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Add Logitech Wireless Keyboard with Multi-touch Touchpad to Enhance Your Comfort

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Add Logitech Wireless Keyboard with Multi-touch Touchpad to Enhance Your Comfort-GadgetAny

Overview of Wireless Touch Keyboard:

This is a wireless touch keyboard that lets you experience seamless connectivity between your computer and Television. You can enjoy watching your favourite movies and videos, comfortably browse the web and chat with your close ones from the comfort of your couch. It comes in a compact size allowing one to keep it comfortably under arm’s reach or on your coffee table. This Bluetooth keyboard with touchpad is the best alternative to use while replacing those bulky and large keyboards that are often very uncomfortable to use to perform our daily work like e-mailing your friend, typing some important document etc.

The wireless K400 keyboard with touchpad offers a solution to those who are looking to add convenience to their laptop or personal computer. The keyboard comes with a small, wireless and featuring a built-in touchpad that is ready to handle any situation within no time. It is small enough and yet powerful to be used on a couch with a home theatre or while playing games on the computer.

Using this Logitech touchpad keyboard, you may enjoy your favourite YouTube videos due to its wireless range of up to 10 m (33 ft). It offers you an advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology without no delays or interference in between your videos. This is one of those minimalist keyboards that helps one save space without compromising on comfort. You can type easily using these wireless touch keyboard thus reducing the need of using a separate mouse. Setting up this keyboard is not a difficult task as you just have to simply plug the tiny unifying receiver into a USB port, and you’re ready to start browsing, blogging and chatting. Even you do not need to worry about your battery hassles using these wireless touch keyboard.

Main Highlights:

Some of its important features are given below:

1) Wireless touch keyboard offers a wide range of 10m (33ft.) that enables a responsive and uninterrupted connection.

2) This touchpad keyboard has comfortable keys that allows one to simply navigate through the keyboard.

3) Compact keyboard with touchpad puts all your controls in a single device.

4) This touchpad keyboard is easy to set up by plugging in the tiny unifying receiver into a USB port and you are ready to go.

5) This keyboard with touchpad also has a second left-click button that permits two-hand navigation and selection across the keyboard.

This keyboard is best suited for those who don’t want to compromise with their comfort while playing games or typing their e-mails. It is available online at an affordable price.

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