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Lumapod: The World’s Fastest Ultra Compact Tripod That Is ever ready to take Your Beautiful Shots

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Lumapod: The World’s Fastest Ultra Compact Tripod That Is ever ready to take Your Beautiful Shots-GadgetAny

Are you tired of carrying your giant and clumsy tripod everywhere? Lumapod is here that will offer you more convenience and comfort without creating any fuss.

Lumapod is the world’s fastest set up tripod that does not take more than 4 seconds to get set up. You might carry them anywhere or if you are heading out somewhere on a journey or for a long photo shoot and especially if you are more involved into running and gunning activities taking those bunches of heavy gears that comes along with your tripods must be so difficult.

Tripods tend to be more challenging and quite preferred in terms of cameras and lenses carrying which is not so difficult if we are going for some long trip or long photo shoot outside the city. We do not have to worry about how we will be carrying those heavy gears. This is where Lumapod comes into play that meets your entire specific requirement and solves your entire problem that you may encounter while you are about to do a photo shoot.

In simple terms to make you understand what Lumapod Tripod is? Lumapod is the world’s favourite and tiny as well as a portable tripod. It also works like a monopod or a selfie stick for smartphones and works with all the cameras and DSLRs as well as mirrorless cameras that get set up quickly in just 4 seconds.

The aim behind its creation was to enable avid travellers and those who are involved in doing photo shoots all the time to easily carry on their using this Lumapod portable tripod that is quite lighter in weight and smaller in size as we can replace its compression parts (its traditional legs) with tensioning components (Kevlar Ropes) thus making it easier to carry along with you on your trip or anywhere else.

The tiny Lumapod tripod is available in a variety of colours as well as design. Right now it offers two flavours, the Go85 and the Go120, both of which are customized according to the specific demands of different kinds of filmmakers to meet their all kind of requirements.

Let’s talk about its two different flavours:

1) Go85: This is the first kind of Lumapod portable tripod that is very lighter in weight and weighs just 0.88 lbs. Moreover, it can extend up to 33.5 and has an ability to hold a 2.2 lb. weight capacity. A Lumapod Go85 kit includes a carrying case, phone holder, GoPro mount, mini ball head, and a thread adapter. This comes along with a terrain leveller for uneven terrain.

2) Go120: This is the second kind of tiny Lumapod tripod which does not weigh much but only 1.65 lbs. Moreover it can be extended up to 46.3 and has a 4.4 lb. weight capacity. Additionally, it comes with modular leg extensions. The Go120 Lumapod includes a compact Z-plate. If you want to bolster and strengthen your setup, even more, you can also add on your purchase for dolly-wheel extensions, terrain leveller extensions, Bluetooth remote, quick-release plate, travelling sling, and compact ball head etc that would give your Lumapod an extra strength and beauty to do a great photo shoot along with some other add-on capabilities to make it more useful and convenient for sue.

Both the versions of Lumapod ultra-compact tripod have a telescopic design that shrinks down to 11.4’’ and 15.35’’ respectively which makes this Lumapod much lighter in weight and easy to carry anywhere you go. It gets fit along with your cameras and lenses into your mini travel bag easily with each part separated. This is quite alike your travel-friendly partner which is ever ready to take any shot or photo shoot. They are supported by a high-grade aluminium base and Kevlar tension rope. Not only this, but it also has many interesting add-ons and accessories making it more useful.


Ultra-compact design:

The tiny Lumapod tripods are quite lighter in weight and smaller in size making it easier for you to carry along with you wherever you go. These are a most preferred choice for most of the filmmakers as they do not have any heavy gear attached to them making them unnecessarily cumbersome to carry. These are most loved by travel photographers who have a limited amount of space in their suitcase or backpack. The person who designed this Lumapod was itself an avid photographer and designer. He must know how it feels carrying those heavier and clunky tripods with you all the time. Its unique design enables you to fold it into a small cylinder similar to the size of a bottle that gets easily fit into your travel bag.

Simple and easy to setup:

Additionally, the Lumapod portable tripod does not take more than 4 seconds to get set up, thus empowering you to take full advantage of every photo opportunity that comes to you each moment. Using them is quite simple and easy. You just have to twist the top of the Lumapod to unlock it, extend the telescoping body, pull out the legs and you’re good to go to take some beautiful snaps.

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