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Sitting down at a PC for long hours can ruin your posture and cause spinal pain. However, the vast majority don’t see exactly how sitting the entire day puts such a lot of strain on your back. But gaming chair manufacturers have figured out this issue. Moreover, they have taken a step further by integrating a footrest to maximize comfort. This article shall discuss the best gaming chairs with footrest that can ease your spine strains.

7 Best Gaming Chairs with Footrest

GTRACING GTF59 Gaming Chair

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Best gaming chair with footrest in all aspects

Image Credits: GT Racing

Ergonomic Design, smooth-rolling casters, and retractable footrest


Dimensions 20.47 In(L) x 21.26 In(W) x 48.8 Into 52 In(H)
Product’s Weight 44.1 lbs
Material Thick Pu Leather
Seating Area 21.06 In(L) x 20.66 In(W) inches 
Reclining degree Up to 170 degrees
Retraceable Footrest  Yes
Maximum Weight Capacity 350 lbs
Additional Features Remoavale support cushion, and adjustable armrest 
Price  $172.99 (Approximately)

The chair helps you sit in an ideal stance without requiring somebody to remind you to sit straight for long hours. Moreover, its ergonomic design offers adequate support and premium cushioning permits you to feel calm while playing the game.

If you are looking for the best gaming chair with unique features, GTF9 is the best choice for you. Also, it offers a durable edge that doesn’t twist or get vulnerable to wear and tear over time. And finally, its retractable footrest makes rests or breaks as comfortable as lying in bed.

Pros & Cons

Pros  Cons 
Durable  Requires more space
Solid steel for long-lasting 
Adjustable and comfortable cushioning 

Respawn 110 gaming chair

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Best budget-friendly gaming chair with footrest

Image Credits: Respawn

What We Like

Climb to the top of the leaderboard with comfort and luxury


Dimensions 28.5″D x 28″W x 51.5″H
Product’s Weight 46.5 lbs
Material Bonded and Faux leather 
Seating Area  21.22 (W) x 22.22 (D) in inches 
Recline angle 155-degree
Retraceable Footrest  Yes
Maximum Weight Capacity 275 lbs
Additional Features Adjustable headrest and padded armrest with recline 
Price  $179.99

Respawn’s 110 is one of the best gaming chairs of all. It is brilliantly cushioned and delivers exceptional comfortability all time. In addition, this Respawn 110 truly adds a spark with its capacity to make you sit in the correct posture. Additionally, it includes plush lumbar support to add an extra layer of comfort.

Moreover, Respawn 110 holds surprising features to add flexibility and allow you to kick back during extended sitting sessions. Furthermore, a retractable footrest, adjustable headrest pillow, contoured and segmented padded design can effectively ease your sitting stances. And lastly, a reclined angle of 90-155 degrees allows you to explore your own angle by lowering or raising your chair with multiple locking positions.

Pros & Cons

Pros  Cons 
Amazing design It would be nice to have better armrests
Deep recline angle 
Adjustable headrest and extendable footrest

FS-10 - Ficmax Ergonomic Massage Gaming Chair

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Excellent choice as gaming chairs with footrest for work from home

Image Credits: Ficmax

What We Like

Eye-catching design and unique ergonomic features


Dimensions 33.8″ D x 12.6″W x 25.2″H
Product’s Weight 51 lbs
Material Pu leather cover, metal framework and high-density shaping foam
Seating Area Spacious 
Recline angle 180 degrees
Retraceable Footrest,  Yes
Maximum Weight Capacity 350 lbs
Additional Features Large seat cushion and adjustable armrest 
Price  $199.00

The Ficmax Gaming Chair manages to strike a nice balance between durability and affordability. It uses premium quality dirt & fade resistant PU leather with a 4.8 inches thick memory foam. Also, it comes embedded with a Class 4 hydraulic piston to heighten your comfort level. As a result, it can withstand the max capacity of up to 350 lbs.

