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Convert your Single iPhone Into a Dual Phone Using Triple Sim Adapter

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Convert your Single iPhone Into a Dual Phone Using Triple Sim Adapter-GadgetAny

Are you still using a single SIM in your iPhone? Now, using these SIMore E-Clips Gold iPhone Dual SIM Adapter you may easily and quickly transform your single SIM of your iPhone into a double one. This is quite a useful device that converts any iPhone into a dual or triple SIM active smartphone.

Using these iPhone dual sim adapters, you have the flexibility to keep more than three numbers simultaneously into your single iPhone. And, in the case your iPhone already has a dual SIM capability, it adds up to two or more numbers at the same time thereby increasing the numbers of sim cards in totality into your single iPhone. Additionally, this device can also work a Mi-Fi Wi-Fi hotspot router so you can share internet connectivity with up to eight users at the same time. Isn’t that sounds great? And if you make use of a simple SIMPlus App that will allow you to choose the most right SIM card for your iPhone, access your messages as well as contacts and much more. It is similar to the size of a credit card; the iPhone dual SIM adapter fits in your bag or in your side pocket very easily due to their small size.

What benefits you’ll have by using this triple sim adapter in your iPhone:

1) You may use multiple Sims in your single iPhone at the same time in a more effective and convenient manner.

2) It offers high connectivity internet connect with 2 SIMs at the same time in your iPhone.

3) Also capable to work like a wireless multi-sim MiFi WiFi Router that connects up to 8 users at the same time.

4) It comes with a WCDMA Quad Band along with good connectivity using which you can active 2 or 3 numbers at the same time.

5) It also has an active Bluetooth connectivity to speed up your activity.

6) Your single iPhone becomes a Dual or Triple SIM card smartphone thus offering more convenience and reducing the need of using multiple phones together.

7) Using this you may have a high quality and high-speed internet access with you anywhere you go.

8) It is quite easy to use you just simply have to download and install the SIMPlus app from the App Store on your iPhone.

9) It also has a call forwarding option to redirect your incoming calls.

10) It also has a Siri call control function thus enhancing the usability.

11) It also comes with a Micro SD card extension for external storage capacity.

This is the first ever gold iPhone sim adapter in the world that has the capability of converting or transforming your single iPhone into a simultaneous Dual Triple SIM smartphone and also allows making data from any SIM card on your mobile phone. They even allow you to make or receive calls, surf the internet at a high-quality speed, send and receive texts and that too using all the multiple sim cards at the same time thus reducing the need to carry multiple phones that becomes quite difficult for an iPhone or smartphone user. Additionally, it also works like a Mi-Fi WI-Fi 3G cellular Router that adds up to 8 users at the same time with good internet connectivity.

The Triple sim adapter also creates a Wifi access point which is secured by a good password and connects to your smartphone thus allowing you to enjoy a high-quality Internet connection wherever you are and at any time. This is quite a useful tiny device that even makes your office colleagues, friends and family happier as they also can access the wireless connection to browse the Internet, download and watch images and videos etc simultaneously.

The dual sim adapter for iPhone comes with a stylish and functional design, thus making easier for you to carry wherever and anywhere you go alone or wither with a group of your friends. This innovative adapter has been specially designed for all the iPhone or smartphone users having a single sim capacity in their phones. It can also be used alone or like a compact box that gets fits into your pocket or your bag easily, or to be clipped on your iPhone using the E-Clips Case.

Conclusion: This is one of the must-haves devices for all iPhone users who are tired of using a single sim in their iPhone. Using this triple sim adapter one can insert multiple Sims into his iphone to have greater access to multiple sim cards at the same time. This device is quite tiny similar to the size of a credit card which is quite easier to carry for you wherever you go. If you want to convert or transform into a triple or dual sim phone you just have to make a switch to this device.

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