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Genius Pack Supercharged: A Smarter Carry On Luggage

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Genius Pack Supercharged: A Smarter Carry On Luggage-GadgetAny

Genius Pack Supercharged is that the premium bags created up with a 100 percent polycarbonate frame, interior class compartments, a pair of external USB ports and a TSA-approved ten,000mAh removable electrical converter to recharge smartphones up to 4x. We took the superb success we have a tendency to had with our Genius Pack Aerial persevere and created a fair higher product by listening closely to our fans.

100% Polycarbonate Shell | 2 USB Ports | Airline-Approved PowerPack | Interior Category Compartments | Embedded list | Ultra Light

Think-Free Packing with Category Compartments
We engineered this interior panel with designated category compartments so you don’t need to think what goes where.

Dedicated Space for Tech, Socks, and Undergarments
We designed dedicated space for technology devices, sock and undergarments separately.

Specialized Stretch Mesh
You’ll be shocked by how much will fit in here.

Secluded Laundry Compartment
Stained clothing never touch clean clothes and vice versa of it.

2 External USB Ports
In this luggage having 2 external USB Ports for charging views.

Fully Removable, Airline-Approved Power Pack
The 10,000mAh Power Pack recharges smartphones up to four times. The unit is totally removable to comply with airline standards.

Green Cable
We provide an all-in-one charging cable to charge your iPhones, Android devices and also charge the luggage itself. No, go to carry adapter tips or separate charging cables.

3 Gorgeous Colors
You guys can choose from Rose Gold, Jet Black, Matte White.

Maximum Capacity Carry On
It took the minimum capacity to carry on.

How the Genius Pack Carry-On Supercharged Rates:

Usefulness: 10/10. Based on its beloved Aerial Carry, the Genius Backpack Carry-On Supercharged is AN incline designed for enhanced utility. The light-weight polycarbonate shell home exterior options as well as a TSA-approved lock, a dual-position telescoping handle, and eight wheels for smooth 360-degree spinning capability. Two USB ports connect with a TSA-friendly detachable electrical converter that has a lot of power than most—it will charge a phone up to fourfold while not having to be recharged. Inside, the Genius Pack magic results: sealed zippered sections lessen the necessity for specific packing cubes, and a separate compartment can be used to layer hanging clothes (it comes with a garment loop) or for clothes. Traveling with the Genius Pack Carry-On Supercharged was a seamless experience—the options were helpful instead of simply ornamental, the size was just right (large sufficient to maximize every inch of carry-on house, but small enough to fit easily into the airplane overhead compartment), and it rolled easily over a variety of surfaces (more about that in the ‘Durability’ section below)

Value: 7/10. The predetermined value end of $395 puts the Supercharged at the higher finish of non-luxury packs, but for tech-forward travelers, hard-sided suitcase die-hards, Genius Pack loyalists, and anyone who wants additional organization designed into their travels, it’s a worthwhile investment. Note that whereas the bag is within the Kickstarter investment part, prices for the suitcase range from $199 to $219, which brings the value down significantly.

Durability: 9/10. In our tests, the Genius Pack Carry-On Supercharged rolled along a variety of surfaces—including slushy paths and uneven sidewalks—well. Though it is a carry-on, we tend to wished to form certain it might face up to the rough-and-tumble world of checked bags, too; it appeared on the bags carousel with solely a couple of scuffs that wiped off smoothly.

Cool Factor: 9/10. The sleek look of this hard-sided carry-on ups its cool quotient, as do external features like the dual USB ports and TSA combination lock. Inside, the thoughtful design makes for easy packing.

Final Verdict: This latest addition to the Genius Pack family delivers all the organization-focused style you expect, and next-generation tech-focused practically that eliminates battery-life-anxiety from travel days.

• 30× Genius Pack Carry On Supercharged
• 30× 10,000mAh Removable Power Pack
• 30× Green Cable (3-in-1 Charging Cable)
• 5 Year Limited Warranty
• 100% Delivery Guaranty

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