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Grovemade: Enhance Your Desk Space Using These Apple Charging Watch

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Grovemade: Enhance Your Desk Space Using These Apple Charging Watch-GadgetAny

Are you bored using those old flashy gadgets to charge your favourite wearable? Use this Grovemade Apple Smartwatch which is pretty functional, beautiful and subtle at the same time. You might use them to take charge on the other level. They are topped with machine cork for natural softness and anchored by a brushed stainless steel base it is a charger worth buying for your money which is quite adorable also at the same time.

The Apple Charging Watch by Grovemade doesn’t look like those old and outdated tech gadgets. They will enhance your working desk space with its aura and seamless functionality.

The Cork Apple Watch Dock comes in both light and dark finishes for you to choose from. The top of this Grovemade Watch Dock has been designed using a cork and it bottom has been made using a thick brushed stainless steel base that provides a secure home for your charging puck so that the cable isn’t flopping around everywhere and it also hides the puck below that cork surface so that it looks clean and simple. It has been designed especially for all the tech lovers out there. The dock looks quite simple and elegant but it is loaded with some of the great and unique benefits and features. When you place your favourite digital watch on it, it snaps on to the place with magnets. It is that product using which you don’t need to compromise at all which represents a perfect blend of innovation and technology at the same time.

The Apple Charging Watch is one of the perfect solutions for those individuals who want something a less techy but yet a little more design friendly gadget.

The Apple Smart Watch Dock is quite a refreshing take on to charge your wearable easily in no time. It is made up of premium and superior quality material to appear them look quite stylish and soft in touch and feel. They look absolutely perfect due to their stylish and minimalist design that looks good anywhere. It is not like those other chargers which look quite old and outdated. They are quite compact in size so that they may fit on easily wherever you pack them whether on your nightstand, your office desk, and side table in your bedroom or anywhere else.

Let’s have a look at some of its features and benefit.

It offers some great features and benefits which is definitely a worth having look at it. Scroll down to find more about it.

Build quality:

The Apple Smart Watch Dock is popularly known for two best things which are its impeccable build quality and utilization of a natural, supreme and high-quality material. You will get to see both of these traits very easily in Grovemade Watch Dock. It is quite heavy as it is surrounded well by stainless steel that around all over its surface and also it is covered by cork on its top as well as the bottom. The bottom of the Apple Smartwatch has a ring of cork that prevents your charging device against sliding, as well as it also protects your surfaces from the metal. It is quite soft to touch as it is made up of a softer material that protects your watch to be safe and secure when placed over it for charging it and in the centre of the apple charging watch there is a subtle divot that perfectly matches the curvature of the bottom of your Apple Watch that is combined with the magnetic properties of the charger which helps align and keeps your watch in place to prevent it from gliding forth ways.

Available at a premium price:

Adding this accessory will not affect your pocket much as these are quite affordable and budget friendly. They are worth buying for your money and time invested in purchasing a thoughtful accessory at a much cheaper price.

Made using unique and premium quality material:

The cork apple watch dock is available in different colours and styles offering you the flexibility to choose from the wide range. They are available in both light as well as dark colours to help enhance your workspace or wherever you place them.


Grovemade has designed this Apple Charging Watch to offer you the convenience of charging your favourite wearable in a premium manner. Grovemade Apple Watch charging dock is an exhibition in craftsmanship which is made using a finest and supreme quality materials offering an eye-catching design. They just look perfect wherever you take them with you. They try to enhance your work area wherever you place to charge your wearable tech by placing on it in an efficient manner. Adding this piece would definitely a worthy purchase for you as they offer you quite convenience and happy feel while using them to charge your watch or any other tech device.

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