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Today most hoverboards come equipped with Bluetooth features to derive optimum pleasure. However, Bluetooth issues can disrupt your fun of music on the move. If you own a Bluetooth hoverboard and face problems playing music from your device through the board’s speaker, you can address this issue hands down. Here you can learn how to connect hoverboard bluetooth to other devices.

We have compiled some tips for Bluetooth connection with most hoverboard Bluetooth models, and Android phones, iPhone, or tablets.

How to Connect Hoverboard Bluetooth with Other Devices?


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Follow the below steps to check if your hoverboard equips with Bluetooth functionality and how you can connect:

  • Start your hoverboard by pressing the power button.
  • Check if a voice appears asking for Bluetooth connectivity. If it doesn’t create such a voice, the hoverboard may not provide a speaker feature.
  • Go over the user manual or technical specifications if your hoverboard includes Bluetooth. Check the Bluetooth icon on your box.
  • Lay down the hoverboard on flat ground and place it near your phone.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile.
  • Make your android phone discoverable for other devices and wait until it finishes scanning.
  • Scroll to the bottom and select the open Bluetooth on your board to connect.
  • The hoverboard will create a voice alluding that the device is now paired.
  • Resetting The Hoverboard Bluetooth

    If the above steps don’t work for you, don’t rush to replace them with a new one. A quick and straightforward reset can fix your connectivity problem. Pairing hoverboard Bluetooth with your smartphones’ or tablets’ Bluetooth entails connectivity problems for multiple reasons. Here, you can also learn the bluetooth resetting procedures apart from how to connect hoverboard bluetooth with smartphones.

    Those reasons may include device proximity or distance between your board and the smartphone. Other reasons may be a low battery, device incompatibility, or simply your hoverboard doesn’t include Bluetooth.

    Another reason may include the interference due to various devices such as microwave, WiFi, and other radio signals. We use a plethora of network devices every day.

    Different network devices use the same spectrum that leads to overlapping at the same time.
    Moreover, most of the boards operate via mobile apps. These apps may interfere with Bluetooth operations sometimes. You can clear the cache on smart devices to fix it.

    If your hoverboard Bluetooth is not working properly, here we also listed some of the scenarios with their solutions to get your hoverboard done with bluetooth pairing.


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    Scenario 1: Hoverboard Bluetooth Is OFF

    Ensure the board Bluetooth is ON. Bluetooth automatically turns ON after pressing the power button in most of the hoverboards. In case no devices are connected, the Bluetooth automatically turns OFF. Press the power button again if you don’t get the flashing or beeping.

    Scenario 2: Bluetooth Device Is Not ON


    Ensure Bluetooth mode is enabled on your smart device.

    Scenario 3: Out of Range

    If the power is ON, and Bluetooth is also ON in your device, but still the hoverboard is not discoverable you might be out of range. Bluetooth holds the maximum range of three feet, but it can vary. Indoors, the range is relatively less. When the devices are within pairing range, try to reconnect them.

    Scenario 4: Too Many Devices

    Check if too many devices are already connected as hoverboards can pair with a maximum of two or three devices at a time. Disconnect all other unnecessary devices.

    Scenario 5: Out of Calibration

    If no unnecessary devices are connected, you may need to calibrate the hoverboard if the issue continues. Calibration depends on the functionality of the gyroscope sensor board. Again, you can refer to the product manual for calibration instructions.

    Scenario 6: Faulty Bluetooth Receiver

    Finally, even after resetting your hoverboard Bluetooth, you cannot connect to your mobile; you might have a faulty receiver. Some hoverboards allow you the flexibility to replace the hoverboard with a bit of DIY. In this case, you can refer to customer service.

    Follow the below steps to reset your hoverboard Bluetooth:

  • Ensure the board is 100% charged but avoid overcharging.
  • Lay down the hoverboard on a flat surface.
  • Power off the board. Press and hold the power button for 5-10 seconds.
  • You may get a beep sound and notice flashing in front of LED lights.
  • To initiate the reset, keep pressing the power button for 5-10 seconds.
  • Release the power button when the flashing or beeping stops. Power off the board.
  • Wait for a few seconds before turning it on again.
  • Check if your hoverboard’s Bluetooth is reset now and ready to function. Next, try pairing the board’s Bluetooth with your phone. Repeat the process if the problem persists. If it is not reset yet, you can contact customer support.


    Hope we covered all your concerns on how to connect hoverboard bluetooth with your other devices. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write it down in the comment section below.

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