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IMStick: A Multi-purpose Magnetic Smartphone Holder to Hold Your Smartphone like a Pro

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IMStick: A Multi-purpose Magnetic Smartphone Holder to Hold Your Smartphone like a Pro-GadgetAny

In this tech-driven world, one may does not think of living without making use of a smartphone. Smartphones play a very imperative role in our daily lives. Apart from communication, one may put it through several uses like for other activities as well such as watching videos, movies and so on to spend our leisure time. Thus, not only smartphone cases are quite popular these days, but also accessories such as a magnetic smartphone holder which helps one to hold your smartphone smartly preventing it to drop and break down.

IMStick is one such magnetic cell phone holder which is a revolutionary invention till the date. It is, however, often known as your Smartphone’s best friend accessory. Unlike the ordinary phone grips, the tool allows you to easily hold your cell phone, also acts as a stand to place your cell phone or you may even use it to hang or mount on various surfaces. It is made up of premium and high-quality materials, flexible metal handles and a convenient magnet-based mount to best secure your smartphone.

This Magnetic Mobile Phone Holder can be put to multiple uses. IMStick is made from aircraft grade aluminium with integrated neodymium magnets.

Almost each one of us loves using a smartphone and no one can imagine how it feels when something happens to your phone, Thanks to this great magnetic smartphone holder that grabs your phone tightly whatever you do and wherever you go. Using this, will not let you drop or lose your phone under any circumstances.

Components of IMStick:

IMStick has several components. Let’s have a look at it

1) IMStick has 8 neodymium magnets making you and your smartphone safer all the time.

2) The body of this magnetic cell phone holder is made up of a high-quality lightweight aluminium.

3) Its silicone plugs are awesome that holds your phone tightly and prevents it from sliding and is soft to touch and feel.

4) Additionally, the IMStick also has hardened high carbon steel wire, covered with silicone that protects your phone from all the sides by covering it nicely.

5) It is quite compatible with wireless charging as it is made up of a special metal plate which is designed to support wireless charging.

Probable Uses of IMStick

This magnetic cell phone holder can be used for a variety of purposes. Be it travelling, playing, driving or while gymming.

1) While Reading:

One may make use of this magnetic smartphone holder while reading your favourite books on your smartphone online. It grabs your phone tightly while walking and reading and thus preventing it to fall on the floor causing it to damage. Using it is simple, you just have to wrap IMStick around your hand and you are ready to go.

2) While Riding a Bicycle:

This magnetic smartphone holder for the bicycle comes handy to those who ride a bicycle very frequently. You may fix this IMStick to the handlebar of your bicycle to have a seamless experience. For greater security of your smartphone, you may also make use of a special bicycle accessory which is screwed to the accessory that helps hold your phone firmly at one place.

3) While Driving a Car:

It can also be used while you are driving your car. This IMStick gets easily placed on the dashboard of your car that never falls holding your phone tightly.

4) While Hitting the Gym:

You may also make use of this magnetic cell phone holder to fix it with your fitness equipment and while doing your regular workouts at the gym in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

5) While Moving With Your Baby Outdoors:

You may also make use of this Magnetic Mobile Phone Holder to take multitasking to the next level. Planning for dinner while pushing your baby in a stroller has got a lot easier using this great mobile phone accessory at the same time. You just have to put IMStick on the handle and you’re ready to start googling your favourite recipes for your dinner.

6) While Texting to your closer ones:

We are well acquainted how sometimes phone fell onto your face while typing text to your loved ones. Well, using these IMStick allows you to multitask with the guarantee of securing your smartphone. For everyday use, you can use it to have a better grip on your device while walking, texting or merely browsing on your social media. All you have to do is to fix the metal base on the back of your smartphone and use the silicone plugs to attach the IMStick wherever you want to go.

7) While shooting a video from your smartphone:

Most of us nowadays make use of our smartphones to shoot for photos and videos to post in various social media platforms. It is the best alternative to opt for many of the video content creators as it is pretty affordable, unlike those expensive cameras. All you need is your smartphone and an IMStick to film your video and photos without the fear of damaging your phone.

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