Charge Your AirPods Using These GAZEON Qi Wireless Charging Case

Are you worried about how to charge your AirPods? No need of worrying now as Apple has released an AirPods wireless charging case that is quite compatible with Qi wireless charging. It is specially designed for those individuals who want to upgrade their charging method for AirPods without shelling out your new pair of AirPods.

Using these Qi wireless charging case, one may easily charge their AirPods in a matter of moments. This smartphone accessory totally eliminated the requirement for any additional plugs or cords in order to charge your AirPods. These airpod charging devices allow you to simply put your favourite pair of airpod in its charging case to rest on a Qi wireless airpod charging case. Moreover, this wireless charging case is quite compatible with all the Qi wireless regular chargers. No need to worry about their fit, as they get ideally fit into the wireless charging case. And also, they are quite easy to install and remove. You just have to place your airpods onto the charging case on a Qi-compatible pad for efficient charging of your airpods.

It is made up of sturdy silicone which ensures you of longer durability at an affordable price. It also protects your set of airpods from getting any scratches, dust and sudden falling. These airpod charging case even comes with a unique feature that offers protection against overcharging and overheating to your airpods.

Benefits of Using GAZEON Qi Wireless Charging Case:

1) It enables one to efficiently charge your set of airpods not taking more than a minute.

2) These airpods wireless charging case is quite compatible with all Qi standard wireless charging devices. You just don’t need to worry anymore about the fitting of your airpods as they get perfectly fit into these wireless charging case cover.

3) They are quite easy to install and remove. You just don’t need to have the technical knowledge to operate this device. You just have to put your airpods into the charging case and wait for its efficient charging.

4) Made up of durable hard shell with sturdy silicone that safeguards your airpods from any kind of dirt and scratches.

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