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A gaming chair comes geared with removable parts and components to provide a personalized user experience to every user. However, most users face issues regarding foot placement, changing seats, lumbar cushions, armrest pads, neck rests, and sometimes upholstery. This article explains how to enhance your gaming chair-powered battle station with the pc gaming chair accessories.

Latest PC Gaming Accessories in 2023

Mount-It Ergonomic Under Desk Footrest

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The Mount-It Footrest is all set to ensure a lasting relief to your leg pain and fatigue. This footrest keeps your legs raised to alleviate strain and fatigue. This pc gaming accessory can be mounted at adjustable height (4.3 to 6.7 inches) and angle to minimize pressure on the lower back. If you don’t have any gaming chair with footrest, then it is the best solution for your leg pain.

In addition, it includes three adjustable tilt settings to fit your leg length. Also, the tilt angle can vary from 0 to 30-degrees. In addition, Mount-It Under Desk Footrest employs non-skid texture for enhanced stability and control. And lastly, this large (18Lx14W inches) footrest allows a complete rest to your feet.

Everlasting Comfort Arm rest Pillow

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The Everlasting Armrest uses premium memory foam with a cooling gel embedded into its top layer, creating a supportive base for your arms. Also, this standalone armrest can do away with elbow and forearm discomfort. In addition, the double-sided fasteners of the armrest cover ensure a firm and reliable grip that avoids any need for further adjustments.

Moreover, this armrest pad adheres to the OEKO-TEX testing, which ensures the top quality of its gel memory foam. In addition, the armrest cushion wears an ergonomic design to suit a variety of chairs. And finally, the installation is a breeze with four quick steps, and it includes an easy-to-comprehend user manual to help you with the assembly.

Phixnozar Memory Foam Travel Pillow

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Phixnozar Memory Foam touts itself as a travel pillow; however, it can be an ideal accessory for your gaming chair. This ingeniously designed neck pillow provides you optimal comfort thanks to its ideal curves and notches.

It acts as an ideal solution to alleviate your neck soreness. Moreover, an in-built adjustable rope lock keeps you fully stable and balanced while napping. In addition, this rich memory foam pillow uses premium quality and skin-friendly fabric. Finally, this pc gaming chair accessory is easy to mount on any flat surface.

Purple Double Seat Cushion

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You can derive cool comfort out of Purple Double Seat Cushion. This double seat cushion is all set to be your perfect companion during extended gaming sessions. In addition, it uses heat-resistant material to let you relish a sweat-free pleasure.

Moreover, it takes in a bounce-back mechanism and can efficiently withstand wear and tear from regular use. This easy-to-wash seat cushion includes an anti-slip bottom that ensures the cushion remains balanced while you sit or nap.

Furthermore, its human-centric design enables this seat cushion to mold according to your tailbone. Hyper-Elasticity Polymer material, double gel reversible design, and carrying handle make Purple Double Seat Cushion a worthy investment. All these features and specs of this product makes it one of the best pc gaming chair accessories.

Best Product - KUDOSALE Gaming Chair Slipcover

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KUDOSALE is a stain-resistant and durable slipcover that can protect your chair and maintain its flashy appearance. This universal and anti-scratch slipcover is easy to fit as you can just slip it over the seat. It will add a new look to your chair.

It is made of polyester and spandex, which have the edge over ordinary fabrics. Elastic edges hold this cover firmly in place. KUDOSALE can cover the tears, rips, stretches, and shrinkage of your old gaming chair. Lastly, it’s entirely machine washable and easy to care for.

OFM Chair Mats for Low Pile

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OFM anti-slip chair mat is suitable for low pile carpets. It remains unscratched and stain-free. Ramped edges allow for easy off/on rolling. Interestingly, the extended lip makes way for under-desk coverage.

In addition, this chair mat for carpets measures 36 x 48 inches and is 2.2 mm thick. The transparent chair mat allows flooring colors to remain visible through the mat. However, our only gripe with this ideal carpet pile is that it takes 48-72 hours while uncurling.

Moreover, the molded cleats firmly stick to the mat and hold the chair mat steady in place. Thick and robust plastic material will not gain the crack, chip, break, or shatter under regular usage.

If you don’t want your floor to get wheel marks from your chair, then this is one of the best gaming chair accessories to choose.