For those who work from home or sit in front of the computer for long hours, the Ficmax Swivel Ergonomica Office Chair could be an excellent choice. In addition, FS 10 takes care of your overall comfort thanks to its unique features. These features include 180 degrees full tilt mechanism, extendable footrest, adjustable armrest, and ample seat cushion. Furthermore, an additional neck pillow & USB-powered lumbar massage pillow makes it stand out from the rest.

Pros & Cons

Pros  Cons 
Durable and strong framework Footrest requires manually pulled out
Swivel and tilt 
Adjustable armrest 

Von Racer Massage Gaming Chair

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Best gaming chairs with footrest for teenagers/adults

Image Credits: amazon

What We Like

Plush comfort and high back make it best from others.


Dimensions 11.42″D x 32.38″W x 21.26
Product’s Weight 36.3 lbs 
Material Premium PU leather 
Seating Area 18 1/8″ x 18 7/8″ (W x D)
Recline angle Up to 135-degree
Retraceable Footrest  Yes
Maximum Weight Capacity 250 lbs
Additional Features Detachable lumbar cushion and adjustable armrests
Price  $145.99

When it comes to the most comfortable gaming chairs, Von Racer is one of the best brands. However, this chair offers comfortable support that eases your back and lumbar pain. In addition, it helps you loosen up your waist and back effectively while relaxing on this chair.

Moreover, A swivel angle of 360 degrees and 90 – 135 degrees reclining angle with infinite locking angles make Von Racer a practical choice. As a result, VonRacer gaming chair with a footrest can be a great addition to your office or home environment. And finally, it allows you to enjoy its complementary features, including back angle and seat height adjustability with 360 degrees swivel angle.

Pros & Cons

Pros  Cons 
Extra padded arms and adjustable backrest  Foam settles down soon
Noise-free swivel
Good designing 

Killabee 9015 Gray- classic series

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Best gaming chair with footrest in the market

Image Credits: Killabee

What We Like

Super relaxing sitting and functional comfort


Dimensions 31.9 x 21.3 x 48.4inches 
Product’s Weight 49.6 lbs
Material PU leather 
Seating area  21.3 (W) x 20.1 (D) inches 
Recline angle  160 degrees 
Retraceable Footrest  Yes
Maximum Weight Capacity 250 lbs 
Additional Features Adjustable backrest and massage lumbar support 
Price  $169.99

Killabee 9015 is an excellent choice for working and playing as it affords you a great mix of comfort and ergonomics. Also, this chair is the best pick for little and mid-size users. In addition, multiple adjusting systems and retractable footrest along with comfy seating make Killabee 9015 the best-in-class.

Moreover, KILLABEE 9015 series high back dashing gaming PC chair with back rub support is intended for predominant comfort. Furthermore, it boasts irresistible features such as an adjustable massage lumbar pillow, 160-degree reclining control, heavy-duty metal base, and Smooth-rolling casters.

Pros & Cons

Pros  Cons 
Solid and sturdy framework Maximum weight capacity is low 
Adjustable armrest
High backrest 

ELECWISH US-OC020-BL Gaming Chair with Footrest

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Best gaming chair with footrest for hardcore gamers

Image Credits: ELECWISH

What We Like

Wide, significant weight-bearing, all body fitting.


Dimensions 21.65″D x 20.87″W x 11.42″H
Product’s Weight 51.1 lbs
Material High-Quality PU leather
Seating area 21.7″(W) x 21.7″(D)
Reclining angle  150-degree
Retraceable Footrest  Yes
Maximum Weight Capacity 330 lbs
Additional Features Noiseless ruber casters for greater stability 
Price  $231.99

The Elecwish High Back Racing Style Gaming Chair has a removable headrest to provide you comfort while sitting. In addition, it comprises vertebrae support pillow for the neck, and the spinal alignment feature offers outstanding support for the back. Also, SGS air-lift, 90 – 160 degrees recline angle, 3.2-inch seat height adjustment, and detachable footrest with a weight-bearing capacity of 330 lbs speak volumes of Elecwish Gaming Chair.

Moreover, it is equipped with smooth-moving caster wheels, which are non-slippery and don’t scratch the floor. Furthermore, all its ergonomic features with retractable stool and huge seat make it ideal for all kinds of people of any size. Also, you can capitalize on its unique features like premium PU leather that is waterproof, easy to clean, durable, and corrosion-resistant. All these features made us include it in our list of best gaming chairs with footrest.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons 
Ergonomic design and high-quality lumbar support  Cushion might be uncomfortable for you 
Adjustable armrest and neck support A bit flimsy
360-degree swivel and tilt-lock functions

Dowinx -6689 gaming chair

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Best choice for long-lasting sitting

Image Credits: walmart

What We Like

Ergonomic backrest and comfortable seat


Dimensions 23 x 20 x 55 inches 
Product’s Weight 50 lbs 
Material PU leather and high-density foam 
Seating Area Comfortable and Spacious 
Reclining angle 165-degree
Retraceable Footrest,  Yes
Maximum Weight Capacity 350 lbs 
Additional Features 2D Armrest 
Price  $249.00

Dowinx has earned a reputation for offering high-end comfortability with all thrilling features making it stand apart from others. Also, it includes the best leaning back point, soft material, and ergonomic design.

Moreover, Downix makes a difference with its 360° swivel angle, 90° to 180° recline angle, 20° controllable rocking, and retractable footrest. Also, adjustable seat height with 350 lbs weight capacity adds flexibility. And finally, a head pillow and lumbar support in these gaming chairs with footrest can fit all body shapes.

Pros & Cons

Pros  Cons 
Soft Padded armrest A little pricey
Good choice for bulky people 
Suitable for lower back pain

The Aspects of the Best Gaming Chairs with Footrest


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Ergonomic Design : Ergonomic chairs have been designed to support the human body. Ergonomic designs take care of comfort, posture, support, and health. For example, they can ease your back pain by providing you with an upright alignment to your back, hips, and shoulders.

Detachable Head and Lumbar Cushions : Removable head and lumbar cushions in these gaming chairs with footrest can add flexibility to your gaming chair. It allows you to choose head and back support as per your preferences. A lumbar cushion includes a curved shape to conform to your lower back and help maintain upright posture.

Adjustable Armrests : Adjustable armrests are a must-have feature for high-end gaming chairs. They allow you to explore your comfortable sitting postures. In addition, adjustable armrests offer proper support to your forearms and elbows. As a result, movable armrests can minimize your back and neck pain.

Fitting Estimations : Fitting estimations have a ton to do with the width of the seat to conform to your unique stature and weight. Most standard gaming chairs with footrest can withstand a weight load ranging from 250 to 300 lbs. These models can comfortably support average sizes under 6 feet.


Vibrating gaming seats include motors at the back or under the seat. These motors generally maintain the sound system and incorporate speakers.

The gaming seat is not limited to gaming purposes only. It is designed to offer you optimal support while reading, napping, and slouching. For example, brilliant gaming seats include movable armrests and backrests for body postures.

There’s a broad response to this question. The cost of the gaming seats varies from product to product. Also, the build material defines the cost of the seat. For example – PVC is a multi-layered and highly coated material, unlike PU. However, depending upon feature, design, and size they can cost between $200 and $400.

Generally, gaming seat manufacturers target young and adult gamers. However, they have introduced gaming seats for 6+ kids as well. The Kids’ gaming seats offer a weight capacity of 90 pounds or more. In comparison, the adults’ gaming seats can withstand a weight load of more than 200 pounds.

According to the research, the backrest recline angle should be a minimum of 90 to 155-degrees. Also, the backrest should be in a position where the knees are correctly aligned with your hips, and the legs should reach the ground properly so that it does not lay strain on your leg muscles.


Hopefully, the above information helps you make the right decision to choose the best gaming chairs with footrest. Drop all your queries in the comment section; we will be happy to resolve all your doubts. We will keep you updated with all upcoming and the best models of the gaming chairs; stay tuned with us.