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The popularity of hoverboards is gaining ground every day. Unfortunately, hoverboards are prone to wear and tear due to a lack of proper maintenance. They are exposed to soil, dirt, and harsh weather conditions. In addition, most of them have plastic construction pairing. All these factors lead to scuffs and scratches. So, here we will show you how to cover hoverboard scratches?

However, the scratches can snatch away their appealing look. Their rough and beaten look can cause you growing disenchantment with your beloved board. However, you need not fret; we will elaborate on how you can restore the initial look of your hoverboard. This post will provide you with crystal clear ideas to prevent scratches.

How Hoverboards Get Scratches?

Riding hoverboards through rough and uneven tracks causes scratches. Riding on the puddle, swamp, and sand can bring serious injury. In addition, hoverboards tend to bump against a hard surface leading them to amass tar and dirt.

It can cause them to lose their original paint and shine. Reckless rides and frequent moving on steep slopes and curved surfaces can cause heavy wear and tear. Riding them at full speed for a long time against gravel can deal a mighty blow to motors.

How to Cover Up Hoverboard Scratches

So, let’s go through the guide that will make you aware of the process to cover the scratches and other unwanted marks from your beloved hoverboard.

Open Up Your Hoverboard


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The first step in your how to cover hoverboard scratches guide is to open your hoverboard. Tip over your hoverboard and try to remove its screws using your drill and screwdriver. These screws act as cover for the undershell of your board. Next, remove the screws of both ends.

Take off the bottom panel, then disconnect the LED and power cable of the circuit board by lifting the lid attentively. Ensure to separate the battery, control boards, and entire components to gradually raise the left and right undershells.

Putting screws and shells in their proper sequence is essential lest you lose any loose parts.

Use Sandpaper and Paint


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Another way to make your board scratch-proof is to use sandpaper. You can gently rub sandpaper throughout the entire area. After rubbing it for 30 seconds to 1 minute, you will find that all affected areas have been flushed out. Once you finish sanding, you can paint them as generally the device covers only one paint over its plastic construction.

Before painting the undershell, make sure to roll out duct tape or disposable tarp, or plastic drop/cloth. Now start spraying over the shell with your spray paint. Make sure to maintain a six-inch distance from it. Keep painting it until you can hardly see the original color underneath. Wearing a mask is highly recommended while painting.

Mount 3-4 coats of paint to make it fully secure. Wait for a few minutes in between each coating. Then, put it at rest for 24 hours to get it perfectly dried. Repeat painting on other similar undershells and leave them to rest for 24 hours until they dry.

Reassemble the Board

Now try reassembling your device. Replace each screw and reinstall the battery. Take proper care while rewiring. Restore each shell and piece to its proper spot. And here you successfully completed your how to cover hoverboard scratches guide to make your ride look as shiny as new again.

Prevention from Scuff Marks on Hoverboard

After learning how to cover hoverboard scratches, now we will cover how to prevent scuff marks. For that you need to bear some points in your mind.

  • Don’t stress on speed, as maintaining top speed for a long time can bring scratches.
  • Leaving your hoverboard in wet conditions can cause corrosion and abrasion.
  • Riding it frequently against rigid surfaces can lead it to lose its sheen.
  • Avoid riding through wet areas, sand, and dirt tracks.
  • Avoid mounting on a steep slope.
  • Check it thoroughly after each use as it can gather black tar, even on regular tracks.
  • Clean the outer shell and wheels using a warm, damp microfiber cloth.
  • It is not sagacious to perform stunts and jump on your board.
  • Keep it away from harsh weather conditions.
  • Keep cleaning and wiping your board after each use.
  • Cleaning wheels are an essential part of maintenance as wheels sit in close contact with the ground. You can use a healthy brush and soapy water to clean it. Unfortunately, wheels tend to gather rigid debris and ruin your driving experience.

    After cleaning your wheels, the device will ride smoothly. However, the device will wear a sparkling look after an overall cleaning.

    Also, you can use different cases or covers to protect your device. There are multifarious world-class hoverboard cases and covers in the market from which you can see how you can cover hoverboard scratches. Here, we are listing out some of the best among them.

    Best Hoverboard Cases & Skins

    Game Xcel Hoverboard Sticker

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    Image Credits : Amazon

    These Vinyl wrappers provide your board with a stylish and elegant look. This 3M Vinyl wrap features ultra-glossy ink with a thick transparent layer that effectively protects your board from abuse. In addition, it affords you easy installation and goo-free removal.

    Neri 8 Inch Silicone Hoverboard Scratch Protector

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    Image Credits: Amazon

    Neri 8 inch skin cover kit holds the ability to prevent your board from dust, dirt, and scratches. This durable and flexible silicone cover can increase the life of your device. You can take it on and off from your device as it is infrangible.

    Kglobal Silicone Hoverboard Cover for 6.5 Inch

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    Image Credits: Amazon

    This top-grade silicone hoverboard case can effectively protect your device from scratching elements. This case is not only easy to install but also harmless to your barefoot. The solid silicone material is soft, flexible, and comfortable. It will make your board look completely new.

    Boon Earthie Black and White Silicone Rubber Skin

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    Image Credits: Amazon

    This flexible hoverboard silicone case can effectively combat dings, dust, and moisture. This crisp protective case is easily removable and applicable. Moreover, it is waterproof and heatproof as well.

    Mightyskins Skin Purple Flowers Hoverboard Case

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    Image Credits: Pinterest

    This ultra-thin 3M Vinyl material can protect your device from stains, scrapes, and dust. Its unique design will provide your board with an aesthetically pleasing look. Moreover, it is easy to install and doesn’t leave any good material when removed.

    Yavocos 6.5 Inch Gold Chrome Outer Plastic Cover Case

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    Image Credits: Amazon

    This ABS synthetic plastic material is water-resistant. It will protect your device from dirt and dings. It adheres to the standard safety measures, and it is 100% safe to use. In addition, the Gold chrome paint offers it an appealing look.


    In this article, we have highlighted different ways and tricks on how to cover hoverboard scratches, scuffs. Also about some of the best hoverboard cases for your beloved hoverboard to get rid of wear and tear. Apart from Hoverboard cases and skins, you can also customize your hoverboard with various methods like painting etc. I hope you found this article interesting and helpful. We are always open to your views and suggestions.

    Please feel free to write in comments about your favorite hoverboard cover brands that we missed. Then, enjoy your favorite hoverboard and cover.

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