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Heroes and gadgets: how the development of new technologies save lives?

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Heroes and gadgets: how the development of new technologies save lives?-GadgetAny

Heroes and gadgets: how the development of new technologies save lives?

Technology is developing at a rapid pace. Nowadays, we are so dependent on technology, that living without it sounds like a utopia. And day by day, there are new technologies, new gadgets, and new tools that are invented and help people live a better life. Today’s technology helps doctors perform acute accurate surgeries.

So, we might say that technology is turning into the hero of our lives. It is indeed saving lives and helping people do their jobs better, especially when their job is to help others have a better life. So, how exactly does technology save lives? What are the gadgets that contribute to this? Let’s find out.

Halo Head Protection Device

We love adrenaline. And even though you might not be among the people who say yes to crazy adventures and experiences like bungee jumping, you might enjoy watching others doing it. This is the case with Formula 1 too, a sport that has become more and more popular. However, it is a dangerous one as drivers reach over 300 km per hour speed. And if a crash happens, they are in danger. There are many examples of crashes that were very serious. But there is one element of the Formula 1 car that was introduced a few seasons ago. It is the Halo head protection device that indeed saved the lives of many Formula 1 drivers. It is the case of Charles Leclerc and Romain Grosjean who have gone through a terrifying accident.

However, this head protection contributed indeed to their survival. People who thought about this and created this element are the heroes. But they could have not done this without the help of technology. What’s curious is that all these new technologies that exist today were first invented by science fiction writers and can also be found in comics. Thanks to the free essay and well-written titles about heroes made available by an online service, you can learn more about this. Also, there are essay samples online that show how technology actually supports the job of people. Which is valid in this case too. Any free essay about the development of the Formula 1 car shows how technology helps the mechanics and engineers design a safe and secure car that protects the drivers.


When you hear about drones, you might think about the ones people use to film or take photos when they are on a vacation. Or, festival organizers use drones to film incredible moments from concerts and create after-movies and teasing videos. Indeed, drones have become popular gadgets in recent years, so more and more people decide to buy them.

However, they are used extensively in rescue missions too. It is often the case of people who go hiking, or skiing and get lost. An avalanche might happen and they might just lose their way to where they started. Well, drones are easier to operate than helicopters. The most advanced drones have video cameras and you can see live what the drones see where you fly them. There are many common cases when people were saved thanks to drones which helped people find their exact location. So, technology is actively supporting the work and jobs of heroes. We might say that technology is a hero in itself.

IBM’s Watson

If you have not heard about IBM Watson yet, you should know about it. It is a computer designed and built by IBM which is capable of answering questions posed in natural language. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are getting more and more advanced and they can support the work of many surgeons and doctors around the world.

And it indeed saved the life of a 60-year-old woman who had a rare form of leukemia that was incorrectly diagnosed until then. Experts from Tokyo University used this computer a few years ago. They introduced the medical record of the woman and the computer compared it with millions of other medical records of patients with cancer. This is how it helped doctors save the life of the woman, especially as her disease was a rare one.

Final Thoughts

Even though technology can have a negative effect on the mental health of those who use it, like social media and smartphones, it is also the hero of our lives. With the help of all the gadgets that have been created by developers, surgeons, engineers, and people around the world can do their job of saving people’s lives better.

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