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N-hug Self-cleaning Water Bottle That Will Impress You

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N-hug Self-cleaning Water Bottle That Will Impress You-GadgetAny

When we are talking about the Environment, we already know that we humans are the only responsible for the bad condition of the Environment. We make our Environment polluted by using many harmful things. Human is not safe now. Everything is infected now Water, air everything. We are on that stage now where a human cannot survive easily.

When we are talking about pollution, plastic is the main factor of pollution. We need to stop the use of plastic anymore to save our lives. The N-hug team introduces N-hug (Nature hug) Eco-friendly, Self-cleaning water bottles.

N-hug is the completely reusable, Eco-friendly water bottle with the self-cleaning water system. Let’s talk about its features.


The FEATURES OF N-HUG That Wins Customers

We talk about its amazing features. OMG, so many functions in one bottle.

  • This nature hug water bottle cleans itself with the help up of the digital purification from UVC light.
  • N-hug gives you the Multiple color options with leakproof, spill-proof and waterproof features.
  • N-hug Keep Water warm for 15 hours and cool up to 26 hours, and you can purify Water at the touch of a button. How simple is that?
  • N-hug is BPA and other toxic free, bacteria free. It is entirely safe for use.N-Hug: The Secret of Safe Health
    Use of N-Hug eco-friendly water bottle helps you to stay hydrated. You can easily track your water intake. You also know your water temperature smartly very quickly.
    Enhance your skin complexion, energy level, productivity, and creativity. N-Hug is Completely leak proof, sweat proof, spill proof. Hell Yeah.

    OMG! The Best Water Bottle Ever

    The N-hug team developed The water bottle, that has numerous features like recyclable, reusable, rechargeable, insulated, with an ability to clean itself. UVC-LED technology offers water purification that can neutralize up to 99.9% of harmful, odor-causing bacteria using UV-C LED light.
    We can say full package water bottle on the go.
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