys that talk and teach words.

    3. Children of age (6-12 Years)

    6-12 years children have friends in their school and would like to play games in teams. Video and board games teach them strategy and skills. Building and coding games like Star Wars robot making, doll dressing sets, and house interior building sets are ideal for these kids. These games train their motor skills, problem-solving and creative thinking.

    However, parents need to monitor and control the usage of tech games, which usually tend to isolate children.

    Ideal kids gadgets: Tabletop sports, Video and board games, remote-controlled electronic cars and mini flying drones are some suitable toys for this age group.


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    Play helps a child grow physically and mentally. Good playsets teach new skills and creativity to children. Gadgets for kids gadgets help children build relationships with people and the world. A suitable toy for a child of the right age group, not only amuses the child but also boosts its confidence. The child learns to talk, interact and improve his motor skills with the help of the gadgets he uses to play. Also, parents can be part of the fun game and make their children feel cared for.

